10K visitors | Presentation of the numbers

I’m Alexandre Marotel. Today, I’m very happy to make a video to show you the latest numbers I was able to get on Twaino SEO agency.

So here you see, I’m live from Google Analytics. And in fact, well I reached yesterday, last night, 10,000 visitors to my agency’s website

So here you see Tuesday, April 21, 10143. So I’m extremely happy. It’s true that it’s more of a symbol than anything else, but it’s still an interesting progression over the last few months.

You see, 180 days ago, I was at 2000 visitors per month on my site.

So there is a real nice progression with an acceleration in the last few weeks which was extremely important, extremely intense and so here it is, it is materialized by these good figures.

Now, let’s take a look at the report, at the acquisitions and in particular, let’s put it over a month.

So you can see, over a month, over a week, with my numbers, it doesn’t change much.

But basically, here it is. You see, I have 87.2% of Organic Search on my site, so in other words, the majority of people who arrive on Twaino’s site, so on my agency’s site, arrive by going through the search engine

In other words, users will type queries in Google and therefore the rankings/good rankings that I can have on certain keywords, on certain queries will allow visitors to click on my site and therefore to discover the content that I can offer.

So that’s the vast majority of my traffic. Knowing that for me it is an element that is absolutely important because it is the way we can see that the SEO campaign that I set up finally really brings its fruits and so here, as an SEO agency in my opinion in any case, it was important that I obtain results/good results in the field of natural referencing. So this is a concrete proof of that.

Another way to get traffic, well it’s direct traffic. So I’m at 10.7%. In other words, it’s people who will directly type in my URL and therefore will directly land on my site.

A little bit of social, a little bit of referral. And you see, it’s extremely anecdotal.

I’m also much less present on linkedIn at the moment but in any case, I’ve never had much traffic from social networks.

Another way to see these numbers, well it’s going to be Google Search Console. So you see, I’m still on twaino.com.

And so, over three months, we can see that there is a notable progression. It’s increasing over time.

So obviously, this means that my site is more and more seen, there are more and more views, there are more and more people who click, my positions on the search engine are also improving overall, so we can say that overall the indicators are really green

And so there you have it, Google Search Console allows you to see the same information as Google Analytics but in a slightly different way, okay?

So, another way to see it is on Ahrefs. So there’s a tool that’s paid.

So, from one week to the next, the authority of my site does not explode, it always takes time to consolidate/improve the global authority of your site.

Knowing that since I don’t buy backlinks, it’s much more complicated for me to increase the overall authority of my site, so there you go

Nevertheless, I’m going to set up, I don’t know exactly when, but I would like to set up in the next few months a real link acquisition campaign, of course respecting Google’s rules because it’s the way I work with my own agency and the way I work for my clients so there you go

There’s no reason for it to change at that level. Perhaps the most telling fact is in terms of organic keywords

Of course, my positions from 11 to 100 you know, it’s constantly increasing. But in fact it’s not so much the most relevant element because finally, positions from 11 to 100 are not necessarily what will bring the most clicks. On the other hand, you see, for example, if we take the position from 4 to 10, well, my site is more and more present precisely on these good positions

And even fight on the positions for the blow which are really the sinews of war in SEO, namely the position 1 to 3. Well there we see the same, that my site is positioned very well in the search engine, therefore with positions between 1 and 3.

This is really a very positive signal, okay?

So another point, well this is more of an anecdote but it is also at the split level. Obviously, my traffic is mainly French.

After that, there is a little bit of traffic coming from Morocco, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Algeria, etc.

My website is visited in several countries, so it’s rather something that is funny and pleasant, knowing that obviously my content is only in French at the moment.

I could potentially translate it into English later on but for the moment, it’s not necessarily the priority.

I think it’s important to try to be well established in your niche. The French market is already extremely competitive, so why not try English later on, but not necessarily right away.

So here we are, my website and my agency are called Twaino.

The way I work is quite simple, which is what allowed me to get results on my own site.

It’s that I do SEO campaigns. So in fact an SEO campaign is in three main stages.

Step 1, so what I call the Audit. So it’s both a technical audit, so technical audit + resolution of technical problems on the one hand.

Then a content audit and finally a benchmark to be able to see the competition, especially at the level of my clients.

Of course, I know the SEO sector because it is my sector, but when I work with clients, well, sometimes I have clients who are in the BtoB or BtoC sector, in short, in sectors that I don’t necessarily know, and therefore take the time to analyze the competition, it’s something that is both relevant for me and for my clients because it allows me to have data and analysis that they don’t necessarily have, so in particular to see the sources of traffic among the competition. This kind of thing is relevant to do.

So that’s part 1. Step 1: audit

Step 2 is optimization.

Indeed, here we always optimize what works best in the first instance. So, it seems a bit counter intuitive but the objective is that if you are in fifth position for example on a keyword, on a keyword that is competitive, well my objective is to make sure that you go from 5th to 3rd to 2nd to 1st okay? And so obviously, when you manage to be much better positioned, well you increase your click-through rate and therefore you increase your visibility as well. So that’s the thing you have to do too. That’s my step 2

And then step 3 Creation Promotion.

This is also what I can call content strategy. In fact, you have to realize that when you have a website, it’s good, but the objective is also to target the content that will be useful to bring traffic tomorrow

And so, it’s all this work that will be done during this content strategy phase, which is absolutely important when you do white hat SEO and therefore when you respect the rules of Google.

So there you go. If you are interested in all this, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone 07 86 06 39 48. Otherwise I can be reached by e-mail contact@twaino.com.

You can also contact me directly on linkedIn via private message of course. And if you’re ever a little worried, don’t hesitate to check out the positive reviews I’ve gotten from my various clients. These are potentially additional elements that can perhaps reassure or reassure you.

So there you have it, if you ever have questions about SEO and you want to be helped, don’t hesitate

I am available, my agency is available. And so, I will do my best to make sure that my own figures finally become yours too, with a nice organic growth.

See you soon!

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