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Request Map Generator | Simon Hearne

Request Map Generator | Simon Hearne

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Request Map Generator Outil SEO 6
Request Map Generator is an online tool that allows you to choose a location and device and view a domain’s third-party assets.

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Description Request Map Generator

Request Map Generator is a mapping that gives you an overview of all third party uploads.  It also shows which tiers lead to others. The tool provides a way to identify the uncontrolled load chain and data leaks for better Third Party analysis. 

What is Request Map Generator? 

Request Map Generator is an online tool that lets you choose a location and device and view a domain’s third-party assets.  Unlike small sites, when testing for example a website like Amazon on the Request Map Generator tool, one can see that the tool generates a larger request map.  After the tool result, you can zoom the map to further analyze the data.  You also have an export feature that allows you to save the data to a CSV file. This is very useful for better managing Tiers (comparison, sorting, etc.).

How to use Request Map Generator? 

Using Request Map Generator is very easy to learn.homepage Request Map Generator
  • Enter the URL of the page you want to test 
  • Scroll down the “Test Location” field to choose a location 
  • Then click on the “Submit Test” button.
After a few seconds of processing, the tool will show you the query map of the tested site. You can then explore the generated request map by zooming in/out the map and browse all the Tiers represented. 

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Company : Request Map Generator

Simon Hearn is a digital company that helps users create and automate responsive images. It was created by Simon Hearn, a web performance advocate and user experience writer. Simon Hearn developed the Performance Heatmap and Generator Request Map Generator web tools. Thanks to this company, it is possible to generate valid image markup, collect, create and visualize beautiful image data.  It has other features like:
  • Web performance monitoring;
  • The proposal of the best responsive landing page videos;
  • Developing and loading web fonts quickly; 
  • Optimization of important elements on single page applications (SPA);
  • The suggestion of optimistic interface models;
  • Etc. 

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