Corporate Communication: Why and How?

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Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together the strategy related to the
communication for the company I’m going to create called Twaino. Come on, I’ll
show you. So in fact, the idea is quite simple, it will be an
sEO agency that I will create. So, now I have the name, the name will be
be Twaino. So, now I have the name, the name is going to be Twaino. Very good. So… Okay, and actually when you
look a little bit, on the internet and you type in typically organic traffic there
i typed it in English. Well, typically we come across this kind of images, not necessarily very
not necessarily very pleasing, let’s say. And in fact what interests me
with this term, “organic traffic
or “organic traffic” in French, is the aspect of
“organic” aspect. Indeed, when we do
SEO and when we do natural referencing,
the objective is to make sure that we are a website that is initially … So
there is the time, and the traffic. Well, little by little
little by little, we’ll have something that will grow, and that will grow.
And so this is something that interests me and that I want to communicate about
i want to communicate about. And you see, often when you type
organic traffic, we often get rockets.
It’s always a bit the same
so the idea of speed, indeed, it’s something that comes up often.
For the company that I’m going to create,, I decided to change
decided to change completely this way of seeing things
this way of looking at things. And typically, in the last video
i had the opportunity to show you a little bit about the ways in which
i had the opportunity to show you a little bit about how the competitors, the SEO agencies, communicate.
So apart from Eskimos which really has an orientation that is a little bit different
different, even extremely different. Otherwise, the rest is quite
similar in the end. And so the idea for me is that I want to make the
the parallel between organic traffic and the idea of organic growth
growth that is organic. And so for the time being, when we type in
organic growth, we are talking about something that is normally in the green range, so
so much more with plants, with something that is very natural and that will have a tendency to
is very natural and will have a tendency to grow. Here, this is not the case
not the case. I’m going to try to
find something… “Growth plant”. Okay, I actually wanted to
and communicate on something a little more natural, saying that when you have a website
that at the beginning when you have a website, well it’s a bit like if it was a kind of seed that
it was a kind of seed that we plant, and little by little thanks to
natural referencing, we will succeed in growing little by little
his website, until finally the seed becomes a tree that is
seed becomes a tree that is solid or robust.
And so this communication around plants, around nature, and therefore the organic
nature, and therefore the organic side, is something from an SEO point of view that is
SEO point of view, which is not very much exploited, from my point of view, and which therefore interests me.
It’s something that I’ve already had the opportunity to talk to
Mariana, my partner. So, indeed, we have already started to
to think about how to try to exploit this side of Green, let’s say in relation to the
Green, let’s say in relation to communication. And often, in fact, in terms of
and often, in terms of colors, SEO companies use either blue or red. In short
the fact of having a site that is for example in green can be something extremely interesting
be something extremely interesting. So typically what we did was
is that we looked on Pinterest to see the different ideas we could find
ideas that we could find in relation to this. And in fact,
we found this kind of visuals, and I think that for example this
visuals there, that’s something that… I’m going to be inspired by it
i’m going to be inspired by it. I’m going to be inspired by that kind of shape,
i think it can be something interesting, and here you see
typically we have screens with this organic aspect with plants on it, and so there
plants on it, and so there for example a keyboard where there are
plants that come on it. A screen, finally which is surrounded by plants and
i found that it was something that, from my point of view, could be quite interesting to exploit
could be quite interesting to exploit. And so, we’re going to go in that direction.
So there you have it, that’s really the idea, to have
screens, to have plants, to show in fact that rather than having
that rather than having a growth that is purely, quotation marks, artificial, I would like to
i would like to communicate that in the end, so… I would like to
to become a kind of SEO gardener, so
i would like to become a kind of SEO gardener, so I would like to have a site that is a kind of seed
that we plant, and then through hard work, the fact of
watering it, creating quality content, optimizing it
etc… Make sure that your site is conducive
finally to grow and become stronger and stronger and more and more
powerful. So there you have it, I thought it was an approach that could be
interesting, and so I’m going to tend towards a communication that will go in the direction of
i’m going to tend towards a communication that will go in that direction. So, for example, what
so, for example, what I have in mind right now is, for example, visuals at the beginning where we have a
a small seed, and then obviously, this small seed
it starts to grow and then, little by little, we have something much bigger, until finally
much bigger, until finally ending up on either
flower, on something natural… And I found that it was something
interesting, which is not exploited very much at the moment, and which
from a creative point of view, at least, it’s something that inspires me.
Because indeed, for example, if we put “green plant”,
there is content on which we can work, we can work on it, we can do
work on it, do things that are relatively interesting and couple it with SEO to also
that with SEO to also say that effectively, a natural growth with a website, it’s
with a website, it’s something to strive for in fact.
So there you have it, I thought it was a good approach, so that’s my first idea
so this is my first idea about it, maybe it will evolve completely,
but at the moment I really imagine
a website that is extremely green, like this, with images where
actually, there are plants, computers. Let’s see what we can
let’s see what we can find. Plants. I’m going to put this in English, there might be more
of… “Plant computer”. Yes, something like that, actually, that
i think it’s pretty cool, actually. It’s quite different, something
like that, or even better. I find it interesting in fact, so
this is really my first approach, in relation to this but
obviously it needs to be explored further, but for example you see
to have something that is in this register, where finally you are your
computer or his website, finally, that goes a bit beyond
finally, simply a web site, I find that
it’s an approach that is quite original, and in any case from an SEO point of view
sEO point of view, in the United States as well as in France, I have never seen
i’ve never seen, at the moment anyway, a company that has put or made
a marketing effort, in any case, that goes in that direction. Or in any case a communication effort in this sense
of communication in this sense. So, I find it quite interesting, so there you go.
First video on communication, obviously it will be worth
to be dug up, and to be improved afterwards.
See you soon…

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