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Keywords | SEMrush

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Semrush is a popular SEO tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, and Google Ads optimization. The tool has a significant number of features to help you increase the ranking of your website.

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Building backlinks, researching keywords, tracking rankings are just a few things you can do when you have a website. This means that there are so many that you can almost never do everything manually. This is why there are tools with objectives that you can use according to the need you feel. But an all-in-one tool like SEMrush can still be very beneficial because it can have all the features you may need. Obviously, SEM is an almost complete and sufficient tool to help your website climb the ranks on the SERPs. If you would like to find out how SEMrush works, I recommend that you read this short description.

What is SEMrush ?

SEMRush is an online software that helps website owners optimize web pages for search engines and also helps in running digital marketing campaigns. SEMRush provides you with a lot of information with which you can: 
  • Spot new and better trends in your market;
  • Find link building opportunities; 
  • Find promising keywords for your online marketing campaigns; 
  • Identify the keywords used for which your potential competitors rank in search engines;
  • And create new content that can attract traffic. 
The tool gives you an accurate idea of ​​your ranking on the search results pages compared to your potential competitors. On top of that, it suggests to you which specific keywords or phrases have high ranking potential and which ones you will struggle to rank for. SEMRush also audits your on-page SEO, allowing you to better understand your page and optimize it for SEO to improve your rankings and better generate leads.  It also suggests websites worth having for backlinks. We can’t finish talking about all the features of SEMrush, because it has more than 40. We are going to discuss the most used ones:

Site Audit Module

The first feature that we will discuss in this description is that of site audit. website. When you create an audit project for your website, SEMrush provides you with a summary report that lets you see the overall health of your website. You can also access the thematic report which gives you information on 5 important elements, namely:
  • Exploration;
  • HTTPS implementation;
  • International referencing;
  • Performances ;
  • Internal links. 
As you can see, when the SEMrush crawler crawls your website, it just organizes the issues it finds by classifying them by:
  • Errors; 
  • Warnings;
  • And notice.
If you are using the paid version of the tool, the report can show all the pages the bot has crawled so you can check them one by one.

SEO module

SEMrush’s SEO tool is probably the most used tool online because of its effectiveness. The interface is packed with a set of metrics to show the online presence of the domain. The idea is to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of any area.  From this page, you can click on any data module to access a more detailed report. Additionally, the tool’s SEO module allows you to audit your link profile to prevent your website from being penalized by Google. The feature helps you detect toxic domains related to your website in order to disavow them. Also, you can use this module to identify the backlinks that feed your competitors but not you. So, you can find link building opportunities by comparing backlink profiles. Being an SEO module, it also provides a keyword overview report. You can search any keyword nationally or globally to get relevant information like:
  • Volume;
  • The difficulty of the keywords;
  • CPC;
  • Communication ;
  • Etc.
SEMrush also has a link building feature. All you need to do is enter a domain and the link building tool collects a list of link building opportunities. It automatically configures an interface to send an awareness campaign to get backlinks. Obviously, the SEMrush SEO module does not remain without offering a global overview of online citation management. If you have a professional website, you can use the local SEO ads management tool.  The tool automatically submits your website to authoritative directories.  Besides, manually analyzing your website’s access logs is a tedious task. SEMrush therefore allows you to upload your access log to Log File Analyzer for the tool to help you interpret the data.  When it comes to website traffic, the tool combines data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Semrush to get the most accurate data. This way you can identify those irrelevant keywords. And to top it all off, SEMrush ranks websites based on estimated organic traffic and organic visibility from the previous month to give you an idea of ​​your SERP rankings.   By using this ranking system, you can know how your website performs against all other domains.

Paid Search Module

When you search for a domain, the report lists the keywords that competitors rank best for when they advertise on Google Ads.  Semrush will list the volume, traffic figures and estimated monthly average value. Similar to position changes for organic keywords, some ads may rank high and others will rank lower. This report tracks these changes, lists them, and categorizes them into new, lost, improved, and disapproved keywords. You can use the Competitor Report to identify all competing websites showing paid ads for the exact keywords like yours. You may also obtain the advertising copies used by a competing domain. This gives you access to some crucial information like their titles, their calls to action, their targeted keywords and the corresponding landing page. In general, SEMrush alone can be enough for your website to excel in search engine rankings because it has the most essential features.

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Semrush is a Saas platform for online visibility management and content marketing created in 2008. In the beginning, Semrush was a small group of SEO and IT specialists. Its aim was to make online competition fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for all. Today, Semrush is a powerful platform that helps marketers around the world increase their online visibility. Indeed, Semrush helps companies of all sizes and in all sectors to optimize their visibility on key channels. It also allows them to create engaging content for their users.  Semrush is also recognized as one of the best SEO software and has been rewarded several times through numerous international awards.  It now has 13 years of experience in the field of SEO with nearly 10 million users across 143 countries. In addition, Semrush, thanks to its notoriety, enjoys the trust of major global brands such as: AMAZON, TESLA, IBM, SAMSUNG, QUORA and many more.

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