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Spam Blocker | Adwords Robots

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Did you know that you can protect your Google Analytics data against ghost traffic?

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Spam Blocker

According to a study of multiple Google Analytics accounts, spam traffic is around 11% and more than half of all sites had spam traffic. These numbers show that all sites are vulnerable to ghost traffic when they don’t put measures in place to prevent it from happening. However, the measures that Google Analytics offers to block spambots from introducing ghost traffic into your data are not always effective. Fortunately, Adwodrs Robot provides webmasters with the Google Analytics Referrer Spam Blocker tool to effectively combat referral traffic. In this description, we learn about the Google Analytics Referrer Spam Blocker tool and how it helps you get rid of referral traffic on your site. Finally, we go through the filters of the tool as well as these different characteristics.

What is Spam Blocker?

It’s a free tool created by AdWords Robot to help webmasters and site owners keep their Analytics data and statistics as clean as possible. Indeed, most sites are confronted with referral spam, also called ghost spam. This is a tactic of sending repeated site requests using a fake referring URL to a site that the spammer hopes to promote. This spam often takes place in Google Analytics where bots add domains to your traffic data without someone visiting your site. In general, this ghost traffic does not directly cause damage to your site. However, it contributes to DDoS attacks and damages your SEO as well as your website reputation. The real problem is that it pollutes Analytics data and your site statistics to such an extent that you cannot implement a viable strategy with this biased data. Using the Google Analytics Referrer Spam Blocker tool will allow you to sanitize your Analytics data and protect you from robots that will try to invade your Google Analytics account in order to leave non-existent traffic.

Who is the Spam Blocker tool for?

The purpose of this tool is to help combat referrer spam which can cause problems for Google Analytics accounts. Thus, it is intended for webmasters and site owners who regularly consult their Analytics accounts and who do not wish to have biased data. Spam Blocker will stop and prevent traffic spam from being added to your Google Analytics. This tool also works for WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, etc. sites. Unlike others, this spam blocker is easy to learn and you can use it for free.

How does Referrer Spam Blocker work?

To help you fight referrer spam, Google Analytics Referrer Spam Blocker applies over 35 filters to each of the views you receive on your site. The job of these filters is to exclude traffic from spam bots. The filters that the tool offers you can be classified into three groups:
  • Hostname filter: This type of filter excludes traffic whose hostname is empty. The name of this filter is AR-Spam-Killer-Hostname.
  • Screen resolution filter: A filter that excludes traffic for which the screen resolution is blank. The name of this filter is AR-Spam-Killer-Screen-resolution.
  • Domain Filter: A filter that excludes domains known by the tool to be referrer spam.
Although these filters will allow you to filter out a lot of spam domains, there are likely to be a few unknown domains left. If the tool ignores a spammy domain, you can report it to to block it.

What happens when filters are applied?

When you select views (traffic) and click Apply Filters, Google Analytics Referrer Spam Blocker does one of three things:
  • The tool removes old filters (starting with AR-Spam-Killer-*) of those views selected when you previously applied filters to all views;
  • This involves removing the old filters from these views in order to update it with new filters;
  • The tool adds new filters to the selected views.
The tool associates the new filters you defined with the views you selected. In the end, all selected views will have the correct filters connected to them. But when all is not well, the tool will notify you and continue with the other accounts.

Features of the

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Blocker tool is still under development and new features are likely to be added to the old ones. Currently, the tool allows you to:
  • Apply filters to multiple accounts and views at once, which can save time.
  • Delete the old filters in order to set up the new ones you want;
  • Search accounts with a convenient tree view of accounts/properties/views;
  • See the updated spam domain list, containing over 500 domains.
Also, remember that Google Analytics has a limit on the number of operations per second and the number of operations per day. That said, it is possible for the tool to reach this limit. In this case, you will receive a message about this and you will have to wait a few hours before you can launch the tool again.  While it’s impossible to completely avoid spam on the web, you can still control its impact on your Google Analytics data. Using the Google Analytics Referrer Spam Blocker tool will allow you to apply the right filters in order to make the data accurate in your Google Analytics accounts regardless of the type of site you have. By doing so, this tool helps you save time and money as well as optimize your site’s performance.

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Adwords Robot is a digital marketing company based in Enschede in the Netherlands. An innovative company, it uses Big Data technologies to support its customers in their digital transformation. Thus, in order to help them increase their growth, Adwords Robot allows them to automate their digital marketing tools. In this regard, the company specializes in the optimization of AdWords advertising campaigns, particularly for online stores. The agency’s professionals deal with three main areas of AdWords marketing. These are:
  • attracting new visitors to the site;
  • recovering cart abandonments and existing customers;
  • improving campaign profitability.
Adwords Robot also offers many tools to improve the management of your AdWords account. For example, it is possible to use its robot to verify your AdWords account in more than 50 regions. The process usually takes a few minutes.

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