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SEO Manager | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

SEO Manager | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

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Powerful SEO tool. Higher rank. Be found. Sell ​​more. Manage SEO.

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SEO Manager for Shopify

Organic traffic is more than 93% of traffic generated by Shopify sites. This means that without optimizing your Shopify store for search engines, you will be missing out on valuable traffic and potential customers. However, most site owners don’t have hours to spend on the technical details of SEO on their sites. Luckily, you can use Shopify modules to make your site Google-friendly. In this description, we discover Manager SEO, an extension that takes care of your site in terms of SEO.

What is SEO Manager for Shopify?

SEO Manager is a very popular SEO app for Shopify. It contains many powerful tools that allow you to improve your site to help Google index your pages more easily. And when Google indexes your site, it means you’ll be able to have higher rankings on search engine results pages and more organic traffic, which means more potential customers coming to you. Simple to use, SEO Manager allows e-commerce site owners to take control of how search engines see their store. The tool gives you real-time feedback on the success or failure of your search engine optimization efforts by giving you a score.

Features of SEO Manager

This tool has 6 major features, namely:

SEO Settings

This feature helps you control the Shopify SEO settings of your store. You will be able to edit a product’s metadata, image alt text, and target keywords, including access to keyword suggestions based on current Google trends. You also have access to some useful options that allow you to analyze the SEO performance of each page and check if your store is mobile-friendly. Advanced settings allow for deeper SEO improvements to your site.


Manager The Link Manager presents you with a list of missing pages and broken links, along with smart redirect suggestions to fix those links. Just click a single button to accept these suggestions or you can edit to add your own redirect URL.

Business Information

This feature allows you to add information about your store’s presence in search engines. It includes social media accounts, physical location and contact details. SEO Manager passes this information to search engines to help them understand who you are and provide them with additional signals of authority as well as trust. It is particularly useful to help you rank in local searches if you have a store, for example.

Bulk SEO Editor Bulk SEO

Editor is a great solution to help you manage and update your metadata in one place. It is possible to edit the title and description of each product one by one or create title templates to bulk edit the titles of all products, pages and blog posts.


Easily submit your sitemap to Google and Bing to help them find your Shopify store and categorize your content accurately.


analytics The search analytics feature is powered by Google Search Console and allows you to collect information about how people find your site and what queries they make. It doesn’t go as deep as Google Analytics, but it does provide a clear and easy to understand overview.

Some tips for using Manager

You can use the features presented above to improve several aspects of your site.

Fixing Broken Links Broken

links occur when there are links on your website to pages that don’t exist. Every time someone follows a broken link on your website, a 404 error occurs and an error message is generated. These links are not only frustrating for visitors, but they also suggest to search engines that your site is not trustworthy. Thus, Google directs traffic elsewhere, including to your competitors. To fix broken links, head to the Link Manager tool in the SEO Manager app and you’ll see two lists: “Missing Pages” and “404 Errors”. Clicking on the “Fix Now” tab below the list of missing pages will direct you to those pages.  The tool presents you with the path of each broken link, along with a suggestion of where each should be redirected. Simply accept the suggested redirect or edit it to manually enter a redirect URL.

Submit your sitemap

A sitemap provides information about the content of a site and is designed to make your site easier for search engines to crawl. Submitting the sitemap will benefit your Shopify store by helping search engines navigate your site efficiently and index all your pages. After accessing the “Sitemap” tool from the home page of the SEO Manager application, you need to log in to Google. Then you only have to click a button to submit your sitemap to Google.

Enable Structured

Data Structured data is additional information about your store that SEO Manager stores and presents to Google using JSON-LD format. This information allows Google to have a more complete understanding of your store, providing additional signals of authority and trust. This data feeds Google’s Knowledge Graph, which is then presented to users in search results. To complete your company information, simply navigate to the “Company Information” function and fill in each of the fields. Make sure the box next to “Include JSON-LD structured data for your store” is checked.

Use Keyword Suggestions and Keyword Trends to find relevant keywords to use

Keywords are the terms and phrases that describe the content of a page. When consumers type these words into a search engine, you want your website to rank high in the results. To do this, you must choose the right keywords to target and include them in the metadata as well as the content of each page. When setting the target keyword for a product in the SEO settings of SEO Manager, click on the “Get Keyword Suggestions” button. Enter your initial keyword and click “Get suggestions”. You’ll then get a list of suggested keywords based on what people search for in Google. In summary, the SEO Manager extension can help you drive organic traffic to your Shopify site. With this tool, you are better prepared and well equipped to make your website perform optimally to achieve a better place in the SERPs.

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Shopify is an online platform created in 2009 in Canada that has powerful tools for creating and managing an e-commerce site. The platform aims to help the seller find customers and boost his sales while allowing him to manage his daily tasks well. In a few clicks, the seller can create his e-commerce store to allow his physical store to be positioned on the Internet.   Shopify makes many free and paid apps available to these stores through its Shopify app store. These applications are of all kinds and allow:
  • The presentation of the product, its price, the order options;
  • Marketing (SEO referencing, advertising) ;
  • Inventory management, orders and order processing. the proposal of solutions or shipping methods.
  • Customer management and security of your sales site.
Some applications that shopify app store offers to its merchants: 
  • Facebook channel;
  • SEO plugin;
  • Shop channel;
  • Product customizer.

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