First blog post | All the steps from start to finish

Video transcript

hi this is alex today we are going to create
together our first blog post
on the site
so as I had the opportunity to show you before
show you before, this is my blog at
the state now at the moment
so the goal is to complete
this blog part a website without a
blog it’s missing something and
so we’re going to start I’m going to start feeding this part
i’m going to start to feed this part
blog here for the moment obviously
these are the default blogs that were
imported when I used the
demo of the vad ah but these are
elements that are finally empty so
to make the creation of my first
i need several things to
to have of course I need
to have some background
i need to have the title I need to have
to have a video in my case anyway
anyway it’s not mandatory I’ll need
need to have some images as well
some elements some videos
especially a video that I was able to make
before I’ll show it to you and
images that I was able to create along the way
in any case I will create another video to show you
another video to show you what my process
is my process for doing all this
so here in the blog part we will
add an article
so my first article of blog ok so
for that we go and on create article
and so my first blog post it
will be about up so the five steps where
the five main steps to create a
ok so this is
here is the title so we’ll put
then I said yes merge builder
tac is so this part there it is
to the web site creation category
i’m going to hang it up
and for the moment I’m putting so either you
can put in private if you want
not to be visible since
at the moment my site one does not have
visibility at all whether it’s private
or public no matter when you
start to have a lot of people
who will come to your site
put change here it was private to me there
in my hood moment it can stay
public and so I’m going to be published ok
so now that it is
done we will go here so in the
young mulder barrel and in a previous video
i have the opportunity to create a
template that don game as serve for my
my articles so what I’m going to do
is I’m going to directly upload and
this template by default and so at the moment
so right now my article looks like this me
well for me it looks like this so there
you can see my name directly my name
of my article is here
so this is a very good thing
there I put the bate
to be visualized ok so of course at
at the moment my opa structure is going to
be like this
blaffart that I’m starting to make
changes that’s exactly what I’m going
going to do now
so first thing you do when you’re writing your content
you’re going to write your content you’re going to
you’re going to be able to put so the image that’s going to be
put in front
this highlighted image will be for example
for example if you go to our
blog parties
this image that will be present here
you see at the moment there is
nothing on my new article has been published
so we’ll make the change right away
so we’re going to set the image of
highlighting image
what I’m going to do is I’ve
created a special image that will be
if this one
so this I just want to take this
image and then dump it
ok don’t have a name that’s it
defined this level then we’re going to
tackle the texts themselves
speak so for that there sent here
there the small the code which has here that can
make a little afraid in fact it is
simply the fact of having an art at this
place that has a little bit more let’s say
work and what I want to do
before starting is that here I want to
to put an image above our climates
i you it seems to me that I have not
download so that would give me
the opportunity to show you up and
different images
i was able to create so these are images
so this is going to be for my
for my article
so this is going to be for youtube so all at
the right size and this is the food
is what I want to add to my
blog to avoid that they a redundancy
at the level of the five steps
created on his website as far as
it is already marked just below or above
above I’m going to notice that again
so I will create
i created this image here
so this I’m going to export hop I
saved it on the tac desktop and
now I put it on top here
so for me an image allows you so
no media here and as far as
this image is not yet present you
just take it and I put it down
and I put it down and here it is so believe something
something like that then at the level of my
all this is going to be content that I’m going to
i’m going to integrate into my article ok so this
content that in raw mode and that is
mode and that is notably sucked in is
based on the video that I was able to make
so there for example here so I made
a video in which actually
so I present the five main steps
to create the website
this video allowed me to have
finally to make a transcription and
this transcription help me to create
my content here okay so a bread for example
example I take the beginning of this text
here and it is necessary to come the smoked collar
and so underneath
then there I have a video another video
what I’m going to do is I’m going to restart this
video here and I’ll go to share
and I’m going to take this code there you
i’m going to take this code here, you can also embed it directly, I’m going to add an
i’m going to add an element that will be
called up you tube
i’m going to paste my link and I’m going to
put it at the right size the right
size so it will be the size that will
be this one up
so it’s hard it’s going to be 1280 on
720 here it is
80 on 720 ok so then we’ll mark
and if save and that we will
up a little bit
i’ll bring it down below
this text here that I’m going to
maybe put it underneath
i’m updating and I was looking at what it
preview so here it is now so have to
this day this
this presentation the doctrine to tac
today up so what is strange
is that it’s still lost on me
yes ok I know why so the scene I
i’m going to take this out now up
i don’t need it anymore
light matisse
ok now we have something that will
look like this well why not
maybe it deserves up maybe
something a little different this I’ll
i’m going to bring it back down here is between the
it lacks it lacks space between leïla
it lacks space
so this is what I would like to add
here a separator ok maybe it’s
wrong I’m going back up again
ok well it will probably have to
evolve in any case
yes, we’ll
here we are, so it was a pop that is 1 to 5 of the
steps and to the class besides here I
i’m going to put some points up is the first
first element that I will put so
step one it will be so it will
be related to the accommodation the land
then step number 2
hotz so lytham number one of 3 4 and 5
the hosting then step number 2 it
will be the domain name which
comes back to the mailbox step
number 4 so we’re talking about the cms
content management system this is
the architecture we’ll say up
architecture then
so we have the theme that comes back
finally to interior architecture
that I am customization
then the last point is hops
it’s content and so it comes back to
finally to the dish or the meal in the
okay so that’s the difference
different ways I’m going to structure my article
structure my article so this is what I’m putting
so now update field hockey content
canada field hockey restaurant meal
then the first video so for
example is that I could add
a little text before the video
five steps to create a website
with the video with my video of
ok well this is not bad now that
it’s done here it’s a text that I will
i’ll probably have to modify
so the text the raw text that
i have is this one, so it
belongs to me too here I can
delete it now up
so here I’ll put this text
well it’s going to be a bit of a mess at first
which is normal but this will be my
first version
so it’s displayed well and then here
so all the text
well obviously the text like this the
structure so that I can
structure with titles title so
h2 h3 typically
why else
time it is necessary to have a ground
it is held
a ground in terms of web site it is
what we will call the widely
then state
number 2 it will be the fact of having
simply a kind of mailbox
the fact of getting a mailbox
mailbox the box
the web site it’s called the
going from ww dot the name of your
company ope it’s going
patent dot the name of your company
maybe I put quotation marks here
besides the name of your company
dot like comma dot is to
calculation dot fr your little dot once
we have
1 once we have the domain name we’ll have to decide
we’ll have to decide on the architect
who will build our website
web site is what we will call the
cms the cms means that in top management
the allows
sms will allow you to avoid co2 and
and will allow you to create content
like articles for example
this is step 3 I’m just going to
just check what it looks like ok
let’s preview it.

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