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SEO Content Analysis | Fire Coders

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Beautiful SEF URLs, SEO Content Analysis, Google PageSpeed ​​Optimization, Facebook Instant Articles and XML Sitemaps and for your Joomla site.

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Route 66 for Joomla

Optimizing a Joomla site takes into account several factors and can be difficult to do manually. Most of the time, Joomla site owners use extensions to support different aspects of their site. Fortunately, there are some extensions that offer several tools allowing you to take care of all aspects of SEO for a Joomla site at once. This is the case of Route 66 for Joomla, which analyzes content, makes URLs user-friendly and allows you to set up canonical tags as well as generate XML sitemaps. Through this description, I introduce you to Route 66 for Joomla and its various SEO features.

What is Route 66 for Joomla?

Route 66 for Joomla is a Joomla extension to improve SEO. This extension also provides functionality to have SEF URLs. This is because SEF URLs are search engine friendly URLs that are also meaningful to users. This type of URL clearly indicates the path of a URL to a specific page. Joomla comes with a parameter that makes any URL friendly by removing all auto-generated words and numbers. The Route 66 for Joomla extension makes URLs more intuitive and allows for really friendly URLs. It also provides SEO tools to properly analyze and optimize your content as well as the loading speed of your resources. You probably already know that Google penalizes sites that take longer to load. Using Route 66 for Joomla, you will be able to control the loading time of your site directly from the extension. You also have access to options like sitemap generation and a social media tool. This extension offers a non-paid version that you download and benefit from these many advantages.

Configuring SEF Friendly URLs from Templates

Route 66 gives you the flexibility to configure SEF URLs on your Joomla site from templates and not be subject to limited URL options. Patterns can contain all the friendly characters of a URL as well as tokens to generate dynamic variables, including post dates. Route 66 also lets you configure multiple templates based on the languages ​​that are enabled on your site. Unlike SEF extensions that can burden you with storing several hundred URLs on your site, your site’s database, Route 66 offers dynamic and high-performance URL generation. That said, this extension will not in any way slow down the performance of your website.

SEO Content Analysis

Route 66 can scan your site’s content for the purpose of analyzing it and providing suggestions for improving the SEO score of individual articles right in the article editing form. This content analysis tool is powered by the famous Yoast SEO engine. This is a tool that offers an easy way to optimize a website. It is integrated with Route 66 for Joomla and gives you access to several SEO features like keyword research, content readability, metadata and many more. You can get a score for each of your contents and from this score as well as suggestions from the extension, you will be able to optimize these contents. Using Route 66 for Joomla, you can also analyze your old content in order to optimize it. In general, it will help you to correctly place the keywords in the articles and in the various titles. It also checks that your meta descriptions and meta titles meet search engine character requirements. When they don’t match, Route 66 for Joomla makes suggestions to update them.

Managing Duplicate URLs — Canonical Links

The fact that multiple URLs access the same URL is a major problem that most sites often face. Indeed, although it is not a bad intention, Google can downgrade these URLs, because the search engine only wants to see only rank a URL for a given content. And since the search engine does not know the source page of your content, it can choose any URL for indexing and ignore the others. To prevent this from happening randomly, canonical URLs are used to direct the search engine to index the correct URL. This is what this extension will allow you to accomplish. When Route 66 detects duplicate URLs, it automatically redirects to the canonical URL. Suppose you have an article with ID 4 and alias “best-fitness-trainings” and you have configured Route 66 using the story/{articleAlias} template. The URL generated will be story/best-training-fitness. Therefore, URLs like the following that lead to the same article will be redirected to story/best-training-fitness. For SEO purposes, Route 66 automatically adds the canonical URL to the page header to indicate that it is the main page. This is especially important for duplicate pages that use query or anchor variables appended to the Route 66 URL can apply canonical tags to for different kinds of content including posts, categories, etc.

Google Lighthouse/PageSpeed

SEFLoading speed is more than topical and Google promotes sites that don’t take long to load. It is estimated that the average page load speed for the first page of results on Google is 1.65 seconds. Moreover, users do not hesitate to bounce on your site when your pages take more 3 seconds to load. This time is checked using Google’s PageSpeed ​​tool. Route 66 extension can now optimize your site to score high with this speed checker tool. Indeed, Route 66 follows Google PageSpeed ​​recommendations to help you reduce the loading time so that your Joomla site is well ranked by Google.

Facebook Instant Articles

The extension also supports Facebook Instant Articles and will allow you to generate a Facebook Instant Articles feed based on the articles published on your Joomla site. The extension provides a filter allowing you to sort content according to categories and find the content you are looking for more quickly.

XML sitemaps and Google News

XML sitemaps make your site’s content easier to discover for other search engines. Route 66 offers a feature that can generate these sitemaps for you. In fact, this file includes the access path of all your resources, so that it promotes the indexing of all your URLs and even the most buried ones. All in all, Route 66 for Joomla offers you several features to improve the SEO of a Joomla site.

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Fire Coders Fire Coders was created in 2016 by Greek Joomla developer Lefteris Kavadas. It is an SEO optimization platform that aims to help users better define URLs and better analyze the ranking of their SEO content.  For this, Fire Coders provides its users with extensions suitable for the cause.  Most of the tools that the company offers allow, among other things, to facilitate SEO optimization for search engines.  Fire Coders has thousands of users around the world and is headquartered in Athens, Greece.

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