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Definition Index

The index simply refers to the list of all the web pages on the Internet of which the search engines are aware, and from which they can make a section

internal link

Internal link

Internal links are hyperlinks that point to another page on the same website. In simple terms, they connect pages on the same website and share the same source domain. Users



Indexing in SEO refers to the procedure by which a search engine lists, stores and orders the pages of a website to quickly display them when a user launches a

sitemap image

Sitemap image

An ” Image Sitemap” or Image Sitemap is generally an XML file created to submit to search engines, a list of URLs of images to be indexed on a website.


Infographic SEO

An infographic is an image that includes information and data combined from images, charts, graphs, diagrams and other graphic icons to provide lengthy information. It is an effective way to



Interstitials are defined as a type of “web page” that appears before or after the page (in a website or application) expected by the user. They block access to the



In marketing, an impression is a performance indicator that allows marketers to evaluate the number of views or engagements of a content (often a publication or an ad) on a