Pogo Sticking(1)

Pogo Sticking

In SEO, we talk about Pogo Sticking when a user enters a website from the search engine, but immediately returns to the search engine using the ”back” button, and clicks

peguin (1)


Penguin is a Google update that aims to reduce spam and penalize websites that use Black Hat SEO techniques to obtain links and manipulate search engine rankings. In April 2012,


Private Blog Network

A private blog network (PBN) is a network of websites allowing to create backlinks to influence the authority of another website considered as central. Otherwise, it is a list of

panda (1)


Google Panda refers to the change in Google’s search results ranking algorithm released in February 2011. It is Google’s algorithm that seeks to reward websites with high quality content by



PageRank refers to the Google algorithm initiated by the co-founder of Google Larry Page. Its role is to evaluate the importance of web pages on the basis of incoming links

Balise pagination

Pagination tags

The tag is an HTML tag used to indicate to search engines that the content is paginated, divided into several distinct sections and accessible with a few clicks. All of

pagination (2)


Pagination is the practice of spreading large content across multiple pages to make it easy for visitors to navigate and view the content. In simple terms, the content is spread

Orphan page

Orphan Page

A page is said to be orphaned when it has no link leading to it. Otherwise, it is an inaccessible page in the sense that no internal link leads neither