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Generator Hreflang | Aleyda Solis

Generator Hreflang | Aleyda Solis

Short description : Generator Hreflang

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool Aleyda Solis Mise en avant
Easily generate hreflang annotations according to Google specifications for your pages using the hreflang tag generator tool.

Long Description : Generator Hreflang


For multinational companies with an overseas audience or customer base, Hreflang tags are an important element to consider in their SEO strategy.  But when typing the code, some syntactical errors can be made that prevent the Hreflang markup from working.  Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator is a solution that allows you to automatically generate Hreflang header codes without the need to write them yourself. 

What is Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator

As the name suggests, Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator is a tool that helps you quickly generate Hreflang header codes for each language version of your pages.  tool Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator helps you properly develop Hreflang tags for your site.  You can select languages ​​and countries easily without needing to enter lines of code. This considerably limits the syntactical errors that can be made when typing on the keyboard.  To generate the Hreflang agreement codes for your web pages, Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator offers you the possibility to do it directly online or via an XML sitemap. 

How to use Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator ? 

To get started:  Once on the site, the tool allows you to generate Hreflang annotations in two ways: 

1. Upload the URLs to mark up via a CSV file 

For this method, click on the “Choose file” button to import a pre-defined list filled with URLs to tag.  The file to be imported must be in CSV format and contain a single column of no more than 50 lines. Each line must contain a URL. 

2. Add the URLs to tag directly online in a dedicated form 

If you don’t have a CSV file, the tool gives you the option of adding your URLs directly online by filling out a dedicated form. 
  • To do this, enter in the URL address bar, the URL of the page to mark up for Hreflang annotations; 
  • Expand the “SELECT URL LANGUAGE” and “SELECT URL COUNTRY” fields to add a corresponding language and country:
  • If you have multiple URLs to submit, click the “ADD URL VERSION” button ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE / COUNTRY” to add a new URL. 
The tool should complete the form with a new line that will fill in a valid URL, language, and country. 
  • You can repeat the scenario to add several more URLs to the form and click on the “REMOVE” button to delete a line 
  • Once the list of URLs to be tagged is ready, click on one of the options: TAG TO INCLUDE IN THE HEADER AREA OF HTML PAGES or ATTRIBUTES IN AN XML SITEMAP 
  • Then click on the “GENERATE HREFLANG TAGS FOR THESE URLS” button. 
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Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator: Advantages and Limitations 

  • Ability to submit multiple URLs at once, either by importing a CSV file or manually entering URLs to tag. 
  • Ability to choose languages ​​without having to enter a line of code. This considerably reduces the risk of errors when typing on the keyboard. 
  • Ability to choose countries without having to enter a line of code. This considerably reduces the risk of errors when typing on the keyboard. 
  • Possibility to generate hreflang tags for headers
  • Impossible to generate an XML sitemap
  • Impossible to test the validation of generated Hreflang tags. 

Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator Who is the tool for? 

Aleyda Solis Hreflang Generator is a pretty handy solution for quickly generating Hreflang header codes. However, the tool remains a much more suitable solution for websites with a small architecture.  If you have a large site available in many language versions that are difficult to markup, it is more recommended to opt for powerful Hreflang generators such as HREFlang builder These tools are more intended for large enterprises and allow generating large scale Hreflang header codes via XML sitemaps with better ease.  Also, if you use a CMS (Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, etc.), there will probably be plugins or extensions dedicated to Hreflang markup. In these cases, these integrated solutions may prove to be a good choice.   

What are Hreflang tags? 

For multinational companies with customers abroad, it is important to offer several language versions of your website.  If you have an audience in France and Spain for example, your site must be available in two languages, French and Spanish.  And for each user in Spanish who tries to access your site, he will have to choose the language version that suits him. Which can be quite restrictive and cause you to lose traffic because most Internet users are in a hurry and prefer the easiest user experience possible.  tags Hreflang handy. They make it possible to indicate to search engines the language version which will be served automatically to each visitor according to his geographical position. Better still, Hreflang tags also allow search engines to specify regional dialects and other differences that can be noted in the same language.  Example : Belgian French and French from France or British English and American English.  Clearly, the end goal of Hreflang tags is to automatically serve your visitors the correct language version without them having to do it themselves.  

Why are Hreflang tags important? 

are an important factor in an International SEOHreflangs. For a good optimization of your website and a good ranking on the first pages of search engines in several countries, you must take into account Hreflang tags in your SEO strategy. 

1. Hrefs tags help improve your site’s user experience 

Hreflang tags are not only useful for search engines. By automatically offering the right language version of your website, it is also a way to offer a better user experience and make it easier for your visitors. This will have a positive impact on your bounce rate and your ranking on the SERPs

2. Avoid Duplicate Content Issues 

Another benefit of using Hreflang tags is avoiding duplicate content penalties on your website. Duplicate content is text excerpts that are partially or totally identical on several pages of your site.  It is a classified black hat SEO that can cost you Google penalties that can affect your ranking on search engine pages. So for long-lasting, penalty-free SEO, you need to avoid duplicate content on your site.  With Hreflang tags, you can notify search engines that language versions of your site are only translations of the main version.  Search engines will then be able to index these versions as copies of the main version and not separate versions. This will prevent you from falling into penalties related to duplicate content.

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Aleyda Solis Aleyda Solis is an international expert and SEO consultant. She provides SEO advice through Orainti, a highly rated company among SEO consultants and recommended by Moz. Aleyda Solis has helped set up several SEO tools. Among these is the Hreflang tag generator tool, which helps to generate useful Hreflang tag templates in different language and country versions of users’ pages.  It works by using the correct values ​​and syntax according to Google’s specifications for each language and country. She also created the international SEO ROI calculator tool which is a SEO rate calculator, intended for internationals. Thanks to her extensive research, Aleyda has been awarded several times, including European personality of the year in 2018.  She was previously ranked in the top 10 SEO marketing experts by Forbes in 2015.

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