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On-Page SEO Optimization | SEO Site Check

On-Page SEO Optimization | SEO Site Check

Short description : On-Page SEO Optimization

SEO Site Checkup Mise en avant
SEO Site Checkup performs a quick audit of your site, checks for appropriate tags, and catches any errors that may arise.

Long Description : On-Page SEO Optimization

Description SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a tool designed to help website owners or marketers analyze the performance of the sites they manage. Source: Crunchbase  Once the problems are detected, the tool also provides relevant suggestions to be applied to improve the site’s ranking on search engine pages. 

What is SEO Site Checkup? 

SEO Site Checkup is an SEO tool that offers a comprehensive set of essential features to assess a website’s potentials on search engine pages (SERPs).  In just a few seconds and a few clicks, SEO Site Checkup allows you to access a series of information to get an idea of ​​the overall performance of your site. SEO Site Checkup also makes it possible to diagnose a website in order to identify any possible problems that prevent or slow down its referencing on search engines.  On the other hand, SEO is a discipline that can be a bit difficult for some people due to the slew of data that needs to be understood and analyzed.  And especially on this aspect,  SEO Site Checkup has made the effort to provide easily interpretable SEO analysis reports.  The reports generated by the tool are written in simple language to make them accessible to everyone and especially to SEO beginners.  SEO Site Checkup also monitors changes that search engines make to their algorithms.  So instead of constantly trying to figure out major search engine algorithmic changes yourself, the tool does it for you.  It constantly monitors over time the evolution of penalties, ranking criteria and the functioning of major search engines.  All you need to do is check your analytics reports to be kept up to date with important changes and access recommendations to keep your site’s SEO always up to date and free of penalties. 

SEO Site Checkup: Features 

SEO Site Checkup offers several features, namely:  

1. A general analysis of your website

SEO Site Checkup allows you to perform a complete SEO diagnosis on any website by just entering the URL address of the site to be analyzed.  The tool also offers you the possibility to refine the SEO analysis and choose yourself the specific factors of your site that you want to diagnose. 
  • To do this, before clicking on the verification button, you will have to click on the [Select all factors] drop-down list located at the bottom of the search bar.
  • You will then discover all the factors of your site which will be analyzed. Tick ​​those that interest you then click on “Verification”.   
For a full SEO report, you just have to leave the drop-down list.  ‘s SEO analyzes take into account SEO Site Checkup Common SEO issues
  • Meta tag analyzer
  • Robots.txt
  • test Sitemap
  • test and validator
  • Image alt text
  • The “page object” design pattern 
  • Test Online CSS
  • Code ratio Text ratio
  • Media impression
  • test SEO friendly URL 
  • test Google analytics 
  • Keyword cloud
  • H1 and h2 tag
  • test URL underscore
  • Google preview
  • Most popular keywords test
  • Depreciated HTML tags
Speed ​​optimizations
  • HTML page size
  • test Flash 
  • test JS and CSS minification
  • test Doctype
  • test Nested tables 
  • test Image caching
  • test Frameset 
  • test Page cache
  • test Site load speed
  • test Compression test HTML/GZIP
Server and Security
  • URL
  • Safe Browsing
  • Test Directory Indexing (DI)
  • Test Server Signature
  • Test Plaintext emails 
  • Test access Libwww-perl 
  • IP
  • usability Responsive design testing with Media Queries
  • Mobile snapshot
  • Social media
  • activity
Under each section of the analysis report, SEO Site Checkup lists recommendations and advice to solve the problems identified.  The tool also offers an SEO analysis score to broadly see which aspects of your site have been well optimized and which have failed as well as which aspects are potentially dangerous. 

2. White label SEO analysis reports

SEO Site Checkup also offers the possibility of performing white label SEO. That is to say, the tool allows to generate SEO analysis reports without any brand signature.  You can then register the name of your brand and appropriate the report with legitimacy. Source: SEO Site Checkup This is a feature that gives marketing agencies and marketers the opportunity to outsource the SEO of their clients’ sites by using the SEO Site Checkup.   They can add their brand logo and company contact information on SEO audit reports before sending them to clients. Learn more. 

3. Site loading

speed Loading speed is a decisive factor in the criteria for ranking websites on search engine pages. It is also a factor that represents a lot of challenges, particularly for e-commerce sites.  With SEO Site Checkup, you can analyze the different elements that can influence the loading speed of your website pages.  For example, you can test and improve site loading speed, image caching, JS and CSS file minification, and many other important technical factors. 

4. Monitoring your website

A good SEO strategy also involves setting up a good site monitoring program.  SEO Site Checkup offers a monitoring feature of your website to alert you in case a possible outage occurs.  Source: Relevance The tool gives you the option to monitor the status of your website every 15 minutes or 60 minutes. If you wish, you can also configure a monitoring frequency per day or per week. 

5. Identify and repair broken links on your website

Broken links are backlinks that referring sites have pointed to your site, but redirect to an error page. These broken links can represent a shortfall for your site, but also seriously affect its ranking on the SERPs.  However, spotting all your broken links is a real painstaking job that can become exhausting very quickly.  SEO Site Checkup offers a feature to quickly crawl your site and detect any broken links on it. This can especially save time for SEO specialists or agencies who deal with several SEO projects at the same time.  Source: Quora All inspected links are then logged in a detailed report followed by other important information about: 
  • Anchor 
  •  tags Image 
  • tags Script tags 
  • And CSS style sheets.

6. An XML sitemap generator

Sitemaps (or sitemaps) are essential to help search engine algorithms understand the architecture of your website. However, creating a sitemap requires enough work, especially if your site has a large number of web pages.  Source: SEO Site Checkup  SEO Site Checkup has a sitemap generator that lets you create sitemaps of up to 500 links in just a few clicks and seconds. 

7. A checker of your backlinks

The quality and the quantity of backlinks which redirect a site considerably influence the authority and the classification of this site on the pages of the search engines. SEO Site Checkup also has a backlink checker that gives you an overview of all the backlinks pointing to your website.  For each link found, the tool displays the domain authority and the authority to assess the quality of your backlinks. 

8. A user space 

Last functionality that we can note, even if it has no specific relationship with SEO, is the user space which you can benefit from by subscribing to SEO Site Checkup.  To access this space, click on the “My account” link. You can then consult or modify your personal details as well as your password. You also have a “Your plan” section to choose or change the tariff plan. 

SEO: Google Analytics integration  

It is possible to link SEO Site Checkup to Google Analytics for further analysis of your data.  To learn more, view this tutorial:  How to Integrate Google Analytics

SEO Site Checkup: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • Spots broken links 
  • Generates a complete SEO analysis of your website
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • SEO audit reports easy to understand, even for a beginner
Disadvantages :
  • Offers fewer tools and features compared to other SEO analytics platforms 

SEO Site Check: Pricing

Professional Plan $89.95 per month Webmaster Plan $49.95 per month Basic Plan $29.95 per month
Suitable for large companies or SEO agencies working on multiple projectsSuitable for growing businesses looking for top-notch SEO analysis and monitoringSuitable for new businesses looking to identify top SEO mistakes
Unlimited SEO AnalyticsUnlimited SEOAnalytics 300 SEO Analytics
15 Websites Monitored5 Websites Monitored3 Websites Monitored
300 Keywords Monitored100 Keywords Monitored50 Keywords monitored
5 Monitoring Regions3 Monitoring Regions1 Monitoring Region
5 Competitors31
Included WhiteIncluded ReportsNo Reports
By choosing an annual subscription for each plan, you can make a saving of 10%. Learn more.

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SEO Site Checkup is an SEO platform, which aims to facilitate the SEO optimization of sites. It was designed by a team of SEO professionals and webmasters, each with over 15 years of experience in the SEO industry. To achieve its objectives, SEO Site Checkup has several interesting features. One of these features comes down to checking the backlinks of websites.  Indeed, SEO Site Checkup provides useful information on the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to a given site. It also allows to save and export the backlinks, in order to give them a better follow-up. SEO Site Checkup also comes with a toolkit of several SEO tools.  These tools include:
  • the SEO tracking tool;
  • the SEO audit analysis tool;
  • the comparison tool;
  • the SEO reporting tool;
  • etc
To date, the platform has helped verify nearly 25 million site URLs. It serves more than 125 countries around the world, with more than 85,000 satisfied customers.

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