301 redirect

Redirection 301

The 301 redirect is a status code in the HTTP protocol that responds to the browser to notify it that the URL the user or crawler is trying to access

rank brain (1)

Rank Brain

Rank Brain is a feature of Google’s core algorithm that works through artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps the search engine to interpret the most complex questions and display

302 redirect

Redirection 302

The 302 redirect is an HTTP 302 code used to redirect a search engine or users to a temporarily replaced web page. It can be used on pages that are

Universal search

Universal Search

Universal search, also called “combined search” or “enhanced search” is one of the most important changes made by Google since its creation. It is a feature initiated and developed in

URL rewriting

URL Rewrite

URL rewriting refers to the process of modifying a URL in order to make it easier and more accessible to Internet users. Generally, this modification occurs to make the URL