The imperials 2020 of Casablanca : My return of experience

I have to admit, “Les Impériales” in Casablanca far exceeded my expectations and I automatically rank it among the best events I have attended.

Les imperiales 2020 - Alexandre MAROTEL Le matin journal

My reaction on LinkedIn gives a glimpse of how delighted I was

Publication sur les Imperiales

Indeed, “Les Impériales” is an annual event that focuses on marketing and communication. It is organized by a large Moroccan association with the same name.

Les imperiales 2020 - Alexandre MAROTEL

For this year 2020, I had the honor to be invited as a speaker

This is my first intervention at an event in my capacity as CEO of twaino SEO Agency ?

Intervant a Les Imperiales 2020 Alexandre Marotel

My assessment of “Les impériales” 2020 is extremely positive!

That’s why I’m offering you this article, which allows me to briefly introduce the event and show you an overview (& in pictures) of its progress.

Les imperiales 2020 de Casablanca Mon retour d experience

At the end, I will come back to the content of my intervention, without forgetting my best moments of sharing

And here we go!

Chapter 1: What is Les impériales and what is its importance?

We can’t fully understand the event without knowing its organizer. So let’s start by finding out:

Les imperiales 2020 - Alexandre Emmanuelle Francine

1.1. what is ” Les Impériales “?

Created in 2018, “Les Impériales” is a Moroccan association whose goal is to federate the actors of the Marketing and Communication sectors.

Les imperiales 2020 - Alexandre MAROTEL Emmmanuel Petiau

To be more precise, “Les Impériales” gathers related sectors such as

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Digital
  • The media
  • Advertising.

According to theassociationthese sectors of activity are composed of about 8,500 Small and Medium Enterprises. Most interestingly, these companies have a contribution of more than 12 billion Dirhams to the Moroccan GDP.

Les imperiales 2020 - Discussion

There is no doubt that this is a very important aspect for their national economy

This is why “Les Impériales” aims to be a real crossroads that brings together the actors of these different sectors.

Les imperiales 2020 - Alexandre MAROTEL Laurent StorchLes imperiales 2020 - Alexandre MAROTEL Laurent Storch

The goal is to federate them around a real platform of experience and knowledge exchange

Having attended, I can confirm that there was no shortage of great moments of exchange

That being said, it should be noted that the association had already been operating for some fifteen years. She also indicates that its first event was organized in 2003 :

Les Imperiales en activite depuis 2003

The association thus records several years of experience that allow it to succeed “brilliantly” its events and its objectives.

Les imperiales 2020 - Affiche Daily

Speaking of events, the association organizes several of them in order to facilitate meetings, exchanges of experience and moments of reflection between the different actors it targets.

Les imperiales 2020 - Alexandre MAROTEL - Francine

Five different events allow the association to simulate the dynamics of the Moroccan marketing and communication sectors.

Thus, there are :

Evenement Morning de Les Imperiales
Evenement Afterworks de Les Imperiales
Evenement Les Bancs du Savoir de Les Imperiales
Evenement F Tour de Les Imperiales
Evenement annuel Les Imperiales

These different events are not only animated by national speakers

Indeed, the association also solicits international speakers who are true experts in their field

This makes this event a highly conducive framework to enjoy all the benefits of networking

Les imperiales 2020 - Presentation Branding

Moreover, its figures show how its main event is one of the most famous:

1.2. The importance of “Les Impériales” in figures!

The most important factor to note is the patronage of the event by His Majesty King Mohammed

Evenement annuel Les Imperiales

This fact alone shows how important this national event is for the Kingdom of Morocco.

On the other hand, the numbers of “Les Impériales” are proof that this event is extremely popular

Les imperiales 2020 - Presentation keynote

Indeed, “Les Impériales” has counted for the2019 edition

  • 3200 guests ;
  • 60 speakers
  • 100 Journalists and Reporters
  • 31 Keynotes
  • 12 Panels
  • 60 Interviews
  • 21 Awards / 178 Case studies
  • 11 Tributes
  • 6 Workshops / 110 participants
  • 11 Institutional Partners ;
  • 11 Media Partners
  • 500 press coverage.
Les Imperiales 2019 en chiffre

In terms of sponsors, the Moroccan association has about twenty brands:

Les sponsors de Les Imperiales

And nearly thirty partners

Les parenaires de Les Imperiales

You will agree with me that the annual event “Les impériales” is indeed prestigious. So, what did we tackle in 2020?

Chapter 2: How did “Les Impériales” 2020 go?

To find out how “Les Impériales” of 2020 went, let’s first look at the theme under which the event was organized:

2.1. What is the main theme of the 2020 Imperials?

The main theme of this great event is: ” Brand&Tech: How to reinvent yourself? “or in English: ” Brand and tech, how to reinvent ourselves? “.

Les imperiales 2020 - Salle presentation

Les Impériales has chosen this theme because of this observation Digital and technology have more and more impact in the marketing and communication sectors.

And this, without forgetting the habits of the consumers which do not cease changing with the passing years

Faced with this situation, brands/companies must develop strategies that allow them to adapt to the different trends.

Les imperiales 2020 - Presentation

To lend the words of the association We operate today in a technological world, these changes require a strategic evolution.

Les imperiales 2020 - Presentation

Therefore, the association organizes this meeting to allow to have relevant solutions through

  • The apprehension of global trends
  • The analysis of the different paterns
  • The identification of the key factors of success.
Les imperiales 2020 - Gala

To do this, a rich multi-format program has been set up:

Les imperiales 2020 - les intervenants

2.2. What is the program followed by “Les Impériales 2020”?

The event took place from February 3 to 9, 2020, i.e. approximately 7 consecutive days. The different formats of the event are

  • Workshops & Trainings ;
  • Keynotes & Panels;
  • Business Cases ;
  • The Showreel Morocco ;
  • Job Dating ;
  • Concept Dating ;
  • The Parties/Gala
  • Golf tournament;
  • The Family Brunch ;
  • The Business Hub ;
  • The Game Zone.

Let’s look at these different formats in detail

2.2.1. The Workshops and Trainings: takes place from February 4 to 7, 2020

This format has been set up to allow professionals to learn how to deal effectively with the challenges they face in their brand-customer relationship.

Workshops et trainings

For Workshops & Trainings, speakers will enable participants to develop and adopt new strategies that accommodate new technologies and consumer habits.

Les imperiales 2020 - Presentation Slide

2.2.2. Keynotes and panels: February 4-6, 2020

This format allows participants to have rich discussions on new trends around axes such as

  • The brand and digital
  • Data and consumers
  • Trends and professions.
Keynotes et panels

2.2.3. Job Dating and Concept Dating: February 7, 2020

This is one of the association’s specialties and takes place in one day. This format allows the different actors to find new perspectives.

Job dating et concept dating

This way

  • Job seekers can find opportunities to seize and recruiters can find new talents
  • Investors can find innovative projects to invest in and project owners can find financing opportunities.

Les imperiales 2020 - Presentation Branding

2.2.4. Networking and relaxation: February 8 & 9, 2020

After days of knowledge sharing, the association has planned two days of relaxation and networking.

Network et relaxation

During these two days we enjoyed a

  • Golf tournament
Tournoi de golf
  • A family brunch
Brunch en famille

2.2.5. Museum of Advertising and Media: February 3 to 17

Les imperiales 2020 - Alexandre MAROTEL TV

Along the event, the museum of advertising and media is a panorama that allows to have an overview of all the components that have marked the history of this Moroccan sector.

Musee de publicite et des medias

This space allowed to contemplate the very beginnings of the Moroccan media and advertising culture up to the present time.

Les imperiales 2020 - les requetes de longues traines

2.2.6. The “Stars” Awards: February 7, 2020

As the name suggests, this section of the event allowed the association to award the best

  • Celebrities
  • Brands
  • Agencies
  • Campaigns.

These are, of course, those who have accomplished exceptional marketing campaigns in 2019.

Soiree des prix les Etoiles

In the lot, “The Imperials” takes into account

  • Agencies
  • Brands
  • Designers
  • Internal marketing teams;
  • Public relations agencies;
  • Etc.

Les imperiales 2020 - Table RondeLes imperiales 2020 - Table Ronde

2.2.7. Showreel Morocco: February 6, 2020

Here, the association allows participants to meet advertising professionals.

Showreel Morocco

We are entitled to the projection of a collection of advertisements that have marked the ecosystem of communication and advertising.

2.3) Who were the speakers at Les Impériales 2020?

There are several speakers and if we can’t name them all, here are a few

Profil LinkedIn Alexandre Marotel
Profil LinkedIn Emammuelle Petiau
Profil LinkedIn Soufiane A
Profil LinkedIn Mohamed S H
Profil LinkedIn Jamal Amiar
Profil LinkedIn Francine Beleyi
Profil LinkedIn Sam Moorthy
Profil LinkedIn Fenniri Asmaa
Profil LinkedIn Youssef Ksiyer
Profil LinkedIn Cayre Sacha
Profil LinkedIn Edoukou Fowndi
Profil LinkedIn Bennani Driss
Profil LinkedIn Maghraoui Driss
Profil LinkedIn Bentahar Amine
Profil LinkedIn Martzel Jean Philippe
Profil LinkedIn Benbarka Nabil
Profil LinkedIn Brovelli Fabrice
Profil LinkedIn Javde Vincent
Profil LinkedIn Storch Laurent
Profil LinkedIn David Rozencwaig

There are more than a dozen speakers added, but I’ll stop at that level. I am sure that you already have an idea of the overall profile of those who spoke at the meeting.

Here is the program that we followed, let’s see some of the concepts that I discussed during my intervention and the people that I had the opportunity to meet.

Chapter 3: What did I learn/discover at “Les Impériales 2020”?

This event was very rich with speakers who are real experts in their field

In this chapter, I give you an overview of what I learned during “Les Impériales” and the great encounters I had

But first, let’s talk about the path I took to attend:

Les imperiales 2020 - Branding differenciation

3.1. what journey did I take to attend “Les Impériales 2020”?

But before I made the trip, I made sure to ease my “green” conscience by planting trees

I used the website Reforestaction :


This allowed me to plant 7 trees to offset 948.94 kg of carbon :

Plantation de 7 arbres

3.2. What are the great encounters I had during “Les Impériales 2020”?

During “Les Impériales 2020”, I had the privilege to develop my personal network with the meeting of talented speakers

Les imperiales 2020 - Presentation conference

I have mentioned them in this publication on LinkedIn

Conclusion: Les Impériales 2020 – A rich experience to relive

Attending good events has significant benefits of attending a good event.

In addition to having the opportunity to enrich one’s knowledge, they are real opportunities to

  • Meet experts
  • Develop your network
  • Represent a product or a brand
  • Show your expertise.

For Les Impériales 2020, I had the privilege of being a speaker and I can assure you that I benefited from all these advantages and more.

In this article, I have had time to describe this prestigious event and the association that organizes it. Not to mention the different programs that revolved around the main theme Brand&Tech: How to reinvent yourself?

For a whole week, it was a long meeting that was very rich for me. And that’s just the beginning:

I have particularly taken a liking to the events, especially because of the very rich experience they allow to have. Therefore, I intend to multiply my outings soon to participate in other meetings.

How do you find the events? And do you plan to participate in others soon?

Don’t hesitate to share with me your opinions and experiences.

See you soon!

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