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SEO Agency Montpellier

🚀 How to choose the best SEO agency in Montpellier ?

The difference between a traffic boom on your website and a drop in Google rankings comes down to the choice of your SEO agency. Here is how to choose the SEO agency capable of developing the visibility of your site.

Let’s discuss your project if you need an SEO Consultant. 👨‍💻

On the first page of Google, there are only 10 places and the sites that appear win the gold medal. The proof, nearly 92% of Internet users do not venture beyond this page. And there is only SEO that will allow you to earn a place on this precious page.

A dedicated SEO agency like Twaino puts its expertise at your disposal for the ranking of your site and the generation of qualified traffic.

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An inclusive and global approach for interactive and productive SEO campaigns

At Twaino, customer involvement in an SEO campaign is systematic. This is why we maintain a constructive campaign with our customers in three stages :

1) Keyword research and strategy 🔍

Before any SEO campaign, our agency conducts keyword research and the development of a strategy. This allows us to develop a clear roadmap for success.

2) Implementation of SEO strategy 🛠

At this stage, our specialists make the necessary technical and on-page changes to your site to optimize its performance in order to help it climb to the top of Google rankings.

3) Reports and tests

After the configurations are implemented, we test the tactics used for several months with the aim of making adjustments. Every month we also produce reports that include traffic data as well as keyword positions.


🚀What is SEO ?

The first reflex of Internet users when they need a product is to search online, precisely on search engines.

It is therefore more than necessary that your site is sufficiently well ranked for Internet users to discover it.

This is also why44 % of companies are now integrating search engine optimization into their marketing strategy.

And get this, 48% of brands say SEO gives them the best overall ROI.

These figures only give a small glimpse of the interest of natural referencing for any company that wishes to develop its activities.

It is therefore nothing thatset of tactics aimed at improving the ranking of a site in search results in order to obtain organic traffic.

In a context where everyone is turning to search engines, companies have no choice but to seek to develop on the web and capture valuable traffic.


🎓 What is an SEO agency in Montpellier ?


An SEO company aims to improve your visibility in search engines by taking into account the realities of the sector in Montpellier so that your company can capture more organic traffic.

A Montpellier natural referencing agency supports the prpresence of your site online through various tasks like keyword research, link building, content writing, etc.


📞 What is the point of requesting a natural referencing company in Montpellier ?

To get information about a company around them, 97% of consumers instinctively go to the Internet. Thus, there are thousands of Internet users in Montpellier to search for companies like yours on Google every day.

This is why to be listed among the best companies offered by the search engine, it is essential to use an agency.SEO as a lever to optimize your site for local SEO.

Being located in Montpellier, on the same territory as your company, the agency is likely to understand your realities more quickly and you will find it easier to make physical meetings because of the proximity.


🖥️ What are the services of a Montpellier SEO agency ?

After the SEO audit, the SEO services of an agency in Montpellier include :


⚙ 1. On-Page Optimization 

There are things on your site that can help you move up the rankings and drive traffic.

An SEO company re-evaluates your website and current SEO campaigns, including your metadata, title tags, and internal linking. She implements keyword optimization and content updates to ensure your site meets the latest SEO standards.


✔ 2. Local SEO

This service improves your visibility and credibility within the local community, especially since46 % of all Google searches are for local information. The local SEO strategy includes market research, local citations, geo-targeted keyword optimization and content.

Les consommateurs locaux
Referencement Technique

🔗 3. Technical SEO

This service includes the technical maintenance and repair of the site to ensure that it is adapted to the requirements of loading speeds, sitemaps, Featured Snippets, user experience, etc. It’s about quickly identifying backend errors and other technical issues that are preventing a site from ranking in order to fix them.


🤔 How to choose the right SEO agency in Montpellier ?

If choosing a referral agencyFull-service nancing is no easy feat, finding the one that’s right for you is even harder.

I suggest you discover 4 criteria for choosing an SEO agency that can really help your business take off thanks to better positioning.

👴 The experience of SEO consultants

Like any other business, how your partner achieves results elsewhere can determine the future of your collaboration. As a general rule, the more years of experience the SEO consultants of an agency have, the more they are able to help you achieve SEO success in Montpellier and in your sector. So make sure an SEO company has a Senior SEO Consultant before you engage with them so you won’t be surprised what happens next.


💰 SEO agency in Montpellier: What price to expect ?

The prices of SEO agencies in Montpellier are variable and it would be difficult to estimate it. They vary according to the services of the agency, the workload, etc.

For the same service, the prices may vary according to the agencies. To know for sure how much the services of an SEO agency will cost, it is best to request a quote from those you have targeted.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦The References of the Montpellier Agency

Finding genuine referrals also matters to know if the SEO company is the right one. The one with more referrals will be more likely to help you with SEO issues.

But this information can be difficult to find online. Note that you should focus on agencies that show their credentials.


💝 An SEO strategy that aligns with your local realities in Montpellier

SEO strategies that allow a company to climb to the top of search results in Montreal may no longer work when it outsources to Montpellier or Paris.

The fact is that each city has its own realities, its history and its inhabitants follow different patterns. That said, an SEO agency must build a strategy specific to its clients and commit to helping local Montpellier businesses get more traffic and more sales.


🥇 List of the best SEO agencies in Montpellier

SEO agency ParisClientsDescription of AgenciesSite Web
Twaino Agence SEO LogoCheerz / Onoff / Maison du Miel / Clara MorganeTwaino is a reputable SEO agency, based in Montpellier and Paris, which provides a set of complete SEO solutions to local businesses.
She uses the three pillars approach, namely, technical SEO, content creation and backlink building to set up exceptional SEO campaigns to help her clients dominate their markets.
Twaino collaborates with clients with great transparency and puts the concerns of its clients at the heart of its strategies. It also uses ethical and proven methodologies to increase traffic to its clients’ websites.
In addition, Twaino works with companies from various sectors and professionals such as law firms.
Avril / tbs Business School / Celu d’Evy L’atelier / Nideco / WarmangoThis Montpellier SEO agency helps improve website traffic and boost sales for local businesses in Montpellier. It offers its customers a free pre-audit, a tailor-made quote and support to help them boost their online visibility.
Its services are also based on the three-pillar approach and cover:
E-commerce ;
On-page and off-page SEO;
Local SEO;
SEO Monkey uses on-page SEO techniques to help you consider possible ranking factors for keyword searches. With Local SEO, it allows you to build relationships with your nearby customers and increase foot traffic.
SEO Monkey
SANMARINA / COMPARADISE / GSE / Ax’eauCreated in 2017, Digimood is an SEO company that promises to maximize the visibility of its customers not only in Montpellier, but everywhere else in France.
She provides personalized web and marketing solutions to companies of different sizes in Montpellier, including SEO, SEA and SMA. Its SEO services cover:
Auditing your site;
Optimization of your content;
Acquisition of links;
Project management and monitoring.
Digimood also helps you launch Google ads campaigns and advertisements on social networks to obtain paid visibility.
Digimood / Soyons élégantes / /Mr Smith / Amoseeds /LA CREME DU CBDPaul Vengeons is located in Montpellier where she offers her SEO services. She specializes in helping businesses improve their online visibility through innovative SEO solutions.
She helps small businesses improve their search engine rankings and gain more organic traffic.
Paul Vengeons offers a full range of SEO services ranging from netlinking, content management, local SEO and keyword placement.
Paul Vengeons is a digital marketing agency that works with clients in Montpellier. Its specialists have years of experience in on-page and off-page as well as technical SEO.
This agency offers personalized support including an in-depth audit, optimized content and backlinking campaigns.
With its services, can give a boost to your online visibility so that you can effectively capture traffic from search engines.
Les Marketing is an SEO agency that operates from Montpellier and aims to help its clients make their way to the first place in the SERPs and make more sales.
She collaborates with her clients to develop personalized SEO solutions that significantly improve their positioning and attract more traffic on the NET.
Its SEO services include keyword analysis, content creation, link building, responsive website design and localized SEO.
Les Marketing

💼 What professions make up an SEO agency in Montpellier ?

As the agencies are intended to work with a fairly large clientele, they often include many profiles that contribute to the rise of your site on Google.

👩‍🎓 SEO Content Creators (or Web Writers)

Content being king, they write texts using keywords to improve the position of a site on the various search engines.

They have skills to produce optimized, original and conversational texts. They earn on average 1800 to 2500 € per year.


👩‍💼  SEO Account Managers

This profile oversees the strategy and operations related to the SEO of one or more clients. He ensures the clientele and serves as a liaison between the clients for whom he is responsible and the technical teams who take care of their projects. With a minimum of 3 years of experience, this profile has a salary between 1700 and 2900 €.


👨‍🏫 SEO Analysts

Much like SEO strategists and SEO consultants, they analyze the performance data of the websites for which they are responsible. They then implement the latest SEO practices and ensure that these sites are user-friendly to rank in the top results. These professionals earn an average of €2,750.


👨‍✈️ The SEO Director

He leads the different teams to bring his clients to the top of the SERPs. In addition to coordinating all the different SEO strategies and campaigns, he ensures that clients obtain tailor-made support. This profile has at least 10 years of experience and earns around €5,000.


👀 Your Alternatives to SEO Agencies in Montpellier 

There are alternatives as effective as Montpellier SEO agencies that can also help you achieve your optimization goals.

👨 The Freelance SEO Consultant

The advantage of an SEO consultant is to get almost the same services at more affordable rates. They are also more flexible and suitable for companies that need SEO services on an ad hoc basis.


👨‍💻 Internal Recruitment

If you have regular optimization needs, hiring an in-house SEO will be particularly helpful. It will also take care of your various online marketing campaigns and the conversion rate.


Why choose the Twaino agency for the referencing of your natural website in Montpellier ?

Twaino: natural referencing, a specialty, a passion

Twaino: natural referencing, a specialty, a passion

At Twaino, SEO is a passion and our agency does exclusively natural referencing. In other words, Search Engine Optimization is our specialty and we help Montpellier companies to develop their visibility on the internet organically.

When you use our services, you can expect unparalleled expertise and tailor-made actions to transform your growth in the best possible way.

As we are a leading agency and 100% SEO, we are more likely to understand what your site needs to take off and boost your sales.

And our customers are so precious to us that it is a whole team of experts who bring their know-how to your project so that your site occupies the place it deserves in the SERPs.

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White Hat SEO strategies in line with recommendations from Google and other search engines

Admittedly, getting a site to the top of search results takes time, a healthy dose of creativity, and careful planning.

Twaino is part of a sustainable approach and our SEO specialists take all the time necessary to design ethical strategies that respect the rules and policies of search engines.

In other words, we work to achieve lasting results and to protect your site from any penalty.


Understand SEO to get your hands dirty and track your site’s progress

The success of our clients is important to us and we will not be able to achieve our common objectives without their active participation.

With this in mind, we make it a point of honor to simplify SEO concepts through entertaining training.

These resources are intended to help our dear customers understand the strategies we implement on their sites, but also to launch, on their own initiative, SEO campaigns and successfully complete them.

Galerie SEO Twaino blog
L ecologie

Twaino is also an ecological vision for a healthier SEO performance

Environmental protection is a common enterprise and everyone must contribute. At Twaino, we have multiple ways to contribute.

As a reputable SEO agency, we are committed to respecting environmental standards and reducing our carbon footprint on nature. The goal is to provide our clients with exceptional SEO services, without these services being a burden on the planet.

This is why we are implementing strategies to reduce energy consumption. Indeed, the more your site performs and loads faster, users use less energy.

We also use green servers and renewable energy. And that’s not all ! Our SEO specialists often plant trees to contribute to the noble fight against global warming.


Twaino: A transparent methodology and quantified monitoring

Each client at Twaino is a partner with whom we build our relationship based on trust and transparency.

We think it’s essential that every client can see the changes we’re making to their site and the status of their project. This is why we have an open and honest approach with all our clients.

Our SEO Consultants send you a periodic report detailing the changes made to your site, as well as any new performance data.

And don’t worry! You will have access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console from your home to verify the validity of these reports in real time. So you can rightly appreciate the success of our strategies from your home.

Twaino image

Twaino: A local SEO agency in the city of Montpellier that understands your realities

Our SEO agency is located in Montpellier and other cities in France. She seeks to support all companies, whether small, medium or large in their SEO projects.

Twaino is a local SEO agency in Montpellier that is likely to better understand your market and local realities to provide you with tailored services accordingly so that your business continues to grow rapidly.

  • What should be learned from your competitive environment in Montpellier?
  • What are your competitors doing to gain more market share in Montpellier?
  • What tactics to put in place to stand out and have more authority in your sector in Montpellier ?

Twaino SEO Agency: A local SEO to increase its visibility in Montpellier

Montpellier is hidden in the mountains of southern France, bordered by the Cevennes and Haut-Languedoc ranges.

If you are looking for a nice getaway by the sea, go to Palavas-les-Flots or La Grande-Motte, both located less than 20 km from the Mediterranean coast.

The beauty of La surdouée is fully expressed in its perched villages, its gorges along the river, its hiking trails through the Pic Saint-Loup or the foothills of the Cévennes.

This wonder of nature has a generous climate with the presence of the sun almost 10 months a year!

You have understood, Montpellier is a city where life is good and economic activity is in full swing. If you wish to develop your activities there, Montpellier is full of opportunities and therefore attracts as many entrepreneurs as motivated as you.

Your creativity will not be enough, therefore, you absolutely need to climb to the top of Google results to develop your business and become the leader in your sector.

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The Badge: Applying best practices for successful on-page optimization

Écusson is the historic center of Montpellier with the vast majority of the city’s bars and restaurants. This neighborhood has a lot to offer, from quaint shops to bustling streets.

L’Écusson is an essentially pedestrian district, where you can stroll and visit, for example, Saint-Pierre Cathedral. It has other potentialities such as the jovial Musée Fabre and the Opéra Comédie.

That said, you can develop on-page SEO tactics to highlight your brand in this neighborhood. The modus operandi is to format your site in such a way as to reach your audience at the Crest, take advantage of the traffic that this upscale neighborhood gets.

To make your website competitive and hard to beat in Montpellier, our SEO specialists take the time to optimize all its aspects, whether they are URLs, meta and title tags, Alt text.


Port-Marianne: Use Off-Page SEO to Increase Your Online Awareness

Port-Marienne is a rapidly expanding district in which more than 2,500 homes are built every year to accommodate more families and businesses. It is a recent district that stands out for its architecture, as it hosts ultra-modern and futuristic buildings.

An agency specialized 100% in natural referencing can help you extend your influence in this district with strong economic and real estate potential. With Twaino, you can benefit from the best ethical off-page SEO practices to become popular in your niche in and across Port-Maraine.

For example, we build quality links to your site to allow the search engine to better evaluate it to rank it correctly. The more authority your site acquires online, the more influence your company will have in Montpellier and Port-Marianne. And when you gain influence in your industry, you will naturally make more sales.

Les classiques du SEO off page
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Mont-Boron: Analyze the competition to exploit its weaknesses

Although the Beaux-Arts district shares certain similarities with the Écusson district, it has its own identity. Similar to a peaceful village, this district is home to the famous Place des Beaux Arts and the most charming market in Montpellier.

The School of Fine Arts provides the opportunity for people to experience various art forms, such as contemporary sculptures and paintings. Videos and performances are also regularly presented.

The Beaux-Arts district is home to many businesses, including travel agencies, hairdressers, brasseries, a hammam, restaurants, caterers and general food stores.

To develop your business in this Beaux-Arts district or any other district of Montpellier, you need to do an analysis to find out who your competitors are online and offline.

Twaino supports you in this process and constantly evaluates your competitors to take advantage of their weakness and find other opportunities. It is an approach that allows us to create competitive strategies for our clients so that they become leaders in their sector in Montpellier.


Boutonnet: Use local keywords to rank for “near me” searches

Boutonnet is a neighborhood with a student atmosphere in which visitors love to walk. Walks, shopping, good meals, dancing evenings… these are all things for which Boutonnet is a favorite place.

Mainly in rue du FaubourgBoutonnet, you can enjoy the culinary delights of Montpellier, whether it is a simple coffee, tasty pastries and gourmet meals.

Diversity, respect, calm, green spaces… Boutonnet is also a district very well served by transport and which is only a stone’s throw from the city centre.

In such a lovely neighborhood, the best you can do to grow your business is to target local keywords to show up in the results when people search “near me”.

Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on a lot of traffic ready to go to the store, because 80% of users turn to search engines to find local information.

With local keywords, meaning terms that contain location-specific phrases, Twaino can help direct people in your area to your business.

It is an SEO strategy that has already proven itself and together with your company, we can measure to what extent it can boost your business in Montpellier.

At Twaino, we use appropriate tools to find those keywords that are in local search in your area.

Thus, we can highlight the quality of your business or your online sales site for these terms in Montpellier in order to generate relevant traffic that you can convert without additional effort.

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Aiguelongue: Offer a solid user experience to improve your conversion rate

Aiguelongue is a peaceful and picturesque district in Montpellier which is located near the Domaine de Méric. It has large green spaces, including a park and the banks of the Lez, which makes it an ideal place for beautiful walks or picnics.

Considered the green lung of Montpellier, this upscale district is located between the city center and the most visited tourist spots in Montpellier.

From a SEO point of view, it is a boon for all companies that settle in Montpellier because of the thousands who pass through this district on a daily basis. To take full advantage of it, you need to offer an exceptional UX so that search engines can put you forward.

Twaino helps you optimize the main UX signals that algorithms are looking for on your site, namely, a simple, user-friendly and clean site.

With our collaboration, it will be a question of optimizing the mobile accessibility of your site, offering quality content, making loading times faster and judiciously placing outgoing and internal links.

Our actions will also consist in making your site mobile-friendly so that it offers a better UX on the mobile version of your website.

From then on, Internet users will want to spend more time on your pages, which is a good signal to gain rankings. As a result, you will have more visitors and potentially buyers.


Les Arceaux: Align your SEO and content strategy with search intent to sell faster

Les Arceaux is one of the historic districts of the city and it is a real haven of peace, as it remains away from the tourists who flock to Montpellier during the summer despite being near the city center.

We find in this district the admirable Saint-Clément aqueduct built in the 18th century as well as small shops set up here and there.

The dream of any entrepreneur working in this district of Les Arceaux and its surroundings is to attract buyers from the web. This is still possible if you know how to take SEO. For example, our experts recommend that our clients satisfy transactional search intentions.

Indeed, Internet users who are about to buy a product, find the address of a store or compare prices make transactional search queries (which are related to purchases).

This type of query is so valuable that no entrepreneur developing their online presence can live without it. It can lead directly to a sale, with the user already at a more advanced stage of the process.

Twaino, this 100% SEO agency knows how to set up winning strategies that allow you to rank your site for these transactional requests.

By using our expertise, you are therefore choosing to rank your site well for transactional search terms to attract searchers who are about to buy.

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Saint-Roch: Use content to retain your audience 

Saint-Roch is located in the center of Montpellier, bordered by the streets Saint Guilhem, the boulevard du Jeu de Paume, and the Grand’Rue Jean Moulin.

If this district is friendly, it is sometimes very lively due to its proximity to some very popular relaxation areas in Montpellier. With a festive atmosphere throughout the year, Saint-Roch is home to shops that are worth a visit.

Twaino helps you leverage the full potential of this beautiful neighborhood by building audience loyalty with the creation and frequent posting of quality content. Today, SEOs agree that the amount of content on your site can help its rankings.

Since quantity and quality should go hand in hand in SEO, our SEO agency sees content creation as an ongoing process.

Our professional writers produce quality content for you at regular intervals to attract a loyal audience to your site and show search engines that you offer fresh and relevant content.


The Comedy: Optimize your images to drive traffic from image-related searches

This district takes its name from La Place de la Comédie, an emblematic and very popular place in Montpellier. This square also hosts the Fountain of the Three Graces. At its northeast end is also the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle.

This typically French district is in full redevelopment through a gigantic greening project of the Place de la Comédie.

These works certainly attract the curiosity of Internet users who do not hesitate to search for images about this rapidly changing district. The good news is that your establishment can improve its visibility for image SERPs.

An SEO consultant can help you provide textual data on your images since Bing and Google don’t always understand the content of an image. The Consultants of our SEO company take this strategy a step further and optimize your Alt tags, file names, captions, image URLs, etc.

We also optimize the size and format of your images so that users manage to load them faster.

Image SEO

Twaino, the SEO agency in Montpellier, craftsman of the development of your business

🩺 Treat yourself to a free audit thanks to our SEO agency in Montpellier

If natural referencing is essential in this 21st century, embarking on search engine optimization can seem unbearable because of the many ranking factors.

Google is also constantly improving its algorithm, and sites that gain traction may suddenly see their rankings drop. Added to this is the fact that your competitors are always looking to get ahead.

Faced with all this, you must take adequate measures. You must use a reference SEO agency like Twaino to intensify your presence in search engines.

Our agency has got used to it and also offers its customers in Montpellier a FREE audit. This is an action that allows our experts to diagnose the weak points of your site to maximize its performance.

Audit SEO

Why natural referencing in Montpellier ?

Montpellier is a city whose population has been experiencing double-digit growth for almost ten years.

With its particularly mild climate, its proximity to the big blue and its central location between Spain and Europe, Montpellier is one of the most dynamic cities in France. Its economic fabric based on large employers and young shoots combining innovation makes it an attractive place for new businesses.

And since many Montpellier residents use search engines to research products and services online, SEO is the best marketing strategy you can invest in.

Search engine visibility allows you to stay ahead of the game and stand out from the crowd. When it is thought out in a sustainable way, you will be able to sustainably develop the growth of your company as well as its notoriety.