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Learn how to use Squoosh, a free online tool to quickly optimize your images for the web without losing their visual quality.

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Description Squoosh App

Squoosh is an online application designed by the Google Chrome Labs team to help users easily reduce the size of image files with just a few clicks without altering their visual quality.  For this, the tool has advanced features for image optimization and interestingly, Squoosh is completely free. It supports a wide range of web formats (JPG, MozJPEG, WebP, PNG) and is also available as an open source project on GitHub. 

What is Squoosh App? 

Squoosh remains one of the easiest to use, yet highly customizable image compression and resizing solutions for the web you will find.  The tool is the result of an open-source development project created by the Google Chrome Labs team to provide users with better image optimization features.  Indeed, given the features offered by Squoosh App, the tool remains an effective alternative to many paid image optimization solutions.  Squoosh allows you to see in real time the improvements you make to your image and its exact file size.  So you can easily compare the results and see how many bytes Squoosh saved you. The tool works directly online as web-based software and has a feature that allows you to continue optimizing your image even while offline. Once the modifications are complete, you can save the optimized version of the image locally on your machine.  Moreover, if you wish, you can download the desktop application version to install and use the tool directly on your computer.  The web version of Squoosh remains quite simple to use and can be easily picked up even by beginners in image modification. For developers who wish to view the tool’s source code, Squoosh is also available as an open source program on GitHub

Squoosh App: How to use the tool to optimize your images

Depending on your mastery of Squoosh’s features, you can perform simple or advanced compression of your images.  To allow everyone to successfully reproduce the different steps that will be presented in this guide, we will only show how to use Squoosh for simple compression: 
  • To start, you must go to the Squoosh homepage 
  • Load then the image to compress. To do this, you have the choice of dragging and dropping the image or importing it from the file selector. 
After an import, Squoosh displays images by default at 100% image size. For images that are too large, you can zoom out slightly to see the full image on your Squoosh dashboard.   Once the image is uploaded to Squoosh, it is important to evaluate it in order to clearly know what needs to be done to optimize it.  For this:  What is the ideal size of images you need to provide a better user experience to your visitors?  If it is an image that will occupy only half of the window, a dimension of 600 or 700 pixels wide would already be sufficient.  What is the ideal file type for your image?  The file type is also an important aspect to consider before optimizing your image.  Choosing a file type also means choosing the type of compression that will be used for the image.  The thing is, not all images have the same requirements. Some may require a light background, others a large number of colors.  Choosing the right type of compression file goes a long way in optimizing the image.  Here is the list of image formats supported by Squoosh: 
  • JPG – Recommended for photos, gradients and other images with a lot of colors 
  • PNG – Recommended for images with a light background and illustrations with few colors
  • WebP – Recommended for advanced images (Does not work on all browsers) 
  • AVIF – Recommended for advanced images (Does not work on all browsers) 
Once you have an idea of ​​the ideal size and type of format that is suitable for your image files, you can adjust the settings offered by Squoosh.  Then you can download the optimized version of your image by clicking on the download button at the bottom right of your screen.  The file will be stored in your default download location. 

Squoosh App: Understanding the Tool’s Interface

When you first upload an image to Squoosh, you may feel a bit lost with all the options the tool offers.  To help you get familiar with the tool, we’ll go over a few different essentials that you’ll find your Squoosh interface:  The slider with pink and blue arrows: This is the slider that divides your image into two parts: ‘ before and after’.  The left part shows a preview of the original image and the right part shows a preview of the compressed version. This slider can be dragged left and right to change both parts.  However, it must be recognized that it is a little difficult to see the difference between the two parts. The thing is, the default optimization settings that Squoosh offers are quite similar.  Optimization settings (located to your right): In the lower right corner of your screen, you have optimization options that allow you to control how the image will be compressed.  These settings take into account the compression format, resizing options and many more.  We will not be able to go through all the options offered by the tool in this guide. However, you can have fun trying them out to see how they look and choose the ones that suit you best.  The image parameters (located to your left): The left part is reserved a priori to have a preview of the original image file that you uploaded to Squoosh. But it can also be used to compare two different compressed versions of the same image.  To do this, click on the arrows located in the bar labeled “Edit” to copy the compression settings (on the right) and replace them with those of the original image (on the left).  The original preview should be overwritten. You can then continue to modify the image (in the part on the right) in order to compare this new compressed version of the image with the old one.  Download controls:  At the bottom of each part, you can see the final size of the image file as well as the percentage reduction compared to the original version. On both sides you also have a download button to save the new compressed image files.  

Squoosh App: The 

Squoosh desktop app version also exists as a desktop app that you can download and install on your computer.  This desktop version of the tool offers: 
  • Easier image manipulation 
  • Better image quality 
  • Ability to edit your images offline
  • A larger interface 
  • 100% free

Squoosh App: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Squoosh is not the only application image compression, but the tool is undoubtedly among the best. Pros 
  • User-friendly and easy-to-learn user interface
  • Respect for privacy 
  • Ability to see adjustments in real time 
  • Completely free tool 
  • Can only process one image at a time

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Company description Squoosh Squoosh is a free image optimization platform. It allows you to reduce the size of the images of the web pages of your sites while maintaining their quality. It’s sort of an image compressor. It is a tool that is essential in optimizing the speed of your web pages for search engines. Squoosh has a very simple and intuitive interface, so getting started is easy. To reduce the size of your images, just drag and drop and in seconds you’re done. It can be used by everyone whether web integrators, SEOs or digital marketers.

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