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View as a search engine | BrowseSEO

View as a search engine | BrowseSEO

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Browseo is a fairly popular piece of software used by expert web marketers to view the rendered HTML version of a page’s content like search engine robots do.

Long Description : View as a search engine

Description Browseo

Understanding how search engines view your website is a great way to spot issues with your page indexing. Indeed, Browser allows you to see the reverse side of your website in order to read the health of your pages in the form of codes. Let’s find out more in this description.

What is Browseo ?

As said, Browseo is a tool for reading the DOM of a website that you can use just by entering an url in the reserved bar on the Browseo home page. Content is the most important thing for search engines on a website so they tend to consider design less. This is why the pure HTML output to allow a web page to be seen in a way very similar to the way search engine robots see this same content is a very interesting, even essential.  So, by dispensing with visual components and emphasizing content, the tool helps you focus on what search engines are interested in.  This is what makes Browseo a great tool when it comes to optimizing your content for search engines. In other words, it helps put the real content in the center of attention, allowing you to achieve two important things. First, Browseo helps you see a website like a search engine crawler does by removing all visual elements that simply don’t matter much for SEO.  Second, Browseo helps you focus on content in a way you never did before by paying more attention to the structure, titles, and distribution of links in your content.  Thus, the tool allows you to identify the impact of these aspects on SEO and accordingly provides best practices to optimize your own content in the best possible way. With its suggestions and recommendations, you can easily structure your website content to be pleasing to users and search engines. We can therefore note that Browseo is a powerful tool that can help you redesign your website by focusing on the most important element, which is the information you are trying to convey to readers and search engines.

What makes Browseo unique?

Sometimes we rely on the design of a website to predict that it is sure to impress readers and search engines. But the reality is that the beautiful design of a website does not reflect the quality of the content it provides or the perception one has at first sight. Fortunately, search engines have evolved so much that they won’t be swayed by good design alone. It is on this concept that Browseo , quickly dispensing with visual distractions to highlight the valuable data of the content such as:
  • Internal links; 
  • External links;
  • “nofollow” links;
  • Etc.
It can also show details about server response codes and other information that may be relevant to your SEO efforts. Moreover, the user-friendliness of the tool allows you to navigate the pages using your mouse and keyboard, as you are used to. 

How Browseo works

When you visit a web page from Browseo, you will see a locker which is usually based on its HTML code.  Otherwise, the tool displays the page much like search engine robots do. This allows you to understand very quickly the overall structure of a page in a few clicks thanks to the information that is provided such as:
  • Redirect URLs;
  • Server response codes;
  • Header tags;
  • Internal links;
  • External links; 
  • meta information; 
  • Etc. 
And finally, the tool gives you the possibility of being able to easily download a spreadsheet which records all the important results discovered in each session, which allows you to review the results at a later date and facilitate your research.

Why do people use Browseo?

Most users start by using Browseo for their own websites, which is completely normal. When people use it for the first time, they give themselves the pleasure of coming back to the tool each time for the perfect health of their website. And already knowing what your website looks like visually, the tool lets you learn more about its flip side. Browseo will show you what it looks like to search engines, putting your content front and center so you can start to identify areas you can improve and optimize.  When it comes to figuring out exactly what these aspects are, you’ll likely turn to competitor research. Since Browseo is completely free and does not limit your daily searches, you can also search the websites of your potential major competitors. By examining how your main competitors are impressing search engines with their content, you will also have a better chance of ranking high. Because you can see commonalities between posts and top-ranking pages through their structure, keywords, content strategies, number of links, and other important factors. This information extracted from your competitors will serve as a resource for you to optimize your website pages.  Although it may seem like a simple tool at first glance, it is actually extremely powerful when it comes to revealing the structure and the Basic SEO-friendly strategies you could use.

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BrowSEO is an SEO extension, which makes it possible to display any web page without the style distractions.  It also highlights the parts of a page that are SEO relevant.  It was developed in 2012 by Jonathan Schikowski and Paul Piper, respectively SEO consultant and developer. BrowSEO was created to make it easier for users and owners of websites to better optimize the pages of their sites. It is rather focused on the SEO audit, because it makes it possible to detect the failures and errors present on the sites.  Specifically, the tool displays certain details about pages and their content, such as server response codes, redirects, header content, or meta information.  Moreover, it helps users to highlight three types of links which are:
  • internal links;
  • external links;
  • nofollow links.
BrowSEO is a popular tool for developers and digital marketers. It is also used by many companies with the aim of attracting more traffic.

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