From 1000 to 2000 visitors in one month

Video transcription

Hello everyone, my name is Alexandre Marotel from the Twaino agency.

Today I’m making a little video to show you the results I got for my own agency.

So you see here, we are on Google Analytics.

You will see that finally in one month, I went here from Sunday September 22, from 1014 visitors per month, 30 days later, to 2019 visitors per month on Monday October 21.

So here is.

All this, this increase from 1000 to 2000, it happened in one month.

Looking at my 90 day numbers, you see here, it was pretty shy at first. My first 1000 visitors for example, it took me five months to acquire them. And on the other hand, going from 1000 to 2000 took me, in quotes, just a month.

That’s the typical pattern when you start a website and expect to have SEO results.

It’s really typical.

At first it’s calm, and then afterwards, there is really a kind of acceleration phenomenon that will occur.

So I wanted to make this video to show you that SEO is really about the medium and long term. Do not expect, rare exceptions included, to have results overnight. It happens a bit like that in the end, in SEO.

So that’s great, but ultimately, what’s behind these numbers?

There, I’m just going to go over the acquisition report and I’m going to put 30 days here.

So you see here, over 30 days, we see the Organic Search.


Concretely, what does that mean?

It simply means that people or visitors have typed a query in Google, that they have found my result, therefore my website, and that they have therefore gone from Google to my site.

So that’s really what we actually look at when doing SEO.

We make sure to have an increase, a growth, precisely at the level of Organic Search.

There is also some direct, social and referral traffic.

I’m showing you this too especially, to tell you that I don’t do any paid advertising, SEA, Facebook retargeting or that kind of thing.

The idea is not at all to discredit these solutions. It’s just to tell you that SEO works. So advertising is good too, but I absolutely haven’t done it on my site to show you 100% that the results you can get with SEO ultimately show real good growth.

And so, that was really my goal. Knowing that SEO practices, my SEO practice within my agency and for my clients, is purely SEO, so what we will call “white hat”. In other words, I respect the rules of Google.

It may seem trivial but in fact it is important, simply because it avoids taking the risk of a penalty.

For example for clients, it is important for me precisely to make sure to secure their growth in quotation marks and not to base an SEO campaign on small tricks or even slightly more complex tricks, which can be difficult. order of black hat SEO.

So that’s not what I’m doing at all. These results are really related to a purely white hat SEO campaign.

So here it is, if these numbers ever whet your appetite, if you ever want to have similar traction on your own site, don’t hesitate to call on SEO professionals.

So it can be agencies. For example my agency. There are others, or freelancers.

There are freelancers who are very competent as well. But overall, this video aims to show you that SEO is effective, it works and it’s not some kind of black magic. It really allows you to get results when you have a good methodology and a good approach.

See you soon !

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