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Keywords in Reddit | Higher Visibility

Keywords in Reddit | Higher Visibility

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The Reddit Keyword Research Tool Higher Visibility Mise en avant
Find keywords being discussed in Reddit forums with Keyword Research Tools.

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Reddit Keyword Research Tool

In April 2019, Reddit received nearly 1.6 billion visits and ranks seventh among the most popular sites, according to Ahrefs. However, it is one of the most misunderstood and underrated media sites by SEO professionals when it could be used to do keyword research. Indeed, it has a massive and truly diverse audience, which can help gauge the popularity of a topic or term as well as the context in which it may be used. Reddit Keyword Research Tool is a tool developed by Higher Visibility to help SEOs leverage the potential of the famous site, Reddit. Through this description, we discover how to use this tool to find relevant keywords for your content strategy.

What is Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Reddit Keyword Research Tool is a free tool that helps generate keyword ideas by tapping into titles as well as discussions. Also called Keyworddit, it’s a keyword generator tool that provides search volume data and content ideas related to the keywords people search for. Indeed, subreddits are a powerful network of niche communities that collectively make up Reddit. In essence, a subreddit is like a niche forum where there are specific rules, moderators, link voting systems, personal messages, and comments that depend on the topic. Every subreddit has a purpose, and for the most part effectively maintains that purpose. Reddit Keyword Research Tool extracts the most used keywords from these word discussion groups. The tool helps improve SEO by providing ideas that people are already looking for. Outil de recherche de mots cles Reddit

How to use Reddit Keyword Research Tool?

Reddit has many subreddits that span multiple topics and have varying names. There is a subreddit on real estate, but also others on technology, e-commerce, SEO and many more. This shows that the tool extracts its keywords from a large database which is quite active. It’s very easy to use, just type in a keyword and select the related subreddit you want to check out, then you’ll get a list of keywords sorted by month. Mots cles Gif Page de resultats de la recherche Google You can also view the Google search results page by clicking on the context next to the keyword idea. This way one can see threads and posts related to keywords inside Reddit. The “Monthly Search Volume” column shows the average number of searches for each keyword in a month. Keyword volumes are provided by Grepwords, which remains one of the best data sources around.  The “Context” part is nothing more than a URL that takes you back to the Google search page with your keyword (and the subreddit you chose). This can help you when you don’t understand how the keyword can be used. Google recherhe image correspondant au site reddit Image correspondant au site reddit You will discover ideas about your keywords and the contexts in which they are used. The tool also allows you to easily export the whole list of keywords.

How to use the result of the tool?

The Reddit Keyword Research Tool search result can be used in many ways. First, you will hopefully find some low-competition keywords to target directly. In addition, you can pass this list of keywords through other keyword research tools to obtain an even larger list of keywords that you would certainly not have found at the start. It is also possible to use these results to create specific audience personas.

What to do when you don’t have a subreddit suggestion for the keyword you entered?

When the subreddit you’re looking for isn’t auto-proposed, it’s probably too small. Subreddits with lots of comments are likely to generate more keywords than less active subreddits.

How do I find the subreddit to search for in the Reddit Keyword Research Tool?

Subreddits are areas of interest where people submit, post, and comment, making this a great tool for coming up with content ideas that people are already interested in. If you’re not familiar with subreddits, obviously you won’t know where to start or which subreddit is entering into the tool. So start by exploring the subreddits available on Redditlist. Subreddits sur Redditlist   Activite recente SubredditsThe next step is to find the right subreddit by identifying a subreddit where your target audience hangs out and quickly browsing the threads if possible. The trick is to make sure that the subreddit you are targeting has at least a few thousand subscribers so that there is enough information to extract the keywords.

How do I validate keywords after Reddit Keyword Research Tool results?

In this step, you have to analyze in more depth the keywords you have obtained with the tool. Two options are available to you, depending on your choice and your budget. The first option is free, you enter these keywords into Google Keyword Planner and start analyzing them. The other option is to use a paid tool such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz or any other tool of your choice. When validating keywords, it should be ensured that the following are analyzed;
  • Search parameters to analyze;
  • Monthly search volume;
  • Keyword competition (Google Adwords);
  • Keyword difficulty (to rank in the top 10 results);
  • Tendency.
As for the trend of a keyword, to find out if it is down or up, you can use Google Trends. With this tool, you can see the search volume of the keyword on Google for the last 90 days or more. In short, the Reddit Keyword Research Tool allows you to generate keywords that are the subject of publication, discussion and commentary on the Reddit forums. This makes it possible to have keywords that are already at the center of the attention of Internet users. In this description, we have discovered how to use this tool to extract relevant keywords for your content strategy.

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