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On-Page SEO | Page Outil

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Use for free to review your web pages and improve your on-page SEO.

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Page outil Google combines a set of more than 200 factors to determine the URLs with content suitable for a given request. Although most websites focus on acquiring backlinks, the vast majority of these rankings factors are webpage-related elements. To improve the performance of your site, it is therefore also important to improve On-page SEO. For this purpose, you can use the site, an On-page SEO tool that gives you insight into the different aspects of your web pages and their performance in general. Through this description, we discover this tool and how to use it to make your web pages more efficient for SEO.

What is

Page Tool is a significant improvement to the use of Google Search Console. This is an On-page SEO tool that uses GSC data to analyze your pages one by one. Indeed, on-page SEO refers to the practice of optimizing web pages to gain organic traffic and increase a website’s ranking in search engine results. This includes, among other things, optimizing the HTML code, internal links and metadata of a page (meta title, meta description and keyword density), as well as publishing relevant content and images. On-page SEO is the improvement of all of these aspects. In other words, helps you improve these different aspects on your Web pages. By doing so, you are tailoring your site to what search engines are looking for on a page, so they will understand your site better and give you better places.

Why is important for the referencing of your site?

On-page SEO makes it easier for search engines to analyze your site and its contents so they can know if a user’s search is appropriate for your site. Indeed, Google is constantly updating its algorithm in order to better understand the intention of a searcher and to provide search results adapted to the needs of the user. As Google’s algorithm evolves, so should your website. allows you to examine your site according to a given period in order to adapt what Internet users are looking for online. Algorithme de Google outil Pageoutil Webmasters who want to do a quick analysis of their site’s data can then use it to get an overview of their site’s performance and opportunities for improvement.

How can I use the tool?

The use of Page Tool remains quite simple and it is enough to go to the address and click on “Get Started”. It then asks for your permission to connect to Google Search Console. La plateforme de referencement on page You will then select the site whose data you want to analyze if you have several. From then on, you can start choosing to customize the period after which you want to have analyses. You can also choose the metric of which you want to have a graphical representation. bouton metrique graphique

What are the analysis metrics of the tool?

The tool offers an analysis of several metrics concerning your site. Broadly, the tool looks at four things: clicks, impressions, click-through rate, positions. Les metriques d analyse de l outil Pageoutil

Clicks and CTR

The click measurement corresponds to the number of people who have clicked on the link of a page. As for click-through rate (CTR), it refers to how often people click on a particular link or image that takes them to another page or website. Many people view CTR as a measure of the success of a given link or advertisement. Simply put, CTR tells you the proportion of people who saw a given link who clicked on that link and followed it to the target page.


Impressions refer to the number of users who have seen a link and the landing page of the site in the search results or an advertisement, it is the number of views. The impressions are not necessarily unique, for example if information has been presented to the same user several times, but the analysis system will count these occurrences equally. An impression will be counted when the user views the exit page where the offer is located, regardless of whether they have scrolled down the page to the desired position.


The position in Google search indicates the rank you occupy for a keyword when it is searched in Google. In other words, it’s where your page is located in search results for a search term or phrase.

How does the tool work?

This On-page SEO tool works in three steps, namely:

SERP overview

In this part, you can see how your pages are performing in the SERPs. This includes checking a number of aspects of your web pages like your title, meta descriptions, and H1s. Etapes d une biographie professionnelle outil Pageoutil Indeed, the title and the meta-descriptions must respect a certain number of characters or pixels to be displayed correctly on the results pages. You can modify these tags directly in the tool and copy them in one click to correct them for your content.

Page by page analysis

It’s about easily finding the keywords you are ranking for, page by page. It is no longer necessary to go through two or three steps to apply the filters. Page d analyse outil pageoutil Indeed, the tool examines and presents your pages according to the measurements that we presented previously.

Deepening of keywords gives an overview of your pages according to the frequency and density of keywords, as well as their potential. As you know, Google penalizes keyword stuffing. Thus, you can optimize the density of keywords on your pages using the tool. It also allows one-click filtering to find content ideas related to questions, i.e. keywords such as “who, what, where, why”. In short, the tool will help you improve the On-page SEO of your site to improve your performance, including CTR, impressions, positions, etc.

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Page Tool is an SEO platform that allows the use of SERPs to ensure better SEO optimization of web pages. It is a useful platform for individuals and businesses that regularly publish content on the web. Page Tool promotes page-by-page keyword analysis. The platform also takes into account the density and frequency of keywords for better optimization of web pages. Page tool also offers a feature to find content ideas. In addition, Page Tool allows to optimize titles, meta-descriptions in order to offer a better SERP overview for the contents to be published. It has many users around the world and collects fairly favorable opinions for its services. Page Tool is also ranked among the best web content optimization platforms.

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