Definition of long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords are identified by search terms that contain more words and are technically longer. Because they require more specificity, they tend to get less traffic than shorter search

Mobile first indexing

Mobile first indexing

Mobile first indexing” refers to an approach to indexing where the mobile version of a website is crawled and indexed first. The computer version of the website will still be

Mobil friendly website

Mobile friendly website

A Mobil Friendly website is a website designed or modified to automatically adapt to all types of mobile devices without the need for the user to zoom the screen or

Site miroir

Mirror site

A mirror site is a complete and compliant replica of an existing website with a different URL. Mirror sites are most often used to improve accessibility to the original website

Keywords meta tag

Meta Keywords tag

The Meta Keywords tag is a tag that appears in the HTML code of a Web page and lists the keywords and the most important expressions of this page. It

meta robot tag

Meta Robots tag

A Meta Robots tag is a snippet of HTML code that provides instructions to search engines on how to crawl or index pages on a website. This gives you a

balise meta description (2)

Meta description tag

A meta description tag is a short HTML attribute that adds an overview of the content of a page and is displayed below the title tag in search results. It

Tag meta

Meta tags

A meta tag is an element of HTML code that describes the content of your page not only to search engines, but also to Internet users who see your website

Manual action

Manual action

The manual action is a Google penalty. It is imposed by the team in charge of evaluating the quality of searches to sites that do not respect the guidelines of