SEO Agency Roubaix

SEO Agency Roubaix

🚀 How to choose the best SEO agency in Roubaix?

An SEO agency has experienced professionals who know how to effectively optimize your website for search engines.

This avoids rookie mistakes and benefits from quality referencing.

But in the absence of recommendations, it must be recognized that it is not easy to find the best SEO agency that is really suited to your business objectives.

In this article, you will discover the important criteria to take into account when choosing the best SEO agency in Roubaix.

Let’s discuss your project if you need an SEO Consultant. 👨‍💻

Statistically, 63 % of all purchases begin online, even if the purchase itself takes place in a store. 

And thebest proven strategy for attracting online traffic, especially from search engine results pages, is natural referencing (SEO).

Twaino is an SEO agencywho accompaniesfor several years, companies of all sizes in Roubaix to make themselves better known and expand their clientele.

With a diverse panel of SEO services and our inherent knowledge of Roubaix’s population, we will know exactly how to develop the best approach to hook your target audience and drive conversions for you.

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A precise 3-step approach for successful SEO campaigns

A competent SEO agency must be able toexplicitly present your work process to everyone, including beginners in natural referencing (SEO).

At Twaino, all our SEO campaigns take place in 3 simple and inclusive steps,

1) Audit SEO 🩺

The SEO audit allows us to comb through all aspects of your website in order todetect elements that affect or could potentially affect its visibility on Google and other search engines.

Then, based on the information collected,a tailor-made optimization strategy will be developed by our SEO experts to help you actually improve your rankings and traffic.

2) Optimization of the existing 🛠

step optimization consists ofto implement on your website the referencing strategy previously developed.

It also allows Twaino’s SEO experts to ensure that your important pages are well crawled and indexed by search engines.

These measures make it possible to have a website sufficiently optimized to obtain a significant improvement in its positioning on the SERPs.

3)  Content Strategy 📑

The SEO content strategy consists ofcreate new high-quality and optimized content on carefully chosen keywords.

This is a particularly sensitive step in that it can multiply the SEO performance harvested on your site or downright undermine all the optimization efforts made so far.

This is why, during the content creation phase, we mobilet’s read abouts professional SEO writers accustomed to writing highly qualified content.

🚀What is SEO?

First of all, do you know how search engines establish the ranking order of websites to respond to Internet searches?

Google alone takes into account more than 200 ranking criteria to evaluate and decide the position each indexed website deserves on its SERPs.Natural referencing or search engine optimization (SEO) brings together the techniques and know-how to optimize a order to improve its ranking and its click-through rate on search engines.

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🎓 What is an SEO agency in Roubaix?

SEO on page Off Page

Overall, the role of an SEO agency is to help a company achieve better online visibility by improving its ranking and click-through rate on search engine pages.

To achieve this, the SEO agency uses a number of techniques such as content optimization, the implementation of an SEO friendly architecture, on-page optimization, the acquisition of backlinks and many more. others.An SEO agency will be qualified as an SEO agency in Roubaix, whenall the optimization strategies they employ are intended to improve the visibility of a local business in Roubaix and attract customers to it.


📞 Why use a natural referencing agency in Roubaix?

An SEO agency in Roubaix knows the region best:The great advantage of using an SEO agency in Roubaix is ​​their inherent knowledge of the region. It is logically more inclined to understand the needs of your target audience and therefore to offer more relevant strategies than another agency located at the other end of the country.

An SEO agency in Roubaix is ​​closer to you:The second advantage of hiring an SEO agency in Roubaix lies in the proximity relationship. Indeed, when your agency is located in the same city as you, interviews can be held more easily. This makes it possible to have a better follow-up of the services of the SEO agency.


🖥️  What are the services offered by an SEO agency in Roubaix?

In addition to the usual practices in classic SEO, an SEO agency in Roubaix must also provide the following services: 

Local search (2)

🩺 Audit SEO Local

Local SEO audit refers to a complete analysis of the visibility of a website in order to improve its positioning in the local results of search engines.

Twaino is an SEO agency in Roubaix that offers a range of quality services including a local SEO audit in-depth to analyze your website, but also your local business citations and your Google My Business profile.


🔍 Local Keyword Research

A local keyword designates a word or an expression typed by an Internet user to search online for a service, a product or an establishment close to his location or in a specific geographical area. Example: “locksmith near me” or “locksmith in Roubaix”.

At Twaino, we put in place an in-depth keyword research strategy to make sure we spot all geo-specific keywords relevant to your industry and business profile.

Optimizing your website for these keywords is useful to help you rank in the top Google results when people search for your services/products in or around Roubaix.

pack local local SEO

💒 Google My Business profile optimization and management

With a Google My Business listing, you can showcase important information such as your address, hours of operation, and website address.

You can also add photos and provide a description of your products/services.

When all of this information is optimized for SEO, Google My Business can be an effective and free way to promote your brand on Google’s business directory and help customers find you more easily online.

The Twaino agency in Roubaix has a team of GMB optimization experts capable of effectively taking charge of the management and optimization of your company’s Google My Business listing.

Thanks to our experience in the field, we will be able to ensure that your GMB file is kept up to date and properly optimized to improve the visibility of your business in your locality and reach more customers.


⚙ On-page optimization

On-page optimization is an important SEO process that involves improving the ranking of a site or set of web pages by optimizing their content and structure. 

On-page optimization techniques include: 

  • Optimization of title and description tags
  • The strategic insertion of targeted keywords in the body of the page
  • Setting up redirects
  • Propose an SEO Friendly architecture
  • Ensure that pages are indexed by search engine robots
  • And many others.

At Twaino,our SEO experts will be able to support the optimization of your important web pages on profitable keywords to your business profile, including your home page, your product sheets or your service pages.

facteurs seo importants sur la page
Les backlinks SEO

🔗 Backlink campaign

A backlink campaign is a marketing effort to increase the number of links that point to a website from other sites. These backlinks are important because they tell search engines that a website is popular and relevant.

In SEO, it is proven that the more backlinks a website receives, the more it increases its chances of being ranked higher on search engine results pages.

As one of the best natural referencing agencies in Roubaix, we are able to analyze your backlink profile and propose suitable strategies to help you obtain quality links from reliable and high authority sites. of domain. 


💬 Managing local citations

According to a recent study, 50% of consumers use local business directories to find businesses.

So logically, when a company’s local quotes contain inconsistent or inaccurate information, it can cause them to lose potential customers.

Hence the importance of implementing a real local citation management strategy to ensure that the information provided is accurate and frequently updated.

The natural referencing agency (SEO) Twaino in Roubaix has effective tools to trace all the local directories on which your company is registered and ensure that your local citations provided are consistent and relevant.

We can also identify important directories on which you are not yet listed and do it for you.

Avis Sur Google blog

📢 Managing your online reputation

Online reputation management is important for businesses especially since88% of customers check online reviews first before purchasing a service or product from a local business.

Having more positive reviews online is an important factor that reassures new customers and encourages them to buy your products/services.

With effective strategies adapted to your business realities, the SEO agency Twaino in Roubaix can help you acquire positive opinions online.

We will also put in place a strategy to turn negative reviews into a marketing opportunity to improve the credibility and notoriety of your business in your locality. 


✍  Marketing content

Content marketing is of paramount importance in SEO since it greatly contributes to improving the visibility of a business online and generating new customers.

In addition, when you regularly produce detailed content on your website, Internet users deduce that your company has a certain authority in its field. They can then naturally trust your products or services.

Because content marketing and natural referencing are almost inseparable, the SEO agency Twaino also offers content creation services.

With competent SEO writers, we are convinced of writing quality content that will both hook your target audience and please search engines. 

Rédaction WEB SEO

How to choose the right SEO agency in Roubaix?

To help you make the right choice, here are some criteria to consider in your research: 

👴 The experience

Logically, an SEO agency with several years of experience would have the opportunity to work on most of the difficulties encountered in natural referencing. It will then be easier to solve your problems in terms of online visibility.

For several years now, the natural referencing agency Twaino has been supporting companies of all sizes and in several sectors of activity to improve their online visibility and attract new customers.


📂 The portfolio

Another important criterion to consider is the portfolio on previous work. The SEO agency must be able to present a catalog of its past achievements. This allows you to have an idea of ​​the types of projects she has had to work on and the results she has been able to obtain.At Twaino, we share case studies to transparently show the performance we’re achieving on our own and our clients’ websites.Find some of our case studies here.


📍 References

A good SEO agency should also be able to provide you with references from past clients. Being one of the best SEO agencies, our know-how and expertise have allowed us to collaborate with several clients including large companies such as OnOff, Cheerz, CLARA MORGANE STORE, LA MAISON DU MIEL, NOUS ANTI-GASPI and many others. still others.


💶 The price

The agency must offer a fair price for its services. Choose an agency that offers affordable pricing to get a better return on investment. At the same time, beware of agencies that offer prices that are too cheap. They usually use unsavory practices punishable by search engines.

At Twaino, our rates are fixed per day with a number of days planned in advance and adjustable if necessary. This way, you have a clear idea of ​​the cost of our services before you commit.


🚉 A clear and precise action plan

A competent SEO agency must be able to provide you with a simple and precise work methodology with a list of the different tasks to be carried out in a chronological logic.

Beware of agencies that aren’t transparent about their action plan for improving your SEO.

At Twaino, our SEO campaigns are divided into 3 simple steps, namely:

  • L’audit SEO
  • The phase of optimization of the existing
  • And content creation.
indicateurs de performance

📊 Measurable goals

A serious SEO agency must be realistic in its objectives and offer reliable means to measure the effectiveness of its strategy over time.

By collaborating with the SEO agency Twaino, you will periodically receive analysis reports with access to reliable analysis tools in order to monitor in time the performance that we manage to gather on your website.


These things an SEO agency should never offer you

Aserious SEO agency will never offer you: 

Guaranteed rankings : In SEO, there is no way to guarantee in advance that a website will rank in a certain position for specific keywords. Rankings can change daily and are often beyond the control of any agency, even if it is a competent agency.

At Twaino, we never guarantee results in advance to our clients, but we are confident to bring you significant improvements on your rankings and traffic.


Cheap price Quality SEO services are not cheap and should not be compared to other services such as web design or online marketing. A good SEO agency will invest the time and resources to help your website rank higher. So beware of agencies that offer prices that are too low. 


Automatic creation of backlinks – Building backlinks is an important part of SEO, but it should be done manually by experienced professionals. Purchasing links or using automated tools may result in penalties from Google. At Twaino, we use natural link building techniques to give you a better backlink profile.


Unnecessary website changes – Some agencies recommend unnecessary changes to a website in order to improve its ranking. These changes can often harm the usability and credibility of the site.


Instant results – SEO takes time and is not a silver bullet. Agencies that promise instant results are likely using “black hat” techniques that can result in penalties from Google. At Twaino, we are committed to using ethical optimization practices, in accordance with Google guidelines, in order to offer you quality SEO and free of penalties.


🥇 List of the best SEO agencies in Roubaix

SEO Agency ParisClientsDescription of AgenciesSite Web
Twaino Agence SEO LogoCheerz / Onoff / Maison du Miel / Clara MorganeTwaino is a natural referencing agency (SEO) based in Paris and which provides its services in several other cities in France, including the city of Roubaix.
The objective of the agency is to support companies of all sizes and freelancers to have better online visibility with a better conversion rate thanks only to SEO.
Indeed, unlike 360° agencies that offer all possible marketing services, the Twaino agency specializes in a single area, SEO.
This has allowed him to build a solid expertise in natural referencing and validly support several companies to improve their ranking on Google and other search engines.
Today, the Twaino agency is one of the best SEO agencies with more than 40,000 visitors per month on its website thanks ONLY to SEO.
If you also want to have better visibility on Google and attract new customers, the Twaino agency can effectively help you achieve this. 
DECATHLON, CRÉDIT MUTUEL, DRAWER, ANNE de SOLENE, BEGHIN SAYQwamplify SEO is an SEO agency expert in acquiring and optimizing traffic from search engines.
With more than 11 years of experience, the agency now has SEO experts ready to take care of the referencing of your website on search engines.
With multidisciplinary skills, Qwamplify SEO experts can help you improve the visibility of your site on Google, but also on other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo.
The agency has classic SEO skills with technical subtleties on most popular CMS (WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento, etc.).
Qwamplify SEO
VPCrazy is an SEO agency that has been offering its SEO services for more than 20 years to VSEs, startups, freelancers, e-commerce stores and large companies who share the desire to have better online visibility.
VPCrazy is also a wide range of services for a more complete marketing strategy, including the creation and integration of custom software.
For website creation needs and better online visibility in Roubaix, VPCrazy can be a good choice.
With 8 years of experience, Becom’ is an SEO agency that has had the opportunity to support several companies to improve their online visibility, especially from search engine pages.
Created in 2014, the agency now has talents in the digital world with a range of services offered such as:
Offer a clear and coherent tree structure
Optimize meta tags
Ensure good keyword density
Offer optimal markup of content
Propose an SEO optimization of images
Les ARCS PARADISKI, LEROY MERLIN STUDIO, ClubMed, Vertbaudet, LES MAISONS DU VOYAGE, BARNES, KING MARCELJloo is an SEO agency based in Nantes which offers its services in other cities in France including Roubaix. The agency wants to be different by specializing only in SEO to improve the traffic of its customers.
Among the services that you will benefit from with Jloo, you have:
l’audit SEO  
Technical SEO
L’optimisation on-page 
Writing new content optimized for SEO
Backlink campaigns

💼 What professions make up an SEO agency in Toulouse?

To meet the needs of customers, the team of an SEO agency is generally made up of several profiles, the most common of which are: 

SEO specialists 

They are experts in SEO (optimization of websites for search engines). They use a variety of techniques to improve a website’s rankings, including improving the site’s content, metadata, architecture, and backlink profile.


A web designer

CerSome SEO agencies have web designers responsible for creating websites. He uses his design skills to create websites that are both visually appealing and easy to use.

It also ensures that sites are optimized for search engines, so that they rank well on Google and other search engines.


The web editors

The role of web writers in an SEO agency is to create high quality content for websites. This content will then be optimized for SEO to help improve the site’s ranking on search engines.


👀 Your Alternatives to SEO Agencies in Roubaix

There are a few alternatives to hiring an SEO agency:

Perform SEO yourself or hire an SEO agency

It is possible to personally take care of the optimization of your site for search engines. For this, there are several free contents on the Internet (articles, videos, etc.) that can help you.

This option requires a lot of time and is probably the most difficult to achieve, not to mention all the beginner mistakes to make before improving.

On the one hand, if you do your website SEO yourself, you will save money, but on the other hand, you may not be as successful as if you hired an SEO agency. An SEO agency can help you get better results for your website with their expertise and experience in this area.


A freelance SEO consultant or an SEO agency

There are many pros and cons to hiring an SEO agency over a freelance SEO consultant:

  • Unlike an SEO consultant who has to do a bit of everything, aagency has a team of experts specialized in different fields for a more complete referencing of your site.
  • The consultant will be affordable, but the agency will have extensive SEO experience and be able to provide you with expert advice.
  • The agency will have access to the latest tools used in the SEO industry. Which may be out of reach for the SEO consultant due to the high cost of these tools
  • A consultant is often available and will therefore be able to devote all their time to your project. An agency on the other hand may not be able to devote enough time to your project due to their large client base.

Build an in-house SEO team or hire an SEO agency

There are pros and cons to hiring an SEO agency and building an in-house SEO team. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The budget : An SEO agency will probably be more affordable than building an in-house team. Moreover, the SEO agency will have more expertise and experience.
  • The resources : An in-house SEO team will require more resources (manpower, time, money) than an SEO agency, but the team will have more control over its own strategy and can implement changes faster.
  • Expertise : An SEO agency will have more expertise and experience than an in-house team, which can be useful for companies that don’t have much SEO knowledge or experience.
  • Speed ​​of implementation : An in-house team can implement changes faster than an SEO agency because they work within the company’s infrastructure.

Why choose the Twaino agency for your natural referencing in Roubaix?

A 100% SEO approach:

One of the particularities of Twaino is our 100% SEO-oriented approach. That is to say, we ONLY use natural optimization techniques to improve the ranking and traffic of our clients’ sites. No automatic creation of backlinks, no purchase of links, no advertising or any other form of paid referencing strategy.

le chapeau blanc

Optimization practices in line with Google guidelines:

Fraudulent SEO practices can have harmful consequences. This is why the SEO specialists of the SEO agency are committed to rigorously following the recommendations and restrictions of search engines in order to offer you sustainable referencing without the risk of penalties. 


Online SEO training

For those who wish to learn SEO, the Twaino agency also organizes online training in natural referencing. Our courses are available in several modules and adapted to all levels (beginners, advanced intermediate.)

Quelles sont les meilleures formations pour apprendre le SEO

Flexible rates adapted to all needs

Whether you are a service provider or a company, whether you need long-term or short-term SEO, you will find the best offer adapted to your profile at Twaino. Because all needs are not the same, we have set up a daily pricing plan, with a number of days planned in advance and adjustable if necessary. This allows you the cost of our service before you commit.


An ecological approach for a more responsible environment :

At Twaino, our vision is to help companies achieve great SEO performance while maintaining digital sobriety. For this, we do our best to offset our carbon footprint and contribute to a more responsible


❓ Frequently Asked Questions