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Internal Link Building Plugin | Internet Marketing Ninjas – WordPress (Plugin)

Internal Link Building Plugin | Internet Marketing Ninjas – WordPress (Plugin)

Short description : Internal Link Building Plugin

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Internal Link Building is a free plugin that allows you to automate the creation of internal and external links on your WordPress site.

Long Description : Internal Link Building Plugin

Description Internal Link Building Plugin Building

internal links is one of the most important aspects of an SEO strategy. They make it possible to interconnect the pages of your site and to facilitate the search for information for your visitors. Internal Link Building is a free plugin that makes link building in WordPress easier by letting you set target keywords and URLs to automatically build internal or external links.

What is the Internal Link Building Plugin? 

The WordPress Internal Link plugin allows you to easily create links to your articles, whether they are old or new content. By linking to pages or other websites, you can improve your ranking on search engine pages.  Generally, to manually create internal links, you must go through your content and determine yourself which internal links to put in place on your site.  With the WordPress Internal Link plugin, building internal links becomes easier by allowing you to link keywords to specific URLs.  This is truly an interlinking plugin that allows you to boost the ranking on the SERPs of your old posts, pages or other websites through easier link building.  With the Internal Link Building plugin, you can optimize your website for certain keywords by assigning them to specific URLs. So when a user searches for one of these keywords, they are more likely to be taken to the right page. Similar to what is observed on Wikipedia, when a visitor clicks on a given keyword, he is redirected to the page you have specified in the dashboard of the plugin.

Internal Link Building Plugin: How to install the plugin? 

Installing Internal Link Building is kept simple like most WordPress plugins:  
  • After downloading the plugin, go to your WordPress plugins dashboard and click on “Load”.
  • On the new page, use the file picker to load the zip file you just downloaded from your machine’s local drive. 
  • Once the import is successful, click the “Install Now” button and then “Activate” to activate the plugin on your site. 
After which Internal Link Building Plugin should be functional with all built-in features available. 

Internal Link Building Plugin: What you can do with the plugin 

Ability to add keywords in bulk: This plugin allows you to add keywords in bulk. All you have to do is prepare an Excel CSV file, then copy and paste it into the bulk upload box in your admin area, then click upload. This is a feature that can be particularly useful for large sites by saving them time.  Set words to be case sensitive : The plugin gives you the option to decide whether or not case should be relevant for your links. For example, you have the option of linking only your brand name.  To do this, make sure that the “Exact match” option is activated. Thus the plugin will faithfully respect what you entered in the WordPress administration panel. But if you want, you can leave the box unchecked so that case doesn’t influence the relevance of your links.  Associate multiple keywords with a single URL : With Internal Link Building Plugin, you can associate multiple keywords with a single URL. Which can be useful for targeting terms on a page at the same time. You just have to separate the keywords with a vertical bar or with a space. (Example: Twaino | SEO Agency).  The ability to use nofollow links : The plugin also allows you to create nofollow links. This can be useful for redirecting links to affiliate products.  Choose the number of times a keyword will be linked to a specific page : You can also choose how often a keyword will be associated with a given URL. For example, if you want words relating to social media to be linked to your social media category only once, this is an option that is possible with the plugin.

Internal Link Building Plugin: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • Allows to set up a powerful internal linking network on WordPress websites in order to extend the browsing session of visitors and lead them to discover other relevant pages of the same site
  • Allows to put in place a configuration of keywords in order of priority
  • Allows you to identify relevant keywords
  • Offers the possibility of defining the number of words to be searched for yourself 
  • It is important to remember to use the plugin in moderation because a over-optimization can affect your site’s SEO.
  • Additionally, theplugin has not been tested since the last major versions of WordPress. It is then up to you to decide whether to use it or not. 

Additional Resources 

What is an internal link? 

Internal links are hyperlinks that point to pages within the same domain. They are different from external links, which are hypertext links pointing to pages in other domains.  There are several types of internal links. In addition to links on other pages such as your homepage or your menu, there are also contextual links which are those that you add within your content.

Why add internal links?

Internal links are good for your site and here are the main reasons why you should use them: 

1. Provide abetter user experience

Internal links are an essential part of any user-friendly website because they help improve the experience of your visitors.  By creating internal links to other pages of your content, you offer the reader the possibility of accessing the information that he is looking for as well as relevant information that might also be of interest to him.  This represents a better experience since the reader quickly obtains all the information he needs without necessarily having to search the site from page to page. 

2. Reduce the bounce rate

In order to reduce the bounce rate, internal links are essential. The fact is that by clicking on an internal link, users will spend more time on your site rather than leaving it immediately.  And when users spend more time on your website, it improves your ranking on search engine pages.

3. Spread Link Juice 

The amount of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to search engines about the importance of the page. According to Google, the number of internal links pointing to a page is an indication of its relative importance.  Simply put, internal links are important to Google because they help the search engine understand the importance of pages on a website. By building effective internal links, you can improve your chances of ranking higher in search results.

How can an internal linking plugin for WordPress help you?

Manually going through every post on your site looking for internal link building opportunities can be a tedious task that usually takes a lot of time.  This is where using WordPress plugins for internal linking has its advantages. A WordPress internal linking plugin will come in handy in that it allows you to build links much faster than the manual method.  With just a few clicks, a WordPress internal linking plugin allows you to easily set up links to articles and your important pages (homepage, category pages, product pages, service pages, etc.).  Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a WordPress internal linking plugin:  Save time : Building internal links the manual way is usually very time consuming.  Don’t miss any internal linking opportunities : When manually building links, it is possible to miss some relevant contexts where inserting an internal link can be useful for readers. With a WordPress plugin, you are sure to identify all these internal link building opportunities and offer better expertise to your readers and search engines.  Take advantage of artificial intelligence to develop a good internal link : Most plugins have an intelligent algorithm to help you identify internal links that provide contextual value. Which is more accurate than traditional SEO methods. Automatic integration : With a WordPress internal linking plugin, it is also possible to configure an automatic creation of internal links for all your new content. 

Why choose the Internal Link Building plugin for building internal links on your WordPress site?  

Internal Link Building is a free plugin that allows you to automate the creation of internal or external links on your WordPress site from keywords and page URLs that you just have to specify.  The plugin also has other additional features, including downloading keywords as CSV files, assigning many keywords to a URL, configuring no-follow links and the ability to define links without followed as well as the number of times a link is used.

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