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In the past, the bar association was not allowed to promote services to the general public. Although since 2014 this law has been repealed, the figures tend to show that many lawyers seem to be less interested in advertising.

According to an analysis by the American Bar Association, 40% of law firms do not have a website. And 35% of the remaining practices have not updated their site for more than 3 years.

Which proves how the majority of law firms do not make digital marketing a priority.

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Which would mean that almost all people who want to hire a lawyer consult Google or any other search engine to get offers from firms.

As a lawyer, being able to rank well in these Google Answers would be a big plus for your firm.

The natural referencing agency Twaino remains available to help your website gain the first page of Google as soon as a user searches for lawyer services and generate more traffic for you.

With a diverse range of effective SEO services perfectly adapted to your sector of activity, we are guaranteed to improve the visibility of your site and generate new visitors, likely to convert into loyal customers for your firm.

When to use the referencing services of the Twaino agency, dedicated to law firms?

Some firms have their own team of in-house SEO experts to improve their brand’s SEO on the web.

Although it is a good idea, it is a solution that is only really effective when the trained team brings together talents capable of proposing successful SEO strategies and ready to improvise effectively in case of emergency. .

In addition, this solution is often very expensive due to full-time payments, additional costs for the support of team members and if possible for their training.

For many law firms, especially smaller ones with limited resources, the wisest choice would be to outsource the SEO of their firm to a competent SEO agency.

At Twaino, we offer a range of quality SEO services with personalized follow-up to help law firms improve their notoriety and generate new clients.

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But before presenting our different services to you, here are some reasons why you can contact the Twaino agency to achieve your goals:

  • You offer legal expertise within your law firm, but your site does not generate enough traffic as you would like.
  • You have understood the importance of being visible on Google Maps, yet the location of your office is difficult to locate or simply visible on any map.
  • Between the files of your clients and the administrative procedures that your job requires, you lack the time to learn SEO.
  • Your firm is making its way and you want to take on more competitive challenges and surpass the biggest law firms, but without investing a fortune in marketing.
  • You want to get a better ranking on Google and increase your income, but while focusing only on your job as a lawyer and not dispersing yourself to understand how a website works.
  • You have already tried other SEO agencies and have been disappointed with the quality of service or the results obtained.
  • You want to entrust the referencing of your firm to a competent SEO agency that meets the quality standards recommended in the legal community.

If you find yourself in one of the aforementioned conditions, the Twaino agency can help you by listening to you and offering services tailored to your difficulties for the effective achievement of your objectives.

The services of the Twaino agency for the referencing of law firms

The main objective of our SEO agency is to guarantee companies a steady flow of clients to develop their business and increase their income through natural referencing strategies.

But since the corporation of lawyers is a little different from other professions, we have set up a range of services inspired by the difficulties that law firms face in order to provide practical and effective solutions.

An SEO audit to diagnose the evils that undermine the performance of your lawyer site

Just like a doctor who cannot effectively treat a patient without a prior diagnosis, our agency also cannot decide on the strategies to adopt without carrying out a complete SEO audit of your site.

This is the first step that we approach during our SEO campaigns to precisely understand the “ills from which your site suffers”.

What are the weaknesses of your current strategy? What technical issues are ruining your site’s user experience?

Audit SEO
Audit seo local SEO

Are indexing robots having difficulty crawling your site? Are you hit with a Google penalty? What successful SEO strategies are other law firms using?

How well can these strategies be adapted to your site to produce something more competitive? What are the mistakes of competing firms to avoid?

So many questions to which we will find clear and precise answers thanks to the audit report and to know what type of strategy to apply on your site to effectively solve its problems.

For this, we review a number of factors such as:

  • Information architecture;
  • Page loading speed;
  • responsive design;
  • The .htaccess file;
  • The Robots.txt file;
  • The cannibalization of keywords;
  • Duplicate content;
  • Title tags, meta description, h1, h2, h3…;
  • The quality and quantity of backlinks redirected to your site;
  • The domain authority of your site and referring sites;
  • Updating Google My Business, Bing Places and Apple Maps listings;
  • Geographical consistency in the strategies adopted;
  • Local competition;
  • Local keywords;
  • And many more factors.

But it’s not always about identifying problems and weaknesses during our SEO audit. It is also an opportunity to identify the strengths and opportunities of your site with the aim of exploiting them to strengthen the performance of the site.

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Keyword research to target the right audience and convert the most visitors into loyal customers

When doing keyword research, our SEO experts will be able to list the terms and phrases that potential clients type in to search Google for legal services like yours.

This is one of the important strategies to attract quality visitors to your website to convert them into loyal customers.

Nearly 90% of people who buy products or services online admit to starting from a query launched on a search engine before contacting the company.

With our team of experts and our powerful SEO tools, we can accurately list the right keywords to put you in contact with people who are really in need of a law firm.

And to stay effective, Twaino approaches keyword research in 3 steps:

  • Find the terms and expressions used by Internet users;
  • Analyze and filter these terms and expressions;
  • Then use the terms finally chosen for content creation.
Recherche de mots cles en 3 etapes
Autres questions posées Outil

The search for ideas

During the research phase, we compile an initial provisional list of keywords by bringing together all the terms that could be relevant for the referencing of your firm. For this, we have created a tool, the People Also Ask Twaino, which is dedicated to finding ideas.

The tool makes it possible to discover questions that Internet users have themselves formulated on Google to search for a service or to find out more about a given theme.

But, we go even further by using other tools such as:

  • Google Search Console ; 
  • Google Analytics ; 
  • Google Keyword Planner ; 
  • SEMRush ; 
  • Ahrefs ; 
  • AnswerThe Public. 

These tools allow us to find new keywords, but also to reconsider the current keywords targeted on your site and on competitor sites.

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L'histoire fascinante du nom et du logo de Google

Choose the best keywords

This step involves analyzing each of the previously listed keywords to assess their relevance to the search intent of your target audience.

Although many SEOs rush this step by resorting to automated processes, at Twaino our SEO specialists take the time to thoroughly examine keyword after keyword.

It may be painstaking work, but the payoff is worth it. This is our way of guaranteeing an in-depth analysis in order to choose the keywords that are indeed relevant and profitable for the referencing of your firm.

For this, we check for each of the keywords:

  • The monthly search volume;
  • The behavior of the search volume over time;
  • The click-through rate or CTR;
  • The level of difficulty;
  • The cost per click;
  • Conversion potential;
  • Etc. 

Depending on the values ​​obtained for each of these metrics, the keywords will be sorted and then categorized in order of priority.


Nos références clients Twaino

And that’s when we can draw up a definitive list of relevant keywords to target on your site to hit the right target and generate new customers for you.

Priority ranked keywords are those that are most accessible to your site. These are keywords on which you can easily rank on Google and get your first SEO performance in the short term.

As you can see, it will not be a question of taking the first keyword most searched for by Internet users and pretending to do a keyword research.

We use multiple filters to sift through each of the collected keywords to ensure we have done thorough research.

Inserting keywords in strategic places on the pages of your site

It is at this stage that the hard-searched keywords will be used. It will be a question of inserting them in strategic places of the pages of your site such as:

  • Page titles: Each page must have one and only one title containing at least the main keyword of the page. It is thanks to the page titles that search engines will be able to understand the theme addressed on a page. Thus, they will be able to better rank this page in the search results as soon as a user launches a request on the subject in question.
  • Meta description : A meta description is the short description visible on the search results pages to announce to Internet users the content of a page. It must also contain at least the main keyword to reaffirm to search engines, the theme developed on the page.
  • Headings: These are simply headings at various levels on a page. It’s okay if the headers don’t include the main keyword. However, it is recommended to insert variations of the main keyword to support the main theme and cover the most secondary keywords.
  • Image Alt tags: Each image on a page has an Alt tag whose content should be a brief description of the image. By inserting keywords in Alt tags, the images concerned can be referenced in Google Images results.
  • Etc.
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Stratégie de contenu

Content writing

One of the common mistakes found on law firm websites is the lack of content.

However, it has been proven that the more regularly a site publishes new content, the more it increases its chances of being frequent on the first page of Google.

This is a known reality to everyone in the SEO world and 60% of B2C marketers are already engaged in a content creation strategy.

This is why, for our lawyer clients, we offer the creation of a Blog space on their website in order to regularly publish content on law and justice in general.

It will essentially be a question of popularizing free information to answer frequently asked questions in relation to:

  • The right of work ;
  • Business law;
  • The wedding ;
  • Immigration
  • And many other topics.

By writing well-detailed content on such interesting topics, Internet users will get used to your site as a reliable source of information. So there is a good chance that they will contact you if they need a law firm.

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Blog (2)

It is also a way to prove to them that your firm also works for the satisfaction of its customers far from questions of money. This can be decisive for retaining a good number of customers.

The Twaino agency has the necessary skills to set up a blog on your lawyer site.

Moreover, with our team of talented writers, we can take care of writing quality content that is attractive enough to liven up this blog and help you engage as many visitors as possible.

Landing page conversion

Finally, creating a blog on your site is not such a disinterested idea.

Of course, there will always be content that Internet users can access for free to discover and learn more about important concepts related to justice and law.

But in return, we will subtly insert calls to action (CTA) in this content, redirecting Internet users to landing pages on your site.

Optimisation de la conversion

Once redirected to these pages, they will be able to discover the services you offer internally with the possibility of contacting your firm.

It is a marketing strategy that consists of initially offering a free service to gain the attention and trust of the customer before offering them your paid services.

It is an effective strategy that works very well and above all a win-win for both parties. On the one hand, the customer benefits from a bonus service or product and on the other hand, you receive lots of appointments as part of your activity.

At Twaino, we can put in place some enticing strategies to convert your simple visitors into customers. These are for example:

  • Set up a newsletter subscription pop-up to collect visitors’ email addresses and periodically send them interesting offers directly to their inbox.
  • Propose a registration form to benefit from a first telephone interview free of charge.
  • Place in prominent places and with a remarkable style, Call To Action buttons bearing the words “Schedule an appointment now”, “Call us”, “Ask us your concern”, “Contact us”. …
  • Set up a chatbot.
  • Etc

Together, we will discuss with you which of these strategies are best for you. And it will be our job to do everything possible to convert the most visitors into customers.

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Les Backlinks

The creation of backlinks is an essential SEO strategy for the SEO of a website, but unfortunately it is often overlooked.

For a law firm, building backlinks involves gaining external links from reputable sites in the legal industry to increase the site’s domain authority with search engines.

With Twaino, here are some of the strategies that our consultants can apply to your website to improve its domain authority:

  • Linkbait or link bait;
  • The Ego Bait or the Bait of the ego;
  • The Broken Link Building;
  • The recovery of links;
  • Newsjacking or diversion of information;
  • Guest articles;
  • Use infographics to have links;
  • Content syndication;
  • The reassignment of content;
  • Etc

Depending on the data collected during the SEO audit, it will be a question of deciding which of these strategies are the most suitable for your site to truly improve its domain authority.

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Local SEO to target Internet users geographically close to your law firm

Even if referencing in general makes it possible to target Internet users present in other cities or other countries located thousands of kilometers from your firm, it is also important to reach those who are in an immediate environment.

And this is where Local SEO becomes interesting. When local SEO strategies are well applied, your site should appear in search results as soon as a user launches queries like:

  • Law firm nearby;
  • Law firm near my home;
  • nearest law firm;
  • Law firm in + THE NAME OF THE CITY;
  • Etc.

Expert in local SEO, the Twaino agency uses several strategies to improve the local SEO of its lawyer clients such as:

  • Create or update GooGle My Business listings;
  • List the lawyer or firm in law firm directories;
  • Optimize the mobile version of the site;
  • Etc

Always on the basis of audit results, our gardeners will set to work to choose and implement Local SEO strategies that are in line with the size of your practice and the competitive environment of your locality.

Gradually, you will notice an increase in the number of customers visiting your premises who are within a few meters radius.

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Pourquoi un guide SEO spécialement pour les cabinets d'avocats ?

What types of lawyers can benefit from the SEO services of the Twaino agency?

Within our agency, we typically follow the same SEO campaign procedure to improve the visibility of the sites of all our lawyer clients.

But since the law corporation is quite a large profession with several branches, we make some readjustments according to each specification.

Regardless of your specialization as a lawyer, our agency remains attentive to your expectations and the objectives you wish to achieve on your site.

We can then take an interest in your case and propose effective action plans, tailor-made to help you meet your personal challenges.

Our services are therefore accessible to several types of lawyer, in particular:

  • Immigration lawyers;
  • criminal lawyers;
  • Lawyers for victims of medical errors;
  • tax lawyers;
  • Lawyers specializing in estate planning;
  • family law attorneys;
  • Personal injury law firms;
  • Civil litigation lawyers
  • General practice law firms.
Pourquoi les cabinets d'avocats devraient avoir une présence en ligne ?
seo white hat vs seo black hat

White Hat SEO strategies for healthy and sustainable SEO

SEO is a generally time-consuming discipline that requires meticulousness in the execution of tasks mainly because of the requirements of search engines. To deserve better results, it is therefore important to respect the guidelines of the engines, in particular those of Google.

However, there are some less scrupulous SEO consultants who engage in fraudulent SEO practices to try to circumvent Google’s algorithms and get results very quickly: These are called Black Hat SEO strategies.

Other SEO agencies rely on these black hat techniques to make honeyed promises to their client, such as getting an impressive number of visitors to the client’s site in a short period of time.

The offer may seem tempting, but ultimately the client ends up with a website hit with a Google sanction, which can range from a simple downgrade of position on the SERPs to a permanent removal of the site from Google’s index.

Aware of the serious consequences that can come from these fraudulent strategies, the natural referencing agency Twaino has always been committed to using only ethical strategies in accordance with search engine guidelines.

This is our way of protecting our lawyer clients from any Google penalty and ensuring a healthy and sustainable SEO over time.

Règles SEO Google Black hat White Hat Grey hat
Écologie Numérique

Help websites achieve good SEO performance while advocating digital ecology

Even though every other SEO agency out there prides itself on helping businesses get traffic, few really care about their carbon footprint.

You may not know it, but every song you play on Spotify, every video you watch on YouTube or even every email you send to a loved one is equivalent to a carbon rate emitted somewhere in nature by polluting servers .

The problem is so recurrent that there are up to 203 million emails sent every minute worldwide for 816 tonnes of carbon dumped. That is the same carbon rate emitted by 494 flights from Los Angeles to London!

Alarming figures that almost make you want to turn off your devices and disconnect from the Internet for a while, which would probably be a bit complicated.

As an SEO agency, we are convinced that it is possible to achieve good SEO performance while preserving nature.

This is why, if they wish, we offer ecological web servers to our customers to allow them to also participate in the fight against air pollution.

These are servers that run on renewable energy and offset their low carbon footprint by planting trees.

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Well-detailed periodic reports to play the card of transparency with our customers

Because you are the client and this is your project, we thought it useful to share with you in real time the results obtained thanks to our SEO campaigns.

To do this, we will periodically send you deliverables containing detailed reports to assess the success of our services as we go along.

This is data collected from SEO analytics tools like Google Search or Google Analytics, which you can also access to compare and confirm the numbers presented in the report.

We also arrange one-to-one meetings to discuss in detail the new performance gained on your site after our campaign.

It is also an opportunity to give your intentions regarding our quality of service and make suggestions if you have any.

We will take all these suggestions into account to do better and improve the quality of our services.

Un gain de temps considerable

A fast delivery time

At Twaino, it is also a fast delivery time for all the orders we receive. Regardless of the complexity of the project you entrust to us, we always manage to deliver it as soon as possible and not exceed the agreed delivery time.

Whether it’s our SEO or Local SEO services, custom illustration creation or web writing, Twaino has the resources to deliver our projects on time.

Better value for money

It is good to seek quality SEO services from an agency, but it would be even better to find this same quality of service at a lower price.

The priority of any entrepreneur is to obtain a better return on investment. We are aware of this, which is why at Twaino, we offer you better value for money on all our services.

We offer all our lawyer clients flexible quotes billed according to the needs requested.

Once the needs and expectations have been explained, we will take the time to discuss them with you in order to find common ground for a win-win collaboration.

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Audit Seo Agence Twaino

Contact Twaino

If you have any concerns related to the referencing of your law firm, do not hesitate to contact the SEO agency Twaino at the following addresses: