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Find Long Tail Keywords | Long Tail Pro

Find Long Tail Keywords | Long Tail Pro

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Learn Long Tail Pro Keywords in Minutes to Rank Your Site High in Google Search Results

Long Description : Find Long Tail Keywords

Description LongTail Pro 

tool keyword research which allows you to identify keywords with low competition to target to get better rankings on the SERPs faster.  Source: LongTail Pro The platform can also be considered as a complete SEO tool thanks to its tools and features that affect all aspects of SEO, namely: keyword research, SERP, profile analysis of backlinks, competitive analysis and SEO audit. 

What is LongTail Pro? 

LongTail Pro is a keyword generator created to give website owners access to less competitive terms and phrases to boost your SEO campaign.  The tool is the brainchild of Spencer Haws, a fairly well-known SEO in the SEO industry, shocked at all the resources you have to dig through and all the time you have to invest before finding easy-to-rank keywords.  Source: Sitechecker  LongTail Pro was therefore developed to address this specific problem that you are probably also facing.  By entering one or more root keywords (up to 5 at a time), LongTail Pro allows you to generate hundreds of main and secondary keyword ideas associated with your search term.  The tool also offers you the possibility of importing a pre-established list of keywords in order to carry out a manual analysis.  You can also assess competitor domains and unearth untapped keyword opportunities in your industry.  On each suggested keyword, LongTail Pro relies on trusted and benchmark sources like Google Adword and Majestic to show important SEO metrics like search volume, CPC bids, and rank value.  Interestingly, LongTail Pro also has its own SEO metric, the Keyword Competitiveness Score.  As its name suggests, it is a single score scored on a scale of 1 to 10 that estimates the difficulty to face before ranking on the first page of Google for a specific keyword.  So the more a keyword obtains a Keyword Competitiveness Score closer to 100, the more difficult it will be to rank for this word on Google pages.  Source: Longtail Pro Which is an easy and quick way to target less competitive keywords and get better SEO results in the short term.  LongTail Pro also allows you to do a competitive analysis of websites that rank well on Google in your industry by accessing valuable information such as: 
  • Trust Flow and Citations Flow scores of competing sites 
  • Backlinks obtained by competitor sites 
  • The domain age of competitor sites 
  • And many other useful metrics for in-depth competitive analysis. 
Source: Softwarepundit So much invaluable information that can be used to strengthen your SEO strategy and be more competitive on the Google results pages. 

LongTail Pro: The different features offered 

LongTail Pro comes with several tools and features namely: 

1. An advanced keyword generator

Thanks to this platform tool, you can discover a stack of beneficial and easy to rank keywords search engine pages.  Source: LongTrailPro For this, the LongTail Pro keyword generator allows you to: 
  • Enter just 1 main keyword and access in a few seconds a list of 400 long-tail keywords collected from Google Keyword Planner. 
  • Filter your keyword list with important SEO metrics like search volume, CPC bids, rank value, etc. 
  • Discover profitable keywords that your competitors already rank highly on Google pages. 
  • Assess the profitability of your keywords by accessing real-time 


 SEOthe rankings of your competitors.  Source: LongTrailPro  For this, the tool allows you to: 
  • Enter up to 200 keywords in bulk to generate a SERP analysis 
  • Analyze your website to obtain performance indices on its organic traffic potential 
  • Analyze the backlinks profile of your competitors to uncover new link building opportunities to your site

3. A

LongTail Pro rank tracker allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO strategy by accessing your website’s ranking data on the pages of search engine.    Source: LongTrailPro Why
  • The tool offers a Rank Tracker feature obtained on the appreciation of 70,000 marketers to allow you to measure the success of your SEO strategy and track your progress on the SERPs. 
  • LongTail Pro’s rank tracker also allows you to discover the keywords for which you are close to the first page of Google. 
A way to detect the keywords for which your efforts are paying off. The work will then be to focus your efforts on these keywords to achieve better SEO results in the short term. 
  • Get reports on your SERP on your targeted keywords directly in your mailbox. 
An efficient way to track your rankings without necessarily having to access your LongTail Pro dashboard. 
  • Access advanced SEO metrics for in-depth analysis of your keywords. 

4. Audit your backlinks 

LongTail Pro also allows you to find missed or untapped keyword opportunities in your industry.  Source: LongTrailPro  For this, the tool allows you to: 
  • Track the backlinks that point to your home page or any other page on your website. Just enter a URL and the tool will provide you with the information needed to assess the quality of the backlinks listed on the page. 
  • Identify broken links pointing to your website. You can then repair these links and try to recover the traffic lost so far. 
  • Improve your backlink profile by accessing SEO data such as anchor text relevance, Trust Flow, Citations Flow, etc. 

5. SEO audit of your website 

For a complete SEO, LongTail Pro also allows you to measure the overall health of your site by identifying problems that affect the technical performance of the site.  For each problem encountered, the tool suggests relevant recommendations and advice to put in place for a healthier website.  Source: LongTrailPro  For this: 
  • Accurately identify technical SEO issues that undermine your site’s performance. These issues can be prioritized to prevent them from further affecting your SERP ranking.  
  • Get a full report on your site’s capabilities in terms of page load speed, mobile usability, and more. 
  • Obtain information on the quality of On-Page optimization of your site in order to give your web pages a better chance of ranking on the SERPs.
  • Discover trending topics to build a solid network of internal links. 

LongTail Pro: Everything you can do with the tool 

  • Start multiple projects at once. Which can be useful for creating multiple SEO campaigns for multiple websites while staying organized. 
  • Generate secondary keywords from a primary keyword
  • Extract keyword lists to external spreadsheets 
  • Import already pre-made keyword lists to your LongTail Pro dashboard 
  • Find long-tail keywords withcampaigns profitable Adsense
  • Track your SERP ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines
  • Spy on your competitors 

‘ keyword rankings LongTail Pro: Who is the tool for? 

LongTail Pro is particularly suitable for: 
  • Marketing professionals
  • SEO
  • consultants Affiliate
  • marketers Marketing agencies 

LongTail Pro: Pros 

  • andthe first page of Google for a specific keyword. 
Which can be useful to focus your SEO strategy on less competitive and easy to rank keywords
  • Ability to generate SERP over 200 keywords at a time
  • SEO training videos available for beginners 
  • Limited number of keyword searches per day. Which can be a problem when generating large SEO projects. 
  • No data on keyword search volume

LongTail Pro: Pricing 

LongTail Pro is available in 3 pricing plans:  Starter Plan 
  • $37 per month 
Pro Plan 
  • $67 per month
Pro Agency 
  • 147 per month
By choosing an annual subscription for each plan, you will get 4 months of free use. Learn more.

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Long Tail pro is a powerful software focused on keyword research. It was created by SEO marketer Spencer Haws, with the aim of remedying the endless hours spent researching low competition keywords.  Thus, Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique keywords in minutes based on a single root keyword or multiple root keywords at a time.  Thus, more than 800 keywords can be generated only on Google and on a daily basis, thanks to this software. Long Tail Pro also has many other SEO tools, essential for SEO professionals.  These include:
  • the SERP verification tool;
  • the ranking tracking tool;
  • the backlink analysis tool;
  • the site audit tool.
Each of these tools helps establish better scores for site optimization.

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