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URL Encoding | Internet Marketing Ninjas

URL Encoding | Internet Marketing Ninjas

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URL Encoding is an online tool developed by Internet Marketing Ninjas that allows you to easily encode your URLs.

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Description URL Encoding 

Internet Marketing Ninjas is a well-known platform in the SEO world, particularly because of the many tools it makes available to users free of charge.  Most of these are tools that optimize the essential factors for the referencing of websites on the pages of search engines.  URL Encoding is also a tool designed by Internet Marketing Ninjas that allows you to easily encode your URLs online. 

What is URL Encoding? 

As its name suggests, URL Encoding is a URL encoding tool offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas.  The tool is available online and transforms all non-alphanumeric characters into a percent sign followed by two hexadecimal digits and a space encoded as a plus sign. 

URL Encoding: How to use the tool? 

The goal of the URL Encoding tool is to make character encoding accessible to everyone, including beginners. This makes it very easy to use. 
  • To use it, go to the Internet Marketing Ninjas home page then search the platform’s toolbox for the URL Encoding tool 
  • Or click directly on this link url-encoding/ to access the tool  
  • Once on the tool page, enter the URL to encode then click on the “Encode URL” button.  
After a few seconds, the tool displays the result of your encoding. 

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What is URL encoding? 

URL encoding consists of transforming certain letters of a URL by replacing them with one or more character triplets, the first of which is the percentage sign “%” and the second two hexadecimal digits. The two hexadecimal digits represent the numeric value of the replaced character in each triple. Although it is called URL encoding ,thisterm is inaccurate because the same encoding can be applied to other types ofURIs such as URNs. Therefore, the term percent coding should be used.

How does URL encoding work? 

RFC 3986 forbids certain characters in URLs, but URL encoding allows these same forbidden characters to be represented using other allowed characters.  URL encoding is mainly used for characters that are not part of the ASCII character set – this includes control characters beyond 128 and reserved illustrations such as semicolon, equals sign, space or caret. Source: shalwingeorge  The two-step process of URL encoding first converts the string to a sequence of bytes with UTF-8 encoding.  The second step then replaces each non-ASCII byte character with “%HH”, where HH is the corresponding hexadecimal representation for that particular byte. Simply put, URL encoding is a way to convert non-ASCII characters into a format that can be transmitted over the Internet.

When and why would you use URL encoding?

Form field names and values ​​are encoded when data that has been entered into HTML forms is submitted and they are sent to the server in an HTTP request message using the GET or POST method, or, formerly, via email . The encoding used by default follows the obsolete percent-encoding rules for general URIs, with a few changes like standardizing line breaks and replacing spaces with “+” rather than “%20”. This is how you submit a form in the XForms 2.0 data type, which is defined (still quite obsolete) in the HTML and XForms standards. In addition, the CGI specification indicates how web servers should decode data of this nature so that applications can use it.  data Application/x-www-form-urlencoded is sent in the request component of the request URI when it is sent as an HTTP GET request. When data is submitted in an HTTP POST request or sent via email, it is placed in the body of the message and the media type name is included in the Content-Type header of the message.

How to encode? 

Although the operation of URL encoding may seem complicated for some, there are still dedicated tools that make it easy to encode your URLs.  URL Encoding is a tool offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas that makes it easy and free to encode all kinds of URLs online.  All you have to do is enter the URL to encode and get the encoded strings in one click.

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Internet Marketing Ninjas is a company founded in 1999 by Jim Boykin, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of SEO. The company’s mission is to help their customers get better traffic to their websites through secure methods. Internet Marketing Ninjas specializes in optimizing pages and websites for search engines. Based in the United States in Clifton Park, the company is made up of 50 members who are all experts in their fields . Internet Marketing Ninjas offers the entire digital community complete digital marketing services, but also SEO services and tools. Among the 87+ tools developed by them, here are some free SEO tools they have developed:
  • Social Image Resizer Tool;
  • What’s My Browser Size Tool;
  • HTML Source Code Viewer Tool;
  • Meta Tag Analyzer;
  • Domain Age Checker;
  • Meta Tag Generator & Snippet Preview;
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator;
  • Keyword Combination Tool;
  • URL Inspection Tool…
These tools are aimed at SEO agencies as well as marketing professionals, not to mention companies. They will surely help to improve your various marketing strategies.

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