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Reporting SEO | Raven

Reporting SEO | Raven

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Description of Raven tools 

Raven Tools is a cloud-based digital marketing platform that offers a comprehensive set of SEO tools.  It also allows to have automated reports for marketing strategies.  Founded in 2007 in Nashville.TN by two advertising executives, the company’s mission was to create the best affordable SEO platform on the market. In 2017, the platform was acquired by the company TapClick.Inc: A provider of unified marketing operations, analytics and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises and entities covered by HIPAA.  Raven Tools is now part of the TapClicks platform family of brands including; AdStage, iSpionage and Megalytic. As you can see, this is a platform that handles search engine optimization, social media conversions, and online advertising campaigns.

Who is the Raven tools intended for? 

Recognized by thousands of agencies, in-house marketers and media companies around the world, Raven presents itself as an effective and attractive solution when it comes to SEO reporting and marketing. It combines both SEO tools and SEM tools and can therefore be recommended to: 
  • SEO professionals;  
  • Individuals;
  • marketing agencies;
  • Agencies that take care of the natural referencing of websites. 
  • Independent consultants.
It allows them in particular to research and carry out analyses, to follow trends on search engines, to manage the creation and management of links and other advertising campaigns.

Why use Raven tools? 

Raven Tools helps turn their SEO into a measurable marketing channel. Offering competitive analysis features including rank tracking, competitor research, keyword research, backlink research, website audit tools and easy reporting to effectively acquire and track important steps for search engine optimization. It is also accessible and easy to use.

What are the features of Raven tools? 

An exploration of the Raven platform allows you to realize that it is full of several tools.  Among these, you have: 
  • Website auditor : This is a performance checker for your website which analyzes and classifies the problems detected on your website into 6 categories, namely: visibility problems , meta issues, content issues, link issues, image issues, and semantic issues;
  • Marketing Reports Tool : As you will discover, this tool from Raven allows you to measure your marketing success based on the creation of a set of reports: website analytics report, social media report, ppc campaign reports, etc. 
  • SEO tools : Apart from marketing tools, the Raven platform provides its users with a set of SEO and reporting tools. Among these you have: the backlink analysis and link spy tool, the position tracking tool, an SEO data understanding tool, etc. 
  • Social media reports : This tool allows you to manage your social media from a single place but also to create reports on the functioning of these media; 
  • SERP Rank Tracker : This is a tool to track your position in the SERPs that you can customize to track the progress of all your keywords. 
Apart from these tools, it should also be remembered that the platform provides users with various resources and guides intended to enable them to familiarize themselves with the functionalities of the platform.

How much do Raven tools cost? 

The use of the Raven platform is governed by a subscription plan which offers 4 different formulas.  The first formula is free and allows you: 
  • To manage a website; 
  • To explore 10,000 web pages per month;
  • Perform 100 keyword queries per day;
  • To target 100 keywords. 
Alongside this package, you have: 
  • The basic plan which costs $39 per month;
  • The pro plan which costs $150 a month; 
  • And finally a fully customizable plan for major brands.  
So, as you can see, the Raven platform is full of a lot of potential and opportunities for understanding your website. Discover all these tools starting with the free subscription. You will be able to have more understanding of how your website works and make the necessary improvements to ensure it performs well in the SERPs. 

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Raven is a digital marketing platform founded in 2007 in Nashville that helps digital marketers get SEO diagnostics for their sites. Raven offers a comprehensive set of SEO tools and automated reports for marketing. Among these, there is the SEO audit tool which can detect a good number of problems related to sites: 
  • Indexing;
  • Metadata;
  • Mesh;
  • page speed;
  • Etc.
Raven also has other tools such as rank tracking, data connectors, social media reporting tools, and more.

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