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Keywords Tracking | Nozzle

Keywords Tracking | Nozzle

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If you want access to more enterprise-level SERP data than any tool has ever offered, you’ve come to the right place. SEO data nerds drool over our Google Keyword Rank Tracker.

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SEO is not simply limited to the implementation of actions aimed at optimizing your content for SEO. It also consists of monitoring your rankings to discover if your actions are effective and if you should continue in this direction. But to succeed in this step, you will need an effective tracking tool that analyzes your rankings for both global SERPs and local SERPs as well as for any device. Nozzle is one of its tools and it doesn’t just stop at showing you your rankings, it also lets you analyze the ranks of the competition to find ways to beat them. Through this description, I will take you to discover the Nozzle tool as well as the different data it will allow you to obtain as part of ranking monitoring.

What is Nozzle?

Nozzle is a great SERP monitoring tool that collects all ranking data regarding specific keywords. It then organizes them into an intuitive dashboard, where you can see everything from general trends to very detailed data. On your dashboard, you can segment the ranking data according to the strategy that is adapted to your situation. This can include analyzing feature snippets, “people also ask” boxes, paid ads, listings with reviews or images, and more. Mass tracking is also possible on Nozzle and you can assign your keywords to groups of keywords for maximum organizational capacity. By default, Nozzle’s dashboard is specialized for different tasks, which allows the tool to present you with multiple pieces of information, but in a specific way. Thus, you have an overview of the performance of your brand and you will be able to analyze the rankings of your site by segment or by group of keywords. Nozzle also allows you to discover the ranking of your main competitors, which can be really useful for competitive intelligence. The tool also offers metrics and tools to make historical comparisons and to help you see how your site is doing compared to those of your competitors. You can also track your keywords on a schedule that works for you. Indeed, Nozzle offers a scheduling feature that will allow you to monitor your keys according to the periods you want. Real-time social profile tracking is also a reality with Nozzle and you can see how your brand is performing across platforms, including YouTube channels. As for the number of keywords to monitor, it is downright unlimited at Nozzle, which of course allows you to constantly monitor your rankings and those of the competition.

Features of Nozzle

Nozzle offers several features for tracking and ranking your site.

Competitive Analysis

As we just mentioned, Nozzle is a great tool for competition, as it provides functionality that not only tracks your rankings, but also compares you over time periods. Indeed, competition analysis is a permanent initiative for any company that seeks to remain efficient over time. On the SERPs, no place is forever and even when you have a better ranking today, other sites are working on optimizing their content and may overtake you at any time. Competitive analysis will allow you to see how your competitors are doing and to what extent they will be able to outperform you. So you can update your content and make the necessary corrections to improve. This is what Nozzle will allow you to do, monitor your competitors in the SERPs and keep an eye on what they are doing to improve day by day. Unlike other tools, Nozzle allows you to monitor an unlimited number of competitors completely free of charge. Moreover, it is not only with keywords that you will be able to monitor your competitors. Nozzle will allow you to monitor all the movements of your competitors whether by brand name, ownership or even URLs. If you don’t know who your customers are, just take a look at Nozzle’s dashboard in the Share of Voice & Rewriting History section. It immediately shows you unknown competitors by domain, subdomain and URL. You can also add specific competitors if you want to this list if you wish.

Tracking and Monitoring

Nozzle doesn’t limit you to monitoring a single domain like other tracking tools. Just like tracking your competitors, you can monitor your brand, domain, or URL. The tool allows you to do custom follow-ups and you can set your own rules to get as accurate results as possible. For example, you can monitor external blogs, press releases, guest articles on external domains, Quora results…

Flexible programming

Obviously your keywords do not have the same priorities, Nozzle offers you this effect of flexible and real-time schedules.   What sets this tool apart is that it doesn’t require you to pay the same price to track your long tail keywords as your main terms. Nozzle allows you to divide your keywords into multiple programming slices. That said, you can closely monitor your most important keywords daily or on a more frequent basis. On the other hand, you can only keep an eye on the less important keywords and schedule them on a weekly or even monthly basis.


Nozzle can show you an array of data that you would never expect from a rank tracker. These are:


In addition to tracking your ranks, Nozzle factors in a number of things in tracking that will surely put you ahead of your competitors:
  • Top Pixels;
  • Advertising-adjusted ranking;
  • Mixed rank.


Through some metrics, Nozzle helps you identify and assign dollar amounts and revenue to your SEO. These are:
  • Traffic estimation;
  • CPP value;
  • Search volume.

Groups of keywords

With Nozzle, you can perform a few operations on your groups of keywords. From the dashboard, you can get analytics and performance comparisons focused on groups of keywords. Note that a keyword can belong to several groups on Nozzle without you needing to pay several times.

Global and local

Nozzle tracking tool will allow you to monitor your ranking in different regions. This feature is suitable for local SEO and you will be able to see how your site is doing in the local rankings.  This feature will allow you to track for:
  • Any engine;
  • All countries ;
  • Anywhere.

Devices and operating systems

Like regions, you can track your rankings for specific devices and for a specific operating system. So you can uncover untapped marketing opportunities and beat the competition from every angle. Nozzle offers tracking for:
  • Desktop, tablet, mobile;
  • Windows, macOS, iOS, Android;
  • App Store, Play Store.

Integrations and exports

Nozzle makes sure that all the data generated as part of tracking your rankings is truly available to you. Thus, you can download this data in different formats in order to use it outside the platform. The tool also facilitates the integration of other tools like Google Data Studio and Datarama. Nozzle also offers an API that you can integrate with your favorite tools. Finally, Nozzle is a rank tracker that will allow you to track the ranking of your keywords individually or in groups, regardless of location or device.

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Nozzle is a platform created by three American developers, SEO lovers. They are Derek Perkins, Joe Bergevin and Tanner Linsley. It was created to make it easier for businesses and marketers to access valuable marketing data. To this end, Nozzle provides its users with many SEO tools. Among these, the keyword research tool which ensures better content optimization for search engines, in particular Google. With this tool, Nozzle users can find long-range and easy-to-use keywords. Nozzle also has a Google Keyword Rank Tracker, through which users have enhanced monitoring of their rankings. This tool helps to hold a certain lead over the competition, in particular through regular monitoring of the most important keywords. Nozzle is loved by several SEO professionals and offers its services to many big brands around the world.

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