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Angoulême SEO Agency

How to choose the best SEO agency in Angoulême?

Looking for ways to expand your business and generate more customers in Angouleme? Our team of SEO specialists is ready to help you get there by improving your brand’s visibility on Google.

Let’s discuss your project if you need an SEO Consultant. 👨‍💻



📜 Our approach to improve the referencing of your brand in Angoulême

One of the hallmarks of a competent SEO agency is their ability to clearly explain their SEO methodology. At Twaino, this methodology is based on 3 simple and inclusive phases:

1) Audit SEO 🩺

The SEO audit remains the first step in our campaigns. They allow us to identify and remove any obstacles to your visibility on Google or other search engines. With this first step, we lay the foundation for successful optimization that will help you attract more customers online.

2) Optimization 🛠

The second step is to execute an elaborate SEO strategy based on the information collected during the audit phase. The goal is to boost the performance of your website and the quality of existing content so that it reaches the first page of Google – and other search engines. Your site will then be visible to a greater number of people.

3) Content Strategy📑

Content marketing is the last step in our work methodology. It consists of creating new, remarkable and SEO-optimized content around carefully chosen keywords. The goal is to give your website more visibility on Google and increase lead generation – allowing you to stand out from your competitors.


🚀 What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of strategies used to optimize a website so that it ranks higher in organic (non-paying) search engine results. Clearly, SEO is used to improve the visibility and relevance of websites, which helps attract more customers on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing…


✨Why is natural referencing (SEO) important for a company?

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With over 252,000 sitesweb created every day, it’s no surprise that the competition on Google has become incredibly competitive in almost every industry. Which makes SEO almost essential for any business that wants to thrive these days.

With statistics published every year, SEO remains the most reliable marketing method to obtain a lasting presence on search engines. This is the best way to make your site visible to thousands of Internet users who can potentially bring you sales.


🎓 What is an SEO agency in Angoulême?

An SEO agency in Angouleme is responsible for helping businesses increase their visibility, rankings, and search engine traffic. By applying its know-how and appropriate strategies such as SEO auditing, keyword research, content creation, netlinking and more, an SEO agency in Angoulême can help you achieve your business goals.

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📞 Why use a local SEO agency in Angoulême?

Hiring an SEO agency is beneficial for your business on several points:

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Get better on local search engines

To improve the visibility of a website in a specific region, local agencies are best qualified. By targeting the right geolocated keywords and applying the most relevant strategies for your business profile, a local SEO agency can better improve the visibility of your brand in your area in Angouleme.


Have a better knowledge of the local market

By choosing a local agency based in Angoulême, there is a better chance that they understand the intricacies of the culture and the inherent needs of your target audience. This knowledge is necessary to create tailored strategies that will truly engage and captivate potential clients – something a remote agency might struggle to achieve.

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Benefit from a more profitable strategy

Using a local SEO agency is often more financially advantageous than choosing a remote agency. They generally offer the best rates and have better expertise in Local SEO, which is a considerable asset.


🔍 Benefit from a better proximity for a better follow-up

Another advantage of choosing a local agency is the proximity between you and their team of experts. When an agency is located in Angoulême, it is easier to organize meetings and therefore better monitor the progress of their work.

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🤔 What questions to ask to recognize a better SEO agency?

Defining the objectives to be achieved, developing a referencing plan, setting up a results monitoring strategy… So many points to discuss with your agency. Here are some essential questions for you to ask in front of an SEO manager:

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How can you help my website rank well on Google?

The plan to adopt may vary from one website to another. However, a competent SEO agency must be able to present to you in clear terms the main lines of its strategy. With Twaino:

  • First is a thorough SEO audit to understand the issues affecting your SEO.
  • Then, putting into practice a referencing strategy developed on the basis of the information collected during the audit phase.
  • And finally, a phase of creating new content that is fully SEO optimized to maintain the performance acquired and aim for higher challenges.

How are you going to create backlinks to my website?

A reputable agency should never recommend the purchase or use of automated backlink building tools. While backlinks are certainly beneficial for improving a site’s ranking on Google, they should be created using proper methods and in line with search engine guidelines. A natural approach is key when it comes to building effective backlinks.

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Can you give me examples of keywords and clients for which you have already worked?

A competent agency will always take pride in presenting its past achievements to you, so beware of those who remain reluctant to present their portfolio to you. At Twaino, our know-how and our experience in SEO have allowed us to work successfully with many companies including major brands such as MADCITYZEN, ONOFF, NOUS ANTIGASPI, CLARA MORGANE STORE.Here are some case studies which present in complete transparency the results obtained on the sites of our customers and the referencing plan put in place to achieve this.


⚙ Do you follow Google’s guidelines?

The use of fraudulent optimization techniques is not without consequences, which is why our SEO experts scrupulously respect the guidelines set by Google. This is our way of guaranteeing you a quality and sustainable ranking and traffic over time, free from any Google penalties.

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Can you guarantee that my website will be first on the targeted keywords?

The SERP environment is so fluctuating that no SEO specialist can accurately predict when a website will rank first. Any agency that promises you such guarantees is simply lying to you. We at Twaino are confident that our SEO plan will significantly increase your site’s traffic and rankings in the end.


Do you send results and action reports?

Because this is your project, we thought it would be useful to keep you informed of everything that happens on your website. Number of active visitors per month, total clicks, bounce rate, domain authority… everything will be carefully presented to you in periodic analysis reports.

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What happens if I decide to no longer work with you?

Although an SEO strategy takes a little longer (3 to 6 months) before bearing fruit, an agency should not hide traps in the SEO contract to try to compel you to stay.


Can I contact you if I have any queries?

One of the main advantages of choosing an SEO agency in Angoulême is to benefit from a better proximity relationship. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or specific concerns.

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How much do your SEO services cost?

Andaagency offers you incredibly low rates, chances are they don’t have the proper tools or they intend to use black hat SEO techniques. At Twaino, tell us what your objectives are and we will be able to offer you an offer according to your needs for a better return on investment.


Are you going to redesign my entire website?

Investing time and resources in a complete website redesign is not always effective in improving the site’s ranking and traffic on the SERPs. If your site needs changes, we will be able to stick to the essential changes to improve your SEO performance without embarking on extensive site redesign work.

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👀  Your Alternatives to SEO Agencies in Angoulême

Apart from the assistance of an SEO agency to improve the visibility of your business in Angoulême, you also have other alternative solutions such as :

Perform SEO optimization yourself

The main advantage of doing the SEO of your website yourself is that you can save money. However, if you do not have good SEO skills, it would be wise to seek the expertise of an SEO agency for the effective achievement of your objectives.


Hire a freelance SEO consultant

Between a freelance consultant and an agency, the right choice depends on your needs and your means. If you have a tight budget or want to specifically delegate a few tasks, an SEO consultant is still the best choice.

On the other hand, if you want a more complete SEO service, the SEO agency has the means and the required personnel.


Build an in-house SEO team

You also have the option of setting up your own in-house SEO team. But to achieve the desired results, make sure you hire better SEOs or invest in training them. Which can cost you more than hiring an SEO agency. The latter already has a team of qualified SEOs who have proven themselves. In addition, the SEO agency is required to achieve the objectives set out in the contract. Which can be more reassuring than forming an in-house SEO team.


🛠 Our SEO services for businesses in Angoulême

Do you run an activity in Angoulême? Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the services offered by the Twaino agency for companies in Angoulême :

Audit SEO

Equipped with the best SEO analysis solutions, our team of SEOs will comb through all the pages of your site to identify the problems that affect your SEO: Essential step to develop the best strategy to increase your chances of being seen on Google by more people in Angoulême.

Audit SEO Twaino

Competitive analysis or Benchmarks

By analyzing the SEO strategy of your main competitors on Google, we can learn from their successes while identifying their flaws. All this to strengthen your strategy and make your website more competitive.



Content marketing

Because SEO and web writing are almost inseparable, we also offer writing services to produce quality content that is attractive enough to reach your audience and encourage them to make a purchase, to subscribe, to make an appointment. yourself or perform any other action leading to a conversion.

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Keyword research

With a team of SEO specialists equipped with the latest keyword research solutions, we will be able to analyze in depth the SEO performance of your site in order to identify all the important terms and expressions that your target audience uses to search for your products or services in line.


Optimization of landing pages

Landing pages are a decisive factor in enhancing the potential of a website to convert its visitors into loyal customers. At Twaino, we understand this, which is why we prioritize the optimization of your most key pages such as the home page, service pages, product sheets, category pages…

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Backlink campaign

The more backlinks a website receives from other sites, the better. This indicates to Google that your site deserves to be highlighted in the response elements offered to Internet users. Our backlinks campaigns precisely improve your backlinks profile to help you build great domain authority with Google.


Technical SEO

A comprehensive SEO plan also covers the technical factors of your website. That’s why at Twaino, we make sure to properly structure your website, control the activities of crawler bots, spot 404 error pages, configure your sitemap and much more.

Technical SEO

Google My Business profile optimization and management

With Twaino, get the most out of Google My Business, a free and effective way to create an online presence for your business. By properly optimizing your GMB listing, we can help you stand out and allow your business to top the list of search results when someone in Angouleme or the surrounding area searches for what you offer.


Local citation management

When a person searches on Google for a product, service or establishment in a specific area, companies with consistent local citations are given priority. As an SEO agency, our duty is also to ensure that your business data is accurate and updated in all the important local directories in order to strengthen the visibility of your brand in Angoulême.

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e-commerce referencing

For companies in Angouleme that sell products online, we offer quality e-commerce SEO services, tailor-made to help you generate qualified visitors from search engines. This will boost the visibility and sales of your e-commerce store.


Managing your online reputation

At Twaino, we know how important your online reputation is and we’re committed to protecting it. Thanks to adapted tools, we keep an eye on everything that is said about your brand online in order to detect in time any malicious opinion that could harm your reputation.

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🥇 List of the best SEO agencies in Angoulême

Agence SEO ParisClientsDescription des AgencesSite Web
Twaino Agence SEO LogoMADCITYZEN, PROTECTAM, TALT,  HOTEL DE L’ABBAYE, GROUPE ST AUBINTwaino is an SEO natural referencing agency present inAngouleme, but also in several other cities in France. In addition to providing a better quality of service, the agency stands out above all for its 100% SEO-oriented approach. That is to say, with Twaino you will not have to pay advertising costs, buying links or any other form of paid referencing before attracting new prospects to your website.
Today, the agency’s blog has +50,000 active visitors each month thanks ONLY to their natural SEO strategy. If you too want to improve your business awareness and attract more clients, the Twaino agency can be a great way to do it.
 DBSO Ingénierie, Maçonnerie Chevalerias, Maison Soulat, Boutique Petit
C-Agence is a communication agency (web and SEO) in Angoulême whose objective is to help local companies to highlight the image of their brand on the web.
For this, the agency offers SEO services, but also other additional services including the creation of websites and personalized visual content.
  FRANCE MINÉRAUX, SERODEM, Pharma GDD, MERCATO DE L’EMPLOI, CULINAIRESemzenis an agency web in Angoulême which optimizes the website of companies to give them better visibility on the SERPs and thus improve their sales rate.
Semzen is also a web analytics, Google Ads and Social Ads agency that can also help you start advertising campaigns on Google and social networks.
 ABACUS, Studio Gaillard Lucile, Trans Hip Auto, Camping BellevueThe KAUM agency is specialized in natural referencing (SEO) with the main mission: to make companies a reference thanks to web pages positioned in the first results on the search engine.
SEO content creation, technical optimizations, netlinking strategy, local SEO, SEA… so many services offered by the agency to help your site become better known on search engines.
Agence KAUM
ONE NATION, THE ASCOTT, HOLDING FINANCE, MDCVCreated in 2012, Optimize 360 ​​is an SEO agency located in Angoulême that helps local businesses gain visibility on Google and get qualified traffic to their website.
In addition to SEO, the agency has a team of experts specialized in several areas such as SEA, website creation, social media and e-Reputation.
Optimize 360

✨Why do companies choose the SEO agency in Angoulême?

Here is what differentiates us from other SEO agencies you will find on the market:

White Hat SEO strategies in accordance with Google guidelines

At Twaino, we understand the dangers associated with Black Hat SEO, which is why we are committed to using only ethical SEO practices to get your website listed. We believe this is the best way to help you get lasting traffic without incurring penalties from Google.

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Combining SEO performance and digital ecology

As an SEO agency, our mission has always been to help businesses become more profitable and attract more visitors while remaining committed to an ecological approach. At Twaino, we go to great lengths to protect the environment by planting trees for a greener world that benefits everyone!


Detailed periodic reports for transparent monitoring

To keep you up-to-date with our SEO campaign, we will periodically share with you all the data collected from your website. They will be clearly logged in reports followed by access to the most powerful SEO analysis tools so that you can check the results of the campaign at any time.

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Flexible rates adapted to all needs

Because everyone needs a quality SEO service, we offer flexible pricing suitable for any type of business. Independent service providers or large international companies, we have set up a daily pricing system allowing you to estimate the costs of our services before subscribing to them.


SEO: more than a specialty, a passion

Unlike other agencies that offer services in several disciplines, Twaino specializes exclusively in natural referencing and devotes all its resources to it. This sets us apart because we are able to get you sustainable rankings and qualified leads without the need for advertising or buying backlinks.

SEO local schema local SEO
Formation SEO Twaino Alex

Online SEO training

If you want to master website search engine optimization strategies, our online training courses are a great way to get there. Our training program will allow you to acquire a perfect understanding of everything related to SEO.


💼 What does an SEO agency in Angoulême consist of?

To offer a complete and quality SEO service, the SEO agency must at least be made up of :

A chief SEO writer

The role of the chief SEO editor is to create new SEO-optimized content with the aim of improving the client’s visibility on search engines. In some cases, it may also be requested to improve the quality of existing content.


An SEO specialist

The SEO specialist is responsible for developing and implementing the optimization strategy best suited to achieving the client’s objectives. For this, the SEO specialist must have a mastery of the various SEO tasks including keyword research, positioning monitoring, on-page optimization, creation of backlinks, competitive analysis and many others.


The web developer

The role ofweb developer is to design sites in such a way as to facilitate the user experience and the passage of search engine robots. He is called upon to work with the other members of the team to ensure that the site meets SEO requirements.


The graphic designer

The Graphic designer plays a key role in the success of the strategies of an SEO agency since it is up to him to create the visual content to be used during the SEO campaign. This can involve creating logos or identities, structuring advertisements or infographics and much more.


❓ Frequently Asked Questions