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Tracking Algorithm | Algoroo

Tracking Algorithm | Algoroo

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Algoroo is a Google algorithm tracking tool developed by DEJAN. Our system monitors carefully selected keywords and looks for fluctuations. Negative and positive movements are added together to create a single SERP feed metric that we call “roo”. A high roo value indicates high volatility in Google search results.

Long Description : Tracking Algorithm

Description Algoroo

In order to remain as efficient as possible, Google makes changes to its algorithm almost every day.  As a website owner or marketer, how can you be kept up to date with these algorithmic changes and how they might affect your website’s SEO?  Fortunately, there are solutions like Algorro, which allow you to be continuously informed about what has changed in Google’s algorithm in order to make adequate decisions to stay safe from any possible new sanction. 

What is Algoroo? 

Algoroo is an algorithm tracking tool from Google. That is to say, the tool allows you to track all the algorithmic updates of the search engine.    By accessing Algoroo, you can get an overview of major Google changes that affect search results (SERPs).  For this, the tool carefully monitors more than 17,000 keywords at 100 search positions in depth to detect fluctuations observed in the ranking order of Google search results.  The tool was developed by DEJAN, an agency based in Australia renowned for offering innovative solutions in digital marketing.

What is an “ROO” on Algoroo? 

The “ROO” on Algoroo can be defined as a metric to evaluate the flow on the SERPs. Essentially, ROO comes in two forms: 
  • When ROO takes on a high value, then it means that there is usually high volatility in the Google search results ranking. 
  • When the ROO takes a low value, it means that the results environment is rather stable. Algorithm changes therefore did not affect search results. 
In addition, remember that Google does not always reveal the changes it makes to its algorithms.  If this happens, Algoroo displays its changes on its charts in the form of annotations like this May 2022 update officially announced by Google: 

Algoroo: Some important features to know 

Ability to see the SERP feed on desktop and mobile devices : The first feature that can be noticed on Algoroo is that the tool allows you to view SERP volatility on both desktop computers and mobile phones.  Ability to define a date range for the follow-up report: The second feature to note is that you can delimit a given period to be taken into account in the report. This remains very easy to do thanks to the drag and drop system that Algoroo offers with the possibility of choosing between 7 days and 2 years.  Ability to see weekly winners and losers on Google SERPs: Another cool feature of Algoroo is that with its regularly updated data, the tool shows web pages that have seen an improvement in their rankings in Google results. on a one-week scale.  It also shows web pages that have seen their ranking drop in Google results on a one-week scale.    Summary of the day: Last feature, Algoroo presents a brief summary on the fluctuations observed on Google pages during the day. 

Algoroo: The benefits of the tool 

1. Algoroo offers a much larger data set 

Algorro allows you to examine in the foreground, the activity of the search engine algorithm up to 3 years back. This represents a fairly wide range of data unlike what other Google algorithm tracking tools offer. The tool also offers a weekly ranking of web pages that have risen and fallen in Google search results.  You also have an axis to easily modify the period taken into account in the report. All this on a user-friendly and intuitive interface, easy to master by everyone. 

2. Algoroo monitors thousands of keywords

Among algorithm tracking tools, Algoroo is probably among the best when it comes to showing the latest algorithmic changes.  Indeed, the tool determines the SERP feed based on more than 17,000 keywords for a hundred search result positions. In addition, Algoroo has its own metric, the “roo” to evaluate the flow on Google pages.  

3. Algoroo provides an overview of Google

volatility SERP (search results pages) volatility refers to the change that can be observed in the ranking order of search results. This volatility of SERPs is greatly influenced by the changes that search engines make to their algorithms.  Thanks to its detailed and well-illustrated report, Algoroo allows you to have a better view of the fluctuations observed on Google pages. 

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Algoroo is a Google algorithm tracking tool developed by DEJAN. It is based on a system that carefully monitors selected keywords while looking for fluctuations.  This is because Google does not always disclose internal updates and algorithm changes. But when it does, Algoroo flags it as an annotation on its chart. The negative and positive movements detected by the tool are then added together to create a single SERP feed metric named “Roo”.  A high Roo value indicates high volatility in Google search results. A low Roo value is usually seen on an ordinary day, and is unlikely to be affected by algorithmic changes at Google.   

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