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Google My Business Audit | GMB Everywhere (Plugin)

Google My Business Audit | GMB Everywhere (Plugin)

Short description : Google My Business Audit

GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension Mise en avant
GMB Everywhere is a Chrome extension that lets you view GMB categories and audit any company’s GMB profile.

Long Description : Google My Business Audit

Description GMB Everywhere 

GMB Everywhere is an extension that allows you to display a business’s Google My Business categories in Google Maps, Local Finder, and Classic Google results right on your Chrome browser. The tool also allows you to perform different types of audit to obtain information about your Google My Business profile and that of competing companies. This information can be useful to improve your local SEO strategy. 

What is GMB Everywhere? 

GMB Everywhere is a Chrome extension that lets you see categories on Google My Business as well as how your business ranks in each of those categories.  It is a tool that can be useful for local businesses to improve their brand’s ranking in local search engine results.  The extension also allows performing different types of audit on a Google My Business profile.  Source: GMB Everywhere  In addition to its useful features, GMB Everywhere is also appreciated for its ease of use. You’ll just need to install the extension for one-click access to valuable Google My Business information for any business right from your Chrome browser. 

GMB Everywhere: How to use the extension? 

Using GMB Everywhere is very simple and takes just 3 steps: 

Step 1: Download GMB Everywhere 

  • The first step will be to download the extension. To do this, go to the chrome web store and then search for GMB Everywhere
  • Then click on the “Add to Chrome” button and follow the instructions to complete the installation. 
Source: GMB Everywhere

Step 2: Browse GMB categories and extension

After installation, most of the features of GMB Everywhere are already functional and available for free.  You should then be able to see a business’s Google My Business categories and use the extension’s auditing features on Google Maps, Local Finder, and Google text results. 

Step 3: Click on the audit button

When a Google My Business profile is of particular interest to you, you can click on one of the audit buttons offered by GMB Everywhere and access the results.

GMB Everywhere: The features of the extension 

Essentially, GMB Everywhere offers 5 features that can be useful to improve your local SEO strategy namely: 

1. A category search tool Google My Business

GMB Everywhere works automatically as you install it on your browser. And the first feature of the extension to use is the GMB category search tool.  For all Google Business Profiles you visit on Google Maps, GMB Everywhere displays the categories the business is listed in.  As can be seen in the screenshot above, the extension displays all the GMB categories that each business belongs to.  This is not the case with other tools of the same kind on which you must first click on the icon of the extension before being able to access this information.  GMB Everywhere makes it easy for you by having this information appear automatically when you browse Google Maps results.  Additionally, you can click on a particular Google business profile and the extension will show the top category from the list of GMB categories the business is listed in.  If you were looking for which main GMB category to choose for your business, this feature can guide your choice by taking inspiration from the categories used by other businesses in your niche.  Business categories on Google My Business are a decisive factor in local SEO. The fact is that not all Internet users use the same ways or the same search terms.  Listing your business in all categories relevant to your industry will increase your chances of attracting more customers.  It can also be a huge competitive advantage. When you know GMB categories that your top competitors don’t, you can get ahead of them in those categories. 

2. A basic audit review tool Arguably 

, this second feature of the extension offers much more than a basic audit review.  It extracts all the valuable information you need to properly configure a Google My Business profile, namely: 
  • Thecurrent address of the company 
  • The URL of the website
  • The telephone number of the company
  • The company status
  • The latitude/longitude
  • Company categories
  • Location
  • ID Knowledge panel ID View 
  • review list
  • link Request review
  • link Knowledge panel page link 
  • URL toGMB Post 
  • The Questions and Answers URL
As can be seen, this information goes far beyond a simple basic audit review.  Retrieving all this information about a business from their Google My Business profile would be time consuming. With GMB Everywhere, all it takes is just a few clicks to access this information, all neatly presented in a PDF report.  The GMB Everywhere Basic Audit Review also contains links you can use for further analysis, including: 
  • Google Pagespeed Score
  • Testing structured data
  • Performing a DNS lookup 
  • Performing a site audit Learn about 
  • the technology used on site
  • View Site History
Again, this is valuable information that takes quite a bit of time to collect about a business, but is just a click away from GMB Everywhere.  One last thing to note about GMB’s Basic Audit feature is that the tool provides you with a recommendation of other tools that can be used to audit the business.  This tool recommendation list is dominated by Google tools, but also other brands such as Pleper or Neilpatel. 

3. A review audit tool 

Another feature worth checking out on GMB Everywhere is the ability to initiate a review audit based on customer reviews the business has received.  And to use this feature, you will just have to search for a company and then click on the review audit button.  The tool will generate an audit report with another series of information, namely: 
  • The total number of reviews 
  • The Google rating 
  • The average rating of Google reviews 
  • The number of reviews with photos 
  • The number oflocal guides 
  • The average number of reviews left by Internet users who have rated the company
All this information is recorded in an attractive report that you can send to customers or prospects if you offer audit services . 

4. Google Post Audit 

GMB Everywhere also offers a Google Post Audit during which the tool retrieves all Google posts from businesses and provides a comprehensive report including: 
  • Total number of posts analyzed 
  • Average word count per article
  • Total number of posts with videos 
  • Frequency of 
  • posts Total number of posts with links 
  • Average number of characters per article 
  • Total number of posts with images 

5. A prospecting tool 

The last feature of GMB Everywhere worth noting is its prospecting tool. If you offer services to companies, this is a tool that can be useful to convince prospects to choose your services.  Although there are also other tools that can collect information about a business, the time GMB Everywhere takes to do so is quite impressive.  In just a few seconds, the tool is able to provide you with a lot of information about a company that you can leverage for successful prospecting. 

GMB Everywhere: Pricing 

GMB Everywhere is a free Chrome extension, but also offers pricing plans to access more features.  Here is the list of features you get in the free and paid versions of GMB Everywhere:  Free plan at $0/month
  • 5 audit or teleport views per month.
  • Basic
  • Audit Exam Audit
  • Post-
  • Audit Teleport Audit
  • The usage limit is refreshed at the end of the month period.
$25/month Power User plan
  • Unlimited audit views per month.
  • Unlimited teleport views per month.
  • All Locations
  • Unlimited GBP Listings
  • Basic
  • Audit Exam Audit
  • Post
  • Audit Teleport Audit
  • View Unlimited GMB Categories
Power User Plan – Annual $12/month ($144 payment per year)
  • Unlimited Audit Views per month
  • Views from unlimited teleport per month
  • All Locations
  • Lists Unlimited GBP
  • Basic
  • Audit Exam Audit
  • Post
  • Audit Teleport Audit
  • View Unlimited GMB Categories

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GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension is owned by Upwards Company LLC. It is a company founded in 2018 and which is based in the United States, more precisely in New York.  It is a company that operates in the finance and investment sector. She specializes in everything related to venture capital and private equity. For 4 years now, Upwards Company LLC has developed a program that assists startups and companies in the early stages of their activities. Concretely, the program consists of providing relevant information and comments to these startups and companies so that they position themselves appropriately in their sector of intervention. It is certainly for this reason that they developed GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension. It is an analysis tool for local SEO. Not only does he participate in the local SEO audit, he also intervenes in the analysis of the competition. It is a local SEO tool and in this sense it can be used by digital marketing professionals, e-merchants and sometimes even SEO agencies.

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