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SEO Audit | RM Tech

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Would you like to improve your site further for better results? Discover RM Tech, the complete SEO audit tool !

Long Description : SEO Audit

Description RM Tech

Like other SEO tools that provide SEO positioning, backlinks or web content analysis reports, discover another very useful tool to start or continue your website’s SEO optimization plan. : RM Tech. This tool was designed by two French references, SEO experts: Olivier Duffez (founder of WebRankInfo and co-founder of Ranking Metrics), and Fabien Facériès (SEO software editor and co-founder of Ranking Metrics). Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what this program is for, how it works and what it offers when it comes to detecting and correcting technical problems with a website. We begin !

What is RM Tech?

RM Tech is an effective and easy to use SEO solution for businesses.  It is equipped with a small robot (crawler) which analyzes several crucial technological elements that can have an impact on the natural referencing of your website. After the crawl, which performs the detailed analysis of your site, RM Tech uses Ranking Metrics’ unique algorithms to generate personalized recommendations based on the results. This can help your site run more efficiently and rank higher in search engines. These recommendations are complemented by detailed and easy to understand explanations , allowing each site manager to understand what needs to be done. With a clean interface and extensive documentation, RM Tech is suitable not only for SEO experts, but also for novices who need a basic understanding of Google SEO. In conclusion, thanks to a fully automated technical audit, it should allow an SEO expert to see things differently, while allowing him to take a step back from his bad habits.

The main features of RM Tech

1. A very complete audit report

RM Tech score

The tool calculates an RM Tech score, which is the complete audit score Source: RMtech This score indicates the extent to which natural referencing has been optimized in relation to the elements of the site:
  • Internal links;
  • Contents ; 
  • Backlinks;
  • Etc.

8 sets of main criteria analyzed

The tool offers a global vision of the SEO difficulties of a website.  Each page is evaluated by dozens of checkpoints and internal algorithms, classified into eight families:
  1. Title tags;
  2. meta description tags;
  3. URL responding in error;
  4. Loading time ;
  5. Indexability of HTML pages;
  6. Quality of content and pages;
  7. External outbound links;
  8. Internal mesh and page depth.
Click here to see a sample SEO audit report provided by RM Tech.

2 . Focus on Quality Risk

Quality Risk, originally designed by RM Tech, is a way to assess the quality of your content in relation to Google’s objectives.  Source: RMtech As a reminder, Google greatly appreciates high quality content and does not hesitate to promote it. In the same way, it penalizes those of lower quality, as demonstrated by its algorithms : Panda, Phantom or Penguin. On the other hand, it must be recognized that quality is a subjective It is then difficult to define what constitutes excellent content for a robot today. But, we can have an approximate idea, and this is what RM Tech wanted to demonstrate in this case with its Quality Risk score. To determine the quality, Google bases itself on several objective criteria. These criteria and those assessed by RM Tech for your website are taken into account to determine the Quality Risk score. Among these are:
  • Page loading speed;
  • Internal linking;
  • The Title tag and meta description;
  • Uniqueness and size of content;
  • Semantic tags;
  • External outbound links;
  • Internal outbound links;
  • The number of clicks required to move from one page to another (called the page crawl depth);
  • Etc.
Based on these previously listed criteria, RM Tech calculates the risk of each page, noted QR (Quality Risk). The higher a page’s QR (100 being the maximum), the more you need to improve its quality based on these objective criteria. Generally, it is advisable to have a RQ lower than 20. Of course, this is only a suggestion, but it is an important and fascinating indicator to keep in mind when evaluating the overall quality of your pages.

3. Coupling included with Analytics and Search Console

In March 2017, Olivier Duffez and his team integrated a crucial change at RM Tech: the association with Google Analytics. Source: My Ranking metrics Olivier Duffez said: With access to the Google Analytics account linked to the site, data that measures the SEO performance of pages can be retrieved. Indeed, to provide its users with a comprehensive evaluation of websites, in addition to its Quality Risk factor, RM Tech has connected data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console with the crawl.  Thanks to this new system, this tool, which was already complete, progressed to become even more efficient and flexible. With the crawl coupling function with Google Analytics, RM Tech can for example identify all the active pages of a site over a given period (we suggest 365 days). Active pages are in fact those that have received at least one visit from natural referencing. Thus, it classifies all indexable content into four categories:
  • Highly active pages : those that have generated 3650 or more sessions in a year;
  • Active pages : 365 to 3649 sessions generated over 365 days;
  • Less active pages : from 1 to 364 sessions generated over 365 days;
  • Inactive pages : those that do not generate any session.
The inactive pages are where you should focus first, as they are not generating any traffic. With the information provided in the report, you should be able to optimize these pages so that they generate traffic again or, as a last resort, choose to delete them. WARNING: If a web page is labeled as not very active, this does not necessarily mean that it represents a threat to the SEO of your site!

4. New feature: Ability to detect zombie and orphan pages on your website!

In the case of an SEO audit combined with Search Console and Analytics, the crawler can also calculate a “Zombie Index(scored out of 100). Source: My ranking metrics For Olivier Duffez (co-founders of RM Tech), the detection of zombie pages, that is to say almost unrecoverable pages that are full of errors and have little success, is an absolute priority This feature, which debuted towards the end of 2018, still requires human inspection like its predecessors. Update of 03.15.2019 : Always with the aim of doing better in this detection procedure and improving pages with poor SEO performance, the professionals of My Ranking Metrics have created another tool that can be linked to RM Tech , Google Search Console and Google Analytics: RM Sitemaps. Source: RM Sitemaps Thanks to the latter, you can audit the XML sitemap(s) of your site and thus discover, in addition to the zombie pages, the orphan pages of your site without having to access your logs. As a reminder, a page is said to be orphan when it has no outgoing links (links to other pages) visible to Google robots and other search engines.

5. Download all the data (Excel, CSV)

Each audit report is indeed accompanied by appendices which contain all the data, which allows you to correct the errors discovered. The annexes are available in Excel and CSV formats, and can be downloaded in a ZIP archive with 1 click. This is ideal for later use.

The advantages and disadvantages of RM Tech


With RM Tech, you have the:
  • Ability to access data at any time (24 hours a day) and from anywhere;
  • Possibility of coupling with Google Search Console and Google Analytics;
  • Ability to export general reports in PDF;
  • Possibility of using the tool in its French version.


The tool also has some disadvantages which are:
  • The validity of purchased credits is only 1 year;
  • Only URLs likely to be indexed are analyzed;
  • Some technologies are not supported: Javascript, AJAX, CSS, cookies, Meta robots tags…

RM Tech pricing The RM Tech

tool offers two main offers (Discovery and Premium) each with several paid formulas :tool also offers a free version, but this is limited and will not allow you to view errors on your site in detail. Below is a comparison of the two versions:


Ranking Metrics continues to work on new features, and does not intend to stop there. We are working on sitemaps“, specifies Olivier Duffez. Thus, the crawl will be performed using a sitemap or a list of URLs, rather than going from link to link. In addition, automated cross-analysis with the crawl will be implemented. RM Tech is to be followed very closely!

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My Ranking Metrics is developed by Ranking Metrics SARL. This is a company created in 2005 by Olivier Duffez, Antoine Chiarelli and Fabien Facériès. It aims to help companies, SEO specialists and digital marketing professionals to improve their various marketing strategies. My Ranking Metrics is precisely a free SEO analysis platform. The tool allows its users to obtain an SEO audit report in just a few clicks. Thus, they can easily improve their content marketing and their ranking in the SERPs. The Ranking Metrics SARL tool can quickly audit tens of thousands of pages and this easily because of its different functionalities.

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