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Powerful Content | SEOQuantum

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Discover SEOquantum, a French writing tool that allows you to analyze semantics and write content that is fully optimized for SEO.

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Description SEOquantum 

SEOquatum is an SEO toolbox that mainly allows you to analyze the semantics of your content and obtain useful suggestions to improve their SEO optimization.  Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, SEOquantum also appears as a writing assistance tool by offering an assisted writing feature.  SEOquantum can also be used to perform certain SEO tasks such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and SERP rank tracking. 

What is SEOquantum? 

SEOquantum is a semantic analysis tool designed to help content marketers identify the best keywords to target.  The tool also provides several other useful writing features for better insertion of these keywords to ensure the creation of quality articles.  All you have to do is start with a seed keyword and SEOquatum will generate analytics reports for you that contain all the necessary information you need to create valuable content.  Source: SEOquantum These reports include, among other things: 
  • A list of relevant keywords associated with your main keyword A good text structure to implement
  • Suggestions of the type of subject that is appropriate to effectively meet the expectations of your target audience 
  • SEO metrics to identify and monitor the best SEO strategies used by the competition. What inspires you to propose a more competitive SEO strategy.

SEOquantum: How does the tool work? 

SEOquantum works with deep learning, a machine learning technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to provide its analytics reports.  This allows the tool to effectively explore the semantic environment used by your competitors before offering suggestions on:
  • The best profitable keywords associated with a theme
  • The lexies associated with a theme 
  • The best keyword density. 
Source: SEOquantum All this allows users, especially editors, to produce quality texts that really appeal to readers, but also to search engines.  Even better, SEOquatimum can assist writers during the writing process to come up with relevant paragraphs. As the writer writes, the tool provides them with suggested keywords to use to create meaningful sentences that fit the context.   

How is SEOquatum useful for your SEO strategy? 

SEOquantum represents a valuable advantage for any brand that wants to improve its visibility and conversions.  The tool remains an effective solution to address certain recurring problems in the world of SEO, namely: 
  • Where to start to produce quality content? 
  • How to proceed ? 
  • And how to ensure that its content is appreciated by search engines. 
Thanks to the many features it has and its semi-automated mode, SEOquatum provides valuable writing assistance by bringing together all the information needed to write easily. This saves time while producing really qualitative content.   Source: SEOquantum  SEOquatum can also be used to improve the semantics of existing content. By submitting the content in question, the tool is able to analyze it and indicate the elements to be reviewed to obtain better content.  Moreover, apart from being a way to build quality and relevant texts, the tool also helps to provide a good website structure.  Thanks to the semantic cocoon, SEOquatum makes it possible to naturally link your pages together in order to build a good website architecture, easily crawled by search engines and human users. This will help improve the ranking of your pages on the SERPs and boost your traffic. 

SEOquantum: Who is the tool for? 

For any business or person who wants to get more visibility and traffic on search engine pages, SEOquantum can be a good choice to achieve this goal.  The tool remains suitable for a broad user profile, which you see: 
  • A web editor 
  • A natural referencing agency 
  • An SEO consultant 
  • Or a freelancer, owner of a website. 

SEOquatum: The features of the tool 

Here is a list of the main features you will find on SEOquantum: 

1. Understanding the intentions of Internet users

The creation of quality content begins with an analysis of Internet users’ requests in order to understand the intention that hides behind every search term. And for that, SEOquantum can be a very useful tool. Thanks to the deep learning technology with which it is equipped, SEOquantum makes it possible to detect what Internet users are really looking for by launching a request. 
  • Is this a “commercial” intention?  
  • Or just a request for information on a particular subject, product, brand or person. 
With SEOquantum, you have a map of search intentions around the keywords you want to target on your website.  Source: Matthieu Tranvan To propose this mapping of intentions, SEOquantum is based not only on a semantic analysis of the keywords, but also an analysis of your competitive environment. 

2. A suggestion of questions asked by Internet users on Google 

To help you have more precision on the search intention of your target audience, SEOquantum also offers a list of keywords in the form of questions collected from the tool suggestion from Google.  This is a very useful feature to find out more about the search intention of Internet users and especially to know in which direction to orient your writing to respond effectively to Internet users’ questions. 

3. Keyword ideas to build a site tree

Another interesting feature of SEOquantum is the list of suggested topics to develop to structure your semantic cocoons.   For each main keyword you search for, the tool generates a series of related topics to help you get an overview of the semantic environment around the keyword.  Which can be very useful for: 
  • Offering a good content tree structure on your website 
  • Building a semantic cocoon Building a
  •  solid internal networking network. 

4. A SERP Tracking 

SEOquatum also offers features to compare your content strategy to those of your competitors.  This includes a performance analysis of the content of the top 10 web pages ranked on Google for your keyword.  For each web page, SEOquatum displays the rank occupied on the SERP, the URL of the page, the topics covered, the number of keywords and a performance score noted out of 100.  You also have the list of subtitles used for structure each content.  This can be useful to inspire you with content that is already performing for this keyword on the search engine pages. 

5. An editorial guide

One of the interesting features of SEOquantum is its paragraph-by-paragraph editorial guide which consists of giving you some suggestions of keywords to use to strengthen each paragraph of your content from an SEO point of view. If you don’t want to start from scratch, the tool also offers the option of downloading an editorial guide in pre-filled Word format to save time. 

6. A score to assess the level of SEO optimization of your content 

Once the content has been written, SEOquatum offers an analysis feature to ensure the SEO quality of the content before it is put online.  To do this, click on the “Optimize my content” button located at the top of the editor to launch the analysis.  After a few moments, the tool will assign an “SEO score” followed by a few key metrics to globally assess the SEO performance of the content. If it is an existing content, you will just have to enter the URL of the page and SEOquatum will take care of extracting the text and analyzing it.  Once the analysis report has been generated, the tool provides some recommendations to take into account to improve your SEO score, namely: 
  • The keywords that have been used well
  • The keywords that should be used more 
  • The keywords should be deleted altogether 
  • And additional keywords that can be added additionally. 
By respecting these indications, you will have to succeed in producing well-optimized content that will appeal to both search engines and Internet users. 

SEOquantum: Advantages and disadvantages 

  • Modern and intuitive interface that makes it easier to learn and use the tool 
  • Technical support available 
  • Practical features
  • Possibility of exporting data to CSV and PDF files
  • The editorial guide can be improved
  • Suggestions context keywords sometimes need to be tweaked manually before getting relevant phrases 
  • cannot be tested in the free version of the tool
  • Some reports may be difficult for beginners to understand SEO


features7-day trial period after which, you will need to subscribe to a tariff plan:
  • Silver Planat €89 excluding tax per month
  • Gold Plan at €239 excluding tax per month
Enterprise Plan Tailor-made rates

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SEOQuantum is a company created in January 2018 by Anthony Techer, an expert in the field of SEO who has already had at least 10 years of experience at the head of a web SEO agency. To help SEO professionals, he developed the SEOQuantum tool of the same name as his company. So, if you are an SEO, an SEO consultant or a brand and you are worried about your visibility not improving, you can use the tool. Specifically, it is a content marketing platform that assists the SEO community in the design of content optimized by Artificial Intelligence.  SEOQuantum offers through this technology good semantic analyzes and interesting ideas to facilitate the creation and optimization of content marketing.

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