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Hello, I’m Alexandre Marotel from the Twaino agency.
Today, I’m going to make a little video to show you my latest figures.
So as you can see here, I am on Google Analytics, on Twaino Agence Seo, so my site.
And here, I am pleased to announce that I have reached my nine thousand visitors per month on my agency site, knowing that eight nine days ago, you see, I was still at 7814 on Sunday, April 5th.
And so today, Tuesday 14 April, I am at 9139.
So we really have a nice acceleration happening right now on my site. We can even say, if we look at it with a little more hindsight, that there is a kind of phase, a plateau, for a few weeks, and then we really started to rise again. It’s even more striking when you look at the 180-day period.
You see, in the last few weeks for my site, I think I’ve had the most spectacular growth since the creation of my agency. So, we were already on rather good growth, despite the small drop during Christmas. There were a few weeks with a real plateau.
But it’s true that for the last few weeks, I would say about two or three weeks, there has been a real acceleration in the growth of my agency site.
So there you go.
Overall, these are extremely positive elements.
Now, let’s take a closer look at the report on acquisition.
The idea is to look at it over a month.
As you can see, whether it’s over a month or a week, my results don’t change much in terms of acquisitions because my strategy hasn’t changed at all since the beginning.
So you can see the organical search, we are at 87% practically 86.8%.
So there you have it, it’s obviously the seo campaign that I’ve put in place since the beginning and which is bearing fruit.
Globally also the creation of content.
So on my site, obviously I do white hat, that is to say that I respect the rules of Google on the one hand, but in addition or rather as a result, I put a lot of effort into creating qualitative content.
That’s why on my website, you will be able to discover if you are interested, a hundred of blog articles that I try to detail as much as possible. And it’s really this qualitative content that allows me to have the traffic that will come to my website.
Another point is direct traffic. So 11% people who will directly type the url and then, social and referal. But that’s absolutely anecdotal, it’s less than 1%. You see, less than 2%. So it’s not very relevant.
I’m publishing much less on linkedin right now. Simply because I have many more clients, it’s much more complicated for me to juggle, especially since I’m still in solo entrepreneur mode. So I’m a little bit in the middle of things right now, which means I’m publishing a little bit less.
But in any case, linkedin has never been a real important traffic vector for me. It was interesting for branding, but as a real traffic generator, it was not something very important for my business.
Now if you go to Google Search Console, you can also see that the overall trained is very clearly up, with typical traffic from my website.
When you see that it’s going up, it’s on Monday in fact.
Here we are from Monday to Friday, it’s bullish, and bim, from the moment it’s Saturday, so in short the weekend, Saturday Sunday, there are a lot less people who are interested in SEO, or at least who end up on my site.
And when we look at the details, all the data tends to be up, in fact, as much in terms of positioning as in terms of CTR, the number of views and here too.
So overall, all the indicators for my website are rather in the green.
Another way to see it, on Ahrefs, so a tool for the paying, which I use in particular to make my audits and to be able to dig the competition. It’s a very good tool by the way.
Overall, we can see that the trends are also positive.
Here, I’ve put you on the organical search.
Overall you see, there are more and more keywords on which I ranke, positions that I trusts more and more, so 1 to 3 and 4 to 10 more and more too.
So everything is not perfect yet of course but it’s increasing, and from 11 to 100 is where it’s the most important, which is normal because I have more and more keywords on which I ranche and it’s quite understandable.
So there you go.
Knowing that again, if you don’t know me, my website is not that old, so we have a real nice growth just in a few months.
After that, I’m not going to hide the fact that it was a lot of work, a lot of effort that was put in.
When I compare it to other agencies, I have done in almost a year, especially in terms of content creation, what some agencies have potentially never done. So it was an absolutely titanic/colossal effort, but that’s what allows me today to have results that are far from perfect. I still have a lot of ambitions for this site, but for someone who is a solo entrepreneur and who started without a budget, I think that overall we are on elements that are undoubtedly satisfactory, but clearly not sufficient.
So I’ll have to continue this trend, to be able to consolidate all this and also challenge agencies on keywords that were inaccessible to me at the beginning, because they were too difficult.
But little by little, increasing my site authority, increasing the credibility and visibility of my website, this is what will allow me little by little to be able to potentially challenge players who have been present for a very long time.
So obviously, I have really tried since the beginning to demonstrate with my own site that Seo is effective. So you could see it with the different elements I could show you.
If you are interested in Seo, don’t hesitate to go to my agency website, so my website Twaino. If you are a company or even an individual and you have a little budget, do not hesitate to call upon my services.
I do seo campaigns that seem to bear fruit, in view of the figures I obtained.
Another point, my agency is purely whitehat, I respect the rules of Google, I do not buy backlinks, so I am not someone who will tell you that your site will explode overnight with a magic wand. Not at all. Seo is work, it’s a method, but when you do things correctly, you finally get results.
This is what I advocate both for my own agency but also for my clients, so I get similar results, precisely by setting up a seo campaign with my clients.
So, don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested, by phone at 07 86 06 39 48, or via my email contact@twaino.com. And if you ever want to get feedback from potential clients, feel free to type “Twaino” in Google Maps, and you will see my positive reviews. I also have some on linkedin by the way. So if it’s potentially reassuring, it’s something interesting.
So there you go. Don’t hesitate.
And then globally, whether it’s with my own agency or with another agency, if you ever want to work with others, well seo, natural referencing, is something that works, so don’t hesitate to get closer to your agency that will potentially help you and bring you results in the medium to long term.
I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and see you soon.
I hope that in a few weeks, a week or two maybe, I will reach 10,000 visitors on my site. That would be a really great announcement I could make. It would be a lot of things that, in quotation marks, would materialize in numbers, and all the work that has been done over the last few months could really materialize. So I would be extremely proud of that.
See you soon for the rest…

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