🚀 How to choose the best SEO agency in Nantes ?

Choosing the right SEO agency that will be in charge of optimizing your website or your online store is an important step in improving your visibility and attracting new customers.

Discover in this article the factors to analyze to recognize the best SEO agency in Nantes that is really suited to your business objectives.

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If you are a company or a professional who sells his services, I probably do not teach you anything by telling you that appearing in the first Google results will considerably improve your visibility and generate new customers.

And thestatistically proven best strategy to have sustainable search engine rankings and traffic is Search Engine Optimization, often abbreviatedTHIS

Twaino is an SEO agencywhich has been supporting companies of all sizes in Nantes for several years to make themselves better known and expand their clientele.

With high-end SEO services and our knowledge of the Nantes population, we will know exactly how to develop the best approach to hook your target audience and generate conversions for you.

Google similateur Serp


A simple and transparent methodology for successful SEO campaigns

A competent SEO agency must be able to clearly explain its working methodology, even to people who are less informed in natural referencing.

At Twaino we have implemented a simple and inclusive approach that takes place in 3 main phases :

1) Audit 🩺

We systematically start all our services with an SEO audit. The work during this first stage is todiagnose your website in order to identify the problems which prevent or are likely to prevent its referencing on Google.

For this, the SEO audit will mainly take into account the analysis of the content of your pages, metadata, backlinks, targeted keywords and the technical performance of your site.It is only on the basis of the information collected at the end of the audit phase that our SEO experts will be able todevelop a tailor-made plan to improve your site’s ranking on the SERPs and increase your click-through rate.

2) Optimization 🛠

The optimization phase allows us toimplement SEO plan that was previously elaborated on your website.

Usually the work during this phase is to improve the client’s keyword research strategy, optimize their existing content, improve their backlink profile, optimize the loading speed and responsiveness of their website on mobile devices.

It is also an opportunity for us to ensure the exploration and indexing of web pages by search engines.

With these measures, we are confident that your website will see a significant improvement in its ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This will result in more clicks and higher conversion rates.

3) Content Strategy 📑

The third and final step in our work process is the SEO content strategy.

Concretely, it consists ofcreate new, high-quality content, targeted to carefully selected keywordswith the idea of ​​further improving the ranking of your site on the search engine results pages.

This provides more opportunities to gain visitors and thus further improve the visibility of your brand on the web.

This is a particularly sensitive stage during which we mobilize the best SEO writers who will be able to produce content on attractive subjects to hook your target audience and fully optimized to raise you to the top Google rankings.


🚀 What is SEO ?

Have you ever wondered what criteria Google uses to rank the websites that make up its SERPs (search results pages)?

The answer is that the engine analyzes more than 200 ranking factors before deciding on the positioning which is due to each indexed website.Natural referencing is a strategy that optimizes a site or a set of web pages on these different SEO ranking order to improve its ranking and its click-through rate on search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (1)

🎓 What is an SEO agency in Nantes ?

In general, an SEO agency is responsible for improving the visibility of a website by improving its ranking in organic search results.

For this, the SEO agency will put in place a number of steps such as optimizing the content and architecture of the site, as well as on-page elements, such as titles, meta tags and anchor text. .

The agency will also develop off-page SEO strategies, such as link building and improving social media engagement.We will speak specifically of an SEO agency in Nantes whenAll of these optimization techniques are used to improve the visibility of a company in Nantes and attract local traffic.


📞 Why use a natural referencing agency in Nantes ?

An SEO agency in Nantes knows the region better:The first reason to hire an SEO agency in Nantes is its knowledge of the region. His inherent understanding of your local audience and knowledge of the terrain are very significant assets.

An SEO agency in Nantes is closer to you:Another advantage of using an SEO agency in Nantes is the proximity relationship. It will be easier for you to organize interviews for better follow-up.


🖥️ What are the services of an SEO agency in Nantes ?

In addition to traditional natural referencing techniques, an SEO agency in Nantes must also offer services such as : 

SEO local schema local SEO

Audit SEO Local

A Local SEO audit is acomprehensive assessment of a company’s online presence in order to improve its visibility on thelocal search engines. 

Twaino is an SEO agency in Nantes which offers, among its services, an in-depth Local SEO audit which takes into account the analysis of your website, your local citations and your Google My Business listing.


Local Keyword Research 

Researching local keywords involvesfind and target geographic-specific keywords

These keywords are used to help businesses rank higher in local search results and attract more customers to their area.With our in-depth local keyword research strategy,we will be able to identify profitable geo-specific keywords for your niche and attract customers close to your location in Nantes who are looking for your services/products online.

pack local local SEO

Google My Business profile optimization and management 

A Google My Business listing is a free online directory that allows businesses to create a profile with information such as business name, address, website, hours of operation, and more.

This listing can be optimized to help the business rank well in local search results and attract more local customers.At Twaino, we have the GMB SEO experts who will know effectively manage your Google My Business profile and ensure that the information provided is complete and up-to-date and properly optimized to generate qualified local traffic for you.


On-page optimization

On-page optimization brings together SEO optimization techniquesapplicable directly on a web page in order to improve its rankingin organic search results.

For this, on-page optimization includes a number of tasks such as optimizing the contents, meta tags, structure and source code of the page as well as its usability for human users and search engines. .At Twaino, we also take care of the optimization of your important web pages on specific keywords, in particular your home page, your service pages or product sheets.

facteurs seo importants sur la page
Les Backlinks

Backlink campaign

A backlink campaign is a process of actively seeking links from other websites to your own.

The objective of a backlinks campaign is twofold:

  • Improve your SERP rankings by increasing the number of backlinks pointing to your site from reputable sources with high domain authority.
  • Increase your site traffic by redirecting visitors from other websites to your site.

As one of the best SEO agencies in Nantes, we are used to implementing effective strategies adapted to your business profile to help you gain quality backlinks.


Managing local citations

A local citation is a mention of your business on a website that is not yours. Local citations are important for SEO because they help improve your local search rankings.

When people search for businesses in a specific region, businesses with the most local citations are more likely to show up in the results.

At Twaino, we have effective local citation management tools to help you create and maintain citations that are relevant to your business.

les signaux de citation locale local SEO
Avis client Google

Managing your online reputation

Statistically,88% of consumers check online reviews before purchasing services/products from a local business

Ideally, your business should start collecting reviews online. By having a large number of positive reviews, potential customers will be more likely to trust your business and consider purchasing your services.

With the Twaino SEO agency in Nantes, you can be reassured that your brand image will be well preserved.We will also know develop strategies for acquiring online reviews and transform them into a marketing opportunity to improve the credibility and notoriety of your company in Nantes.


Content writing

Creating content on your website has several SEO benefits.

First, when you add new content, you provide your site with fresh and new content, which can help it rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Additionally, by creating high-quality content, you can drive more visitors to your site, which can help increase your traffic and leads.

Because SEO and web writing are two strategies that go hand in hand, the SEO agency in Nantes also offers web writing services. We have qualified writers with the skills to produce quality content that is fully optimized for SEO.

la redaction web

🤔 How to choose the right SEO agency in Nantes ?

To recognize the best SEO agency, here are some criteria to consider :

A good reputation 

The reputation of an SEO agency is an important factor to consider.

You need to make sure that you are working with a team of SEOs who know what they are doing and can actually help your website rank higher in search engines.

For this you can already analyze how your potential SEO agency is positioned in search results. You can also do agency reputation research like asking friends or colleagues for example.


Better customer reviews online

Take the time toread customer testimonials online before hiring an SEO agency. You can go so far as to contact one of his clients in order tocollect their feedback. 

This will give you an idea of ​​the quality of service provided by the agency as well as the success rate of its campaigns in the past.


References of the SEO agency

An SEO agency that is often called upon by companies is better able to solve common SEO problems.

Logically, it is more inclined to effectively support the SEO of your website.

Moreover,a competent SEO agency will always be proud to brandish your client list with whom she had the opportunity to collaborate.

If an SEO agency is hesitant to briefly present to you the results it has managed to obtain on some of its clients, you should be wary of it.


A clear and precise methodology 

Your SEO agency must be able toprovide a clear roadmap which clearly presents the main lines of his performance in a chronological approach.

Beware of SEO agencies that simulate incomprehensible and overly technical language in an attempt not to clearly present their action plan.


Measurable goals

The SEO agency also owes youset realistic and measurable goals over time

One of the major advantages of natural referencing is the possibility of quantifying the performance of a referenced website.At Twaino,we periodically present analysis reports to our clients so that they can easily track the results we manage to achieve on their website.

Mesure des performances d un site web grace a un audit SEO

A good experience in the world of natural referencing

Consider the seniority of the SEO agency. The older she is, the more experience she has.

Also look at their past results. Have they been able to help their clients achieve better search engine rankings? This is a good indication of their ability to help you as well.

Twaino has been supporting companies of all sizes for several years to improve their ranking and traffic from search engine pages. You can visit our page “SEO RESULTS” to discover case studies, with supporting captures, of some of our consenting customers.


The pricing structure

As an entrepreneur, it is understandable that you lean towards the offer that promises the best return on investment.

However, beware of SEO agencies that are too cheap. They usually offer poor quality services and can hurt your website rankings.


What an SEO agency should never offer

In the SEO industry, everyone prides themselves on being “the best SEO agency”. Here are some elements that can help you distinguish a serious SEO agency from an agency that promises mountains and wonders : 

Guaranteed SEO services 

A trustworthy SEO agency will never promise you results guarantees in advance

No serious agency can guarantee you, for example, in advance to be ranked on the first page of Google on a specific number of keywords after an exact number of days.

Never engage with an SEO agency that makes such completely unrealizable promises.At Twaino, we don’t promise SEO guarantees. But with our experience and expertise in the field, we are convinced to reap significant results on your ranking on Google and the traffic of your website.


Black Hat SEO optimization techniques

A black hat SEO technique involves artificially inflating a website’s position in search engine results pages (SERPs) by employing unethical techniques.

These techniques can lead to an apparent increase in site traffic before leading to severe penalties from Google and other search engines.

Here are some examples of black hat SEO techniques:

  • Buying hundreds of backlinks from unreliable sources not relevant to your industry
  • Spamming the comment areas of discussion forums that are unrelated to your industry
  • Use tools that automatically create pages that are irrelevant to users
  • Le content spinning 
  • Creation of a quantity of content that offers no added value to readers for the sole purpose of inserting keywords

If an SEO agency offers the use of one of these techniques, you should avoid it. At Twaino, we are committed to using ethical optimization techniques in accordance with search engine guidelines in order to offer you long-lasting and sanction-free referencing.

seo white hat vs seo black hat

🥇 List of the best SEO agencies in Nantes

SEO agency ParisClientsDescription of AgenciesSite Web
Twaino Agence SEO LogoCheerz / Nous Anti-Gaspi / Onoff / Maison du Miel / Clara MorganeTwaino is an SEO agency in France that provides comprehensive and high quality SEO services.
The agency was based in Paris, but is also present in other cities in France, including Nantes.
For several years, she has been helping SMEs and VSEs to obtain better online visibility and find new customers.
The agency wants to be different from the others by offering a 100% SEO oriented referencing service. That is to say that Twaino uses ONLY natural optimization techniques to improve the referencing of the sites for which it is responsible.
The agency’s approach is to help businesses achieve sustainable traffic and rankings over time, without investing a penny in advertising or buying backlinks or any other paid marketing strategy.
To prove all this, the agency transparently shares the SEO results it manages to obtain on its own website which currently has more than 40,000 visitors per month thanks to SEO alone.
Radio France / Dassault Aviation / KiabiBased in Nantes, SeoMix is ​​an agency specializing in classic SEO and expert in WordPress SEO.
The agency also offers its services in other cities in France and around the world. The main objective of SeoMix is ​​to create tailor-made SEO plans adapted to each client.
To achieve this, the agency offers the following services in Nantes: SEO audit, SEO strategy, website creation, SEO and WordPress training.
Noiise LogoJanis Joplin / Polo & Pan / Billy Joel / Vanessa Paradis / Freddie Mercury / Aretha FranklinNoiise is an SEO agency born from the merger of two firms. Launched in 2009, the agency offers personalized services adapted to the specific needs of companies, whatever their size or sector of activity.
For this, the SEO services offered by the agency include a complete analysis of the sector of activity and competitors, as well as an SEO audit. This identifies areas for improvement to increase your traffic and conversions.
Noiise also offers paid search, content marketing, web analytics and web design services. The agency also offers social media management services to help businesses promote their brand and connect with their customers.
MONEYLINE, LCL, CHAZELLES, is a French agency created in 1999 which has specialists in various disciplines.
But the specialty of the agency is above all to help companies’ websites to better position themselves on search engines. offers its clients a classic SEO strategy, as well as international SEO services to help companies expand their customer base by gaining visibility in foreign markets.
It also offers local SEO services to promote local businesses to attract customers located near their location who are looking for their products/services. is also a Google Ads agency certified Google Partner Premier, as well as other certifications such as QASEO, CESEO, Google Analytics and Voltaire Certificate.
Cybercite logoPAYS DE LA FOIRE, Nantes Métropole, K – LINECyberCité is one of the best Google Marketing Platform certified agencies in France. It has a competent team of certified Google Ads & Google Analytics consultants.
Since 2007, the agency has been helping many local businesses in Nantes and the surrounding area to get more customers through natural referencing (SEO) and Google Ads strategies.

💼 What professions make up an SEO Agency in Nantes ?

To meet the needs of customers, the team of an SEO agency is generally made up of several profiles, the most common of which are : 

👩‍💼 The SEO project manager

The SEO project manager is responsible for coordinating all activities related to an SEO campaign.

He works with clients, team members and where possible third party service providers to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

It also monitors campaign performance and makes any necessary changes along the way.


👨‍🏫 SEO consultants

Within an SEO agency, the role of the SEO consultant is diversified. It can, among other things:

  • Develop and execute SEO strategies
  • Analyze and report on the traffic and ranking on the SERPs of the website for which he is responsible
  • Identify and address areas for website improvement
  • Provide recommendations to improve website content and architecture
  • Collaborate with other team members to ensure the effectiveness of SEO efforts
  • And many others

👨‍✈️ The Community Manager 

A community manager in an SEO agency is responsible for developing and managing relationships with online communities, such as forums, blogs and social networks.

He also works to increase the visibility and credibility of the agency by participating in discussions and providing valuable content.


📝 SEO Web Writer 

An SEO writer writes content that is search engine friendly and appealing to the reader.

He works with teams of experts to develop strategies to drive traffic to websites and then creates content that will achieve those goals.


📐 The graphic designer

The role of a graphic designer in an SEO agency is to create visually appealing graphics that will be used in marketing campaigns.

He works with clients and team members to come up with concepts and designs that will help improve the visibility and performance of their website.


💻 The web developer

A web developer in an SEO agency also helps improve the visibility and organic search traffic of a website.

To do this, he will in particular ensure that the websites present clean source code and comply with web development conventions.

The developer can also collaborate with the SEO agency’s referrers in order to correctly implement certain on-page optimization tasks that require manipulating the source code.

The presence of a developer is also necessary during the website redesign phases to have a website that shows good health from a technical point of view.


📈 The traffic manager

A traffic manager monitors and analyzes website traffic to identify potential areas that need improvement.

He also works with clients to develop and implement effective marketing campaigns that drive traffic to their websites.


🔷 UX/UI designer

The responsibilities of a UX/UI designer in an SEO agency can vary, but in general, they are responsible for designing and optimizing web pages and interfaces to improve user experience and drive conversions.

They may also be involved in creating wireframes, flowcharts, and prototypes to help clients visualize the desired look and functionality of a website or application.


👀 Your Alternatives to SEO Agencies in Nantes 

Apart from hiring an SEO agency, you also have other alternatives to entrust the SEO of your website, namely : 

👨 Hire a Freelance SEO Consultant

Basically, an SEO agency will have more resources and staff than a freelance consultant. Which can be useful if you need a lot of help with your SEO strategy.

However, an SEO agency can be more expensive than a freelance SEO consultant.

The latter can be a good option if you want someone to help you with specific tasks or want someone to teach you how to do SEO yourself.

Consultants are often more affordable than agencies, and they can be a great way to get started with SEO.


👨‍💻 Internal Recruitment

There are pros and cons to hiring an SEO agency and building an in-house SEO team. Here are some factors to consider:

Hire a SEO agency:

The cost: An SEO agency will usually charge a monthly fee, which can be high depending on the size of your business and the scope of services you require.

Expertise : An SEO agency has experienced professionals who know how to optimize your website for search engines.

Benefit from the latest trends in terms of optimization techniques: An SEO agency is in competition with other agencies, so it must be on the lookout for the latest techniques in the SEO industry in order to stay in the race.


Creation of an internal SEO team :

A better understanding of your website: An in-house SEO team already knows your website and how it works, which can help them better optimize it for search engines.

Better control over staff : You will have more control over an in-house SEO team than an SEO agency, which can be important if you want to make specific changes to your website optimization strategy.

Relatively more expensive : Building an in-house SEO team can cost you more because team members need to be paid full-time. Sometimes you can even pay extra for them to get trained.

A staff entirely at your expense : SEO includes several components (on-page, writing, backlinks campaign, technical seo, social media, etc.). It is not obvious that a single person combines all these skills. You must therefore hire more staff in your site before obtaining a quality and complete SEO.

Liability in the event of poor results : Unlike an in-house SEO team, an SEO agency will always be necessary to achieve the objectives set for fear of losing you as a client.

The deadline : Because it has to start from scratch, an in-house SEO team will need more time to get the first results. An SEO agency, on the other hand, has a methodology that already works that it can easily adapt to your business profile and obtain results much faster.


Why choose the Twaino agency for your natural referencing in Nantes ?

A 100% SEO oriented agency: At Twaino, we have decided to focus our efforts and resources on what we know how to do best: SEO. This allows us to remain more efficient and offer quality SEO to our customers.

White Hat SEO strategies in line with Google recommendations : Aware of the negative consequences of fraudulent SEO techniques, the SEO experts of the Twaino agency are committed to respecting Google’s guidelines in order to offer you sustainable traffic and protected from penalties.


SEO training for inclusive collaboration: Because it is about your project and your website, we have initiated SEO training sessions to help you get your hands dirty and continue to maintain your site even at the end of our campaign.

Flexible pricing adapted to all needs: Because all businesses, big and small, deserve quality SEO services, at Twaino we offer a fixed daily rate, with a number of days planned in advance and adjustable when needed. Therefore, things are clear, which allows the client to project themselves.

Twaino is also an ecological vision for a healthier SEO performance: At Twaino, we are convinced that it is possible to obtain great SEO performance while maintaining digital sobriety. This is why we use and recommend green servers for a more responsible environment.


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