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Hello, I’m Alexandre Marotel and today, listen, I’m extremely happy to be able to share with you my latest results for my website of the Twaino agency.

And so typically, if we go to Google Analytics, you see I have reached … finally last night, the numbers fell. I have more than 5000 visitors per month on my site.

So, these are quite interesting figures, which in my case are quite interesting. If we look at a 30-day panel, you can see that 30 days ago, I was at 3815. After that, I had already reached the level of, let’s say, 4000 before. But it’s true that there were Christmas vacations here, and since my business is in B2B, I had a bit of a hard time. It was a bit of a yule log. So it was quieter.

From the 24th, it started to drop and then it gradually picked up again in January. It stabilized and then it clearly started to rise again. This is something that is relatively positive.

And so, if we look at a little more than 90 days… we’ll go to 180 days. You can see that overall, we are on a nice curve that is increasing, except for this one, which I don’t like. But that’s a bit inherent to the business sector. When you’re in the B2B business, there’s bound to be a time when you have to deal with seasonality issues. And so, clearly I think we are on this register with the site.

So, all this is very good, these figures, but in concrete terms, how did I get all this?

So you see, I’m going to go to the acquisition report.

I’m going to take a period of time, let’s say… “Customize over the last 30 days”… “Apply”. There you go.

So overall, as always with my videos, with my content and what I’m doing with my Twaino site is I’m getting my results basically as you can see, with organic traffic. In other words, it’s really the implementation of an effective SEO campaign that’s going to allow me to get that very traction. Knowing that I also have a little bit of direct traffic, and despite my presence on linkedin, social media represent extremely little, in percentage, at least in terms of my results.

So really, an SEO campaign that allows me to have results and a content creation that allows me to have a site that is clean.


Everything I recommend to do when you do SEO, properly anyway, that’s what I do for my agency, that’s what I do for my clients too.

Another point.

So, I have nothing against advertising per se, but the objective is to get results only through SEO. So there is no advertising, I don’t do any exotic or black hat practices on my site, everything is clean. If you ever want to titillate me, feel free to dig into the subjects, to look at my results, and you will see absolutely no buying of backlinks or any other practices of this kind. It’s really purely white hat, which is what I do.

So there you go!

Listen, I am extremely happy to present you this video, and I hope to be able to show you my next video with my 6000 visitors on my website.

See you soon!

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