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Get Keyword Data | WhatsmySERP (Plugin)

Get Keyword Data | WhatsmySERP (Plugin)

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Need to have a solid base in terms of keywords for your campaigns? WhatsMySerp is an impeccable solution.

Long Description : Get Keyword Data

Description WhatsMySerp Extension

WhatsMySerp Extension is a free feature of the powerful WhatsMySerp SEO tool, but very effective in terms of collecting keyword data. Its power lies in its speed in providing keyword data in different languages ​​or countries and providing a clear idea of ​​information around related keywords such as their volume and cost per click. Whether it is to build a site, a page or to set up a marketing campaign, you need a solid foundation in terms of keywords. The proof is that the average top-ranking page also ranks in the top 10 search results for almost 1000 other relevant keywords . For this, WhatsMySerp Extension is a free but quite sufficient solution to help you build an effective presence through keywords. Unlike some paid alternatives, WhatsMySerp Extension is still a choice you won’t regret because of its speed and efficiency in gathering valuable search term data for you.

WhatsMySerp ? extension

Basically, WhatsMySerp is one of the best rank tracker, simple and easiest to usefor a website. The tool has a free Chrome extension that allows you to see cost per click as well as keyword volume directly in Google search results. As you can see from the screenshot, the tool adds a simple indicator in the Google search bar that helps you analyze any keyword for your SEO search.  WhatsMySerp extension allows you to have a clear view of any country’s keyword data as this extension supports almost all languages.  Besides viewing keyword data, you can also see the volume and cost per click of keywords associated with your search term.  In addition to discovering all this data, the tool offers you the possibility of exporting these keywords to your computer in the form of a CSV file. It’s a pretty quick, simple, and really great tool for doing keyword research when you’re planning a marketing campaign.  You can get keyword data for any search query and then do whatever you want.  It displays keyword data for the main search term in the Google search box. And it displays the rest of the keyword data for related queries in a column on the right side of the Google search results page.

How does WhatsMySerp ?

To get started with this extension, you can start using it bygoing to the Chrome store and then clicking on the ”Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to your browser. Then a thank you page will appear to you for downloading the extension, but it will notify you to register or login to the WhatsMySerp before you can use the extension. After creating a free account, the extension will start showing you keyword volume and other useful data. Now just enter a random search query in the Google search box and you will immediately see the corresponding search volume andcost per click directly in the Google search box.  In this tutorial, we will type in the search bar a simple query like ”SEO advice”. As we can see, the tool provides us with information not only about our search term, but also about related keywords in the column to the right of the search results. We can see that each associated keyword is listed with its volume and cost per click. For a solid campaign, you will necessarily need well-targeted and relevant keywords. And MergeWordsgives you the option to export them to your PC as a CSV file.  The next thing you can do in the Chrome extension is change the country to get the corresponding search volume and cost per click accordingly.  This is a very useful feature when it comes to doing local SEO or international SEO properly.  In this case, you will need to collect data from other locations.  To change keyword volume and other settings, simply select a different country from the drop-down list and the data will change accordingly. Even if all the countries are not taken into account, you will have a good chance that yours is included in the list, because the main countries of the world are there. What is interesting with this extension is that you can easily have a good base in terms of keywords on an international level and for any SEO work. To use this extension, you won’t have to visit Google’s Keyword Planner every time to collect keyword data for your search.  Just do a simple Google search and get keyword volume and cost per click in seconds. If you need a Extensionkeyword tracker tool, WhatsMySerp is a freebut effective option. WhatsMySerp Extension helps you fill your keyword gaps with the satisfying data it can provide you. The tool not only helps you to expand your services internationally, but also to emerge a winner from the tough competition.

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WhatsmySERP is a platform specialized in SEO.  It offers several tools to improve the ranking of your site on search engines, especially Google.  WhatsmySERP offers you, through its tools, a daily, free and automatic update of the ranking of your website.  One of its tools is Keyword Tracking. Thanks to the automatic update function, this tool facilitates the discovery and insertion of new relevant keywords in your content.   This allows a better referencing of your site and a better ranking by Google.  WhatsmySERP can be accessed from any country and offers other features such as PDF reports, Google Analytics integration and 24/7 customer support.

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