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Backlinks Analysis | Ahrefs

Backlinks Analysis | Ahrefs

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Ahrefs Mise en avant
Learn about the features of the Ahrefs SEO toolkit to improve your site’s performance.

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The top 5 URLs in Google results generate 67.60% of all clicks. This figure indicates that natural referencing is the ultimate solution for generating online traffic. But getting to rank among the top results is an extremely difficult task given the many data to take into account.  Fortunately, an SEO tool like Ahrefs makes it possible to have and process this data in a few clicks. Through this description, we walk through the various features of this toolset.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an SEO tool that gives you information that you then use to make your website easier to find in search engines. It offers various functions, such as
  • Keyword research;
  • The analysis of the competition;
  • Searching for backlinks;
  • Content research;
  • Ranking follow-up;
  • Web monitoring.
Using these functions, you will be able to work on both the on-page and off-page optimization of your site as well as analyze the behavior of your competitors.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the front door through which you access Ahrefs features. This page allows you to have an overview of the most important figures of the projects you have in progress. The data in the dashboard is not specific to a web page, but is a summary of information related to your site such as:
  • The number of backlinks you have;
  • The number of keywords that are found;
  • The authority of your website in your domain.
From this information, you can deepen your analysis by exploring the site.

Site Explorer

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer feature allows you to see an impressive array of interesting facts about your website.  As an example, you can see your backlinks including old, new and those who are lost. The same goes for your internal links, the keywords used to find you, the keywords used by your competitors, and the top pages on your website. The Site Explorer function is not only usable to have this information about your site, but also about some specific pages or even a subdomain.

Keyword Explorer Keyword

research is one of the first things to do when dedicating yourself to optimizing your website for search engines. These are the specific terms you want online searchers to find you for. But it’s not always straightforward, as chances are other sites are trying to rank for those same terms. The trick is to rank for terms people search for most often, but also terms with less competition. That’s exactly what Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer lets you do, see how often a certain search term is typed in, what the competition is, and what important related search terms are.

Content Explorer

The Content Explorer function also provides information on keywords, but more on their search results. From this feature, you find out which sites or pages are already using certain keywords and getting a lot of social shares. To use this function, just insert your keyword to get a list of articles that have been shared on social media. Filter options allow articles to be sorted by:
  • Social media;
  • Traffic value;
  • Language ;
  • Domain Authority.
With this information, you do an analysis of your competition, see what their SEO score is, and how much do you need to improve.


The alerts feature allows Ahrefs to notify you when:
  • You are found on a new search term;
  • You get a new backlink;
  • Your name is mentioned, but no link to your website is added.
This information allows you to be immediately informed of changes to your website. The great thing about this feature is that you can find keyword opportunities, check the quality of backlinks before the bad ones harm you, and backlink opportunities.


Tracker Called Rank Tracker, this feature helps you keep an eye on the results of your efforts. It shows you at a glance your position in Google for a certain keyword. Among the information you can have, we have your current positions, the expected traffic for a keyword and your average position. So when your ranking drops, you can take action faster.

Site Audit and Other Features

With Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature, you get insight into the technical basis of your website. You can see for example if it is fast, if the coding and links are good and if your website has the right certificates. Ahrefs also offers other features just as interesting as those presented above. For example, it helps you: Find broken links easily : Ahrefs shows you all broken links on a site; Analyze anchor text : While keyword-rich anchor text can improve your rankings, it can also trigger a penalty from Google when over-optimized; Best link growth : This is a report that shows your pages that are getting links in the past few days ; Batch Scan : Instead of scanning URLs one by one, this option lets you scan up to 200 URLs at once; Find guest post opportunities : Ahrefs can be used to find sites in your niche that accept guest posts; Top content : This is basically the “Best By Links” for social shares. In other words, you can see which pages are most often shared on social media. Ahrefs’ tools ease the process of website optimization through deep analysis of all aspects of a site. So you can save time, get more traffic, spy on the competition, and build backlinks, all with this collection of tools.

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Ahrefs bears the same name as its famous Ahrefs tool, which is one of the most used tools in the SEO and digital marketing industry. In its early days, the tool was only intended for analyzing the backlink profile of a website. Today, Ahrefs has grown a lot and has become a suite of tools that allow you to perform several SEO tasks such as: building backlinks, keyword research, competitive SEO analysis, ranking monitoring and SEO audit. The tool is also known for the Domain Rating (DR) which is an insider indicator to evaluate on a scale of 1 to 100, the authority of a website according to the backlinks that point to its pages.

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