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#1 Join the twaino’s SEO channel

In Twaino’s YouTube channel, you will find :

  • my step-by-step videos in which I explain how I created Twaino ;
  • valuable SEO tips;
  • my feedback as a business creator.
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#2 The LinkedIn group “SEO France

I created this LinkedIn group to :

  • allow SEO professionals to exchange in good understanding;
  • find an SEO expert able to meet the expectations;
  • develop a professional network.

#3 Twaino’s Facebookpage

If you’re more into Facebook, check out our page, where :

  • i regularly share my publications (videos/articles) ;
  • i exchange with the members of the community;
  • i answer your SEO questions.
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#4 Twaino’s LinkedInpage

Linkedin is a great network for professionals:

  • i regularly share my publications (videos/articles) ;
  • i exchange with professionals;
  • i answer your SEO questions.
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You like Twitter? Then find Twaino on Twitter, it’s the opportunity :

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#6 SEO images with Twaino’s Pinterest boards

Find Twaino’s visuals on Pinterest:

  • discover/rediscover SEO content;
  • create SEO image boards;
  • be inspired by infographics.
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#7 Follow my professional profile on LinkedIn

I regularly share my entrepreneurial experiences/anecdotes on LinkedIn:

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