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Hi, this is Alex.

Today, we’re going to create together and set up a Google My Business account so that your business
your activity, is present on Google Maps.

Let’s go.

So for example, if you are on Google and you type “SEO Agency”, you see, we can have this kind of map with different types of results here.

This is exactly what we’re going to do today, by going to Google My Business.

So the objective is to have exactly the name of the company, with here for example, the website, the route, the address. And so all this for my company, so my SEO agency called “TWAINO”.

To do this, you will type in Google “Google My Business”. You will come across this page. You click on it
on it.

You can login if you already have an account. But here we are going to create one. So we’re going to put “get started.”

So I already have several locations, so several Google My Business for several of my locations. In my case, I’m just going to go to “Add a location”.

“Add a unique establishment”. So my location is going to be called “Twaino”.

I’m going to put “Next.”

Then, “Would you like to add a location that your customers can visit, like a store or an office?”

I’ll answer “Yes,” “Next.”

“What is your address?” Then, “20 passage cardinet 17e Paris”.


Then, “Next”.

“Do you offer your services to clients outside this establishment ?”

Then I’ll put “Yes”, because I can go directly to the client. I’m going to put “Next.”

Then, “Add your service areas (optional).”

Uh, “You can list your service areas”… Now that’s not really helpful. So I’m going to put “Next”, since I have a business that is not online.

Then “Select the category that best describes your business”.

What if I put SEO Agency? No… Marketing Agency…

What I’m going to do is I’m just going to go back here to my page and see what people have put in for SEO agency.

You see, there’s “internet marketing service” or “computer consultant”…

Internet marketing service seems more relevant to me.

“Internet marketing service” hop, “Next”.

Next, “What contact information would you like?”.

So tac, I’ll put my phone number. Then, the URL, so “https//”.

“Next”, “Finish” and “Get this facility validated”.


New customers will be able to find information in Google Maps.

Ok… Let’s put “Finish”.

That’s it!

Now that we’ve published this information, there are several items.

Here you see, we have access to this menu and we’re going to complete some information that is…that is indicated here, in order to give more information to Google.

For example, here you see “Complete your file”.

Right now, we’re at 50%. So these are things that we’re going to have to improve.

Overall, what you need to know is that the more information you provide, the better. So do it.

So we’re going to add the schedules first. We’re going to put “Open”, “every day”.

Opening hours…

So, we’ll put from 9am to 8pm and we’ll put “Apply”


Service area, that’s good… Special hours, not necessarily… Phone number, that’s good… The website, that’s good… The URL to make an appointment… So this could be interesting actually.


Then, “Services”.

“Add or modify items”, “Add a selection”, “Add an item”, “Item name”, “Item description”…

So for this, we will go back to and I will go to the “Services” part.

I’m going to take the elements that are here. We’re going to put “SEO” and from the description, we’re going to take something like this…


Which I’m going to do by the way, I’m going to put “SEO Services” here, “Save”, “Add Item”. So, I’m going to put in “SEO Audit.”

“SEO audit”, “Add”, then web copywriting… “Web copywriting”, “Add” and finally, “illustrations and infographics” then “Add”.


So, I’m going to add in this case a… and here, I’m going to mark it “SEO Training”.

And so what I’m going to do, I’m going to go to “Trainings”, “SEO Online Training”.

I’m going to put “Add”… and then conferences. “Conferences,” and I’m going to put “Add” as well.


So there you have it, all in all we should be pretty good at the service type level.

So that’s well recorded.

That’s fine.

“Add the description of the establishment”, “Apply”.

Then “Add photos”, I really recommend it.

If you have the ability to add photos, do it. It can be really useful because actually on Google Maps, you can have a lot of pictures that are going to be…that can be presented.

So, I’m going to go to “Office”, I’m going to go to “Twaino”, then “Visual Communication”, “Premises”.

For example, I’m going to put this one in.

“Define logo.”

So that’s good.

Then, “Select a photo.”

“Your cover photo should reflect the personality of your facility.”

“Select a photo from your computer”.

So photos, we have several.

Now, I’m going to go to “Visual Communication”.

I’ve done a lot of social media, so I’m going to see what looks best to me.

Okay, there’s this.

If I put this in, will it be a little too small… ?

If I put cover, can I put more than one or not…?

“Facebook”, then “social media”, “linkedIn”.


Well “video” ok.

How about “inside”, “outside”, “at work”, “team”…

Then “identity”.

“Team”, “Select”.

So Twaino…I think it was in…


Well, for now we’ll put that in, but in any case we’ll have to add images.

Then, “website”.

This is the website that is proposed by default by Google. …why not?

Well, we already have a site with wordpress so it is not really useful.

“Create an ad”, “Add a business”, “Associated accounts”…


That sounds good to me.


“Settings”, “photos”, “posts”, “mobile apps”…


So basically, the way it’s going to work is that right now, I’ve created so my Google My Business account.

But to verify that my address is correct, Google is going to send me a code that I’m going to receive, so in my mailbox. And once I have this code from the mailbox, I can indicate it directly on Google My Business. And from that point on, it’ll be validated by Google.


So me, what I like to do is if you can increase the number of images that you have, do it.


The more images you have, the better.

Um, well.

After that, don’t go completely overboard either. But overall, this is something that is
quite positive. So the more images you have, the more I would advise you to use them.

Of course, it has to be relevant to your activity, to your business. But do it, it’s really a plus. And from a user point of view, users are going to go to Google My Business and so, it’s really a good way to discover your website and then make them want to learn a little bit more about your business.

So all of that I’m going to put in.

What I’m doing right now is I’m taking the different images that I’ve already created, that I’ve put on my website, and I’m now dumping them on Google My Business to create more content.

So what I’m going to do now… Actually in “identity”… um… this cover…

By the way I may add “Overview” as well.

Then “Select photos”.

I’m going to add also the set of images that come from social networks.


What do I have left?

“Social media”.

Linkedin is done…Facebook is done…

Ok. That’s it.

So, we’re not bad.

The only thing I’d like to change is maybe to go for something much simpler like this, in terms of the identity on the cover.

So I’ll leave it like that for now.

So if I look at what it looks like, “Twaino Agency”, that’s good… SEO, ok… A lot of images…

Well for example, maybe these images actually, I will not duplicate them. It’s no use
not much use.


Well, we already have content in Google My Business that is quite good.


“Pending” so “Your business has been validated, we may review your listing”.


“Do you know”… Okay. “Post”.

Effectively here, you can write post.

So in the meantime, I need my content to be validated by Google before I can write posts. But you can actually create content here, which will be visible directly on your Google Maps.

So the info, we haven’t forgotten anything I think.

“Add photos”, it’s good…

In terms of statistics, you can also see the evolution of your visibility on this platform. So it’s quite practical.

Here, it’s this platform.

In these places, it will allow you to manage the reviews.

For the moment, of course, I don’t have any.

Then, “Answer your customers’ questions in a few seconds”.

So effectively, there is the “chat” part and the “photo” part. This is what I had the opportunity to show you.

So here, we have all the content that comes from my website that I have created so far.

So there you go, you saw, I created a Google My Business account.

It didn’t take me that long in the end and it’s really going to help you get more visibility on Google.

Don’t forget in fact that right now, when Google presents results, location, it’s a major element.


Because for example, when you type in, I don’t know… for example supermarket or something, Google will highlight, before anything else, the stores that are closest to you. Therefore, do not deprive yourself of having this local visibility thanks to Google and especially by creating this content on Google My Business.

Generally speaking, the more information you put on Google My Business, the better it will be, because it is an additional element that will help Google to understand more what you do on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will also be an element that will help to convert more customers, insofar as, for example, if you put a lot of photos, if you put relevant photos, if you register, given the type of business you do, well in the end, it will facilitate the users. It’s going to make the user journey easier and as a result, customers will be able to contact you, or at least are likely to contact you more.

So in general Hubert, this is a tip that is quite generic. With Google, the more content you put in, the better. The more qualitative content you put in, the better. I’m not telling you to put everything and anything but, the more information that is in quantity and high quality, the better.

So take a little time to fill out that Google My Business listing. It can really be a good vector to increase your visibility on the Internet and thus, attract new customers or new visitors on your website and in physical too, if you have a store.

See you soon!

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