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Backlink Automation | Dibz

Backlink Automation | Dibz

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Save time on link scraping and quality prospecting with Dibz!

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According to a study, 15.6% of businesses don’t think backlinks have an impact on their brand authority. 😄 And that’s not all! 5% also say it’s not an important SEO strategy. There is no doubt that these companies have backlinks seriously wrong because they are a major ranking factor that Google uses to gauge a site’s popularity in its niche. For example, the top ranked results on Google count on average 3.8 times more links. Although this is not a causal relationship, it would be suicidal for you to ignore backlinks for your SEO strategy. Minimizing backlinks in your SEO strategy is like going to war without ammunition. In reality, the real question is how to get other sites to link to your site. Most of the time, you have to find link building opportunities online. While people have traditionally used Google search to find potential sites that can give them links, the Dibz tool makes prospecting for link opportunities easier and faster. In this description, I introduce you to Dibz, this tool capable of helping you find quality link opportunities.

What is Dibz? What exactly does he do?

Dibz is an advanced link building tool developed to improve your link prospecting process. It also speeds up and simplifies the search for opportunities for influencers. Using this tool, it’s so easy to get your hands on link building opportunities with just a few clicks.  Dibz automates almost the entire link prospecting process, allowing you to invest your time and expertise elsewhere. This tool is intended for both SEO specialists and full-service marketing agencies. Dibz provides the SEO community with a smart solution that will help you get your workflow in order and dramatically improve prospecting and link building processes. In general, Dibz can help you:
  • Find the best prospects for your link building campaigns and for influencers for your brand;
  • Determine the good link building opportunities to separate them from the bad ones;
  • Group all email contacts in a few clicks so you can quickly start your awareness campaign;
  • Manage your data using CSV;
  • Integrate your lists with Pitchbox to facilitate your awareness actions.
  • Etc.

How does Dibz work?

As soon as you are logged into Dibz, it will show you a control panel that gives you a clear overview of all the options and you can start your first link prospecting campaign. It all starts with entering keywords in the search center field. Suppose we would like to do prospecting for our website. Our keyword will be SEO since our site is a site for SEO. When you feel the keyword is not accurate, you can always add additional keywords. With each addition, press the enter key to validate your keyword. The more detailed your search using keywords, the more specific results you get. The next option is to choose the type of search you want Dibz to do for you and click the green button. There are also pre-made campaign templates you can choose from. Each of these template queries is intended for different types of prospecting, but is intended to save you the time needed to build standard link prospecting campaigns from scratch. It is up to you to choose a pre-made campaign template to customize it for your link building campaign or create a full-fledged campaign. But when you’re new to link building, it’s best to stick to pre-established patterns. But when you have some experience, you can exploit the full potential of this tool and create your own campaign. Note that the predefined campaigns are there to help you find the websites that are most likely to accept guest posts. As for the results, Dibz accompanies them with the most relevant SEO metrics to make it easy for you to select the most valuable ones. You can also choose and even define the indicators according to which to classify the results. Dibz offers features to help distinguish relevant websites from those that might just be a waste of time in your campaigns.

Dibz Features

Dibz has great features that can help you with your link building campaign.


These are Dibz’s search tools. They can help you narrow down your searches to help you narrow down your results to those that are most useful to you. Search results are editable using advanced settings for clarity and relevance.

Search and filter

In addition to the search tools, Dibz offers this filter function which will allow you to filter your results in a smart and clear way by sorting and searching web pages.

Measuring Spam

To get the best results from your link building campaign, it’s critical to keep spam to a minimum. Dibz offers a very useful custom spam metric that tells you the spam factor for each result link. Using this metric, you will be able to exclude irrelevant links for a cleaner approach to your link building.

Retrieving prospects’ contacts

With this feature, you get contacts from your results. It’s always good to have a list of links, but it’s the contacts that will allow you to really build links. This feature allows quick and easy contact by providing email addresses with search results.

Social statistics

All the results obtained following a search with Dibz are accompanied by practical information on the associated social sites. This is also an additional contact option, but will also help you get an overview of the brand trust scale.

Data management

One of the difficult tasks when it comes to link building is the management of collected data. This feature allows you to configure the management of the data obtained by authorizing the download of the relevant results for immediate or later use. The Dibz tool is also available in many languages, which makes its use accessible to everyone.

The advantages and disadvantages of Dibz

Dibz offers several price options, which means that you will find an offer adapted to your budget whether you are an individual or a professional. The basic plan is also affordable and you can access the features with $5. Getting contacts directly into the tool is a real advantage unlike tools similar to Dibz which don’t make this possible. Prospect contact details are downloadable and you can upload them to your CRM for convenience. Dibz also gives the possibility to search globally or by region, which is very useful if the location is an important factor in the results you want to obtain. As for the downsides, people with no SEO experience may find it difficult to use Dibz. It seems aimed at SEO professionals and offers almost no customer support. Dibz also does not offer an app and you will only be able to use it on mobile from a browser. Finally, Dibz can help you get good leads for link building in an affordable and very simple way.

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Dibz is a project launched by Four Dots. It is an international SEO company with offices in New York, Boston, Novi Sas, Sydney and Dublin. Dibz is precisely a tool that was developed to help SEO agencies work more efficiently.  It was designed by link builders for link builders. Thus, it helps them save time and make room for the more complex aspects of SEO.  Dibz allows you to:
  • intelligently search the web for link building prospects;
  • easily filter out websites that have nothing to do with your search;
  • get a list of email contacts;
  • organize your web data using CSV format files;
  • integrate your lists with the Pitchbox tool;
  • etc

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