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Audit SEO | Outiref

Audit SEO | Outiref

Short description : Audit SEO

Outiref Mise en avant
Outiref is an excellent online tool that allows webmarketers not only to analyze their web pages, but also to obtain the best advice to improve the visibility of their websites online.

Long Description : Audit SEO

Description Outiref 

When you have a website online, one of the main objectives is to appear at the top so that your customers can find you very quickly. And for this, the majority of website owners try as much as possible to practice better tricks to get their website listed. However, despite the SEO practices on the site, some unexpected things can also slow down its ranking. This is in fact why many Outiref to analyze the pages of their websites. Along with providing actionable data on your website’s SEO, the tool also suggests improvement solutions to help you increase your website’s visibility online. Let’s discover in this description what is really meant by Outiref and its specific functions. 

What is Outref ?

Released to the web marketing market in October 2002, Outiref aims to help website owners optimize their web pages as best they can. Later in 2015, the founders simply redesigned the tool, gearing it specifically towards the page analytics feature after they noticed it was becoming an overlooked need in the market. When breaking down this function, we can say that the tool focuses specifically on the optimization of the page by prioritizing the important elements like:
  • The meta description of the content of the page;
  • The keywords on which the content is based;
  • The Title tag; 
  • Etc. 
In addition to this, the tool also focuses on the statistical and semantic analysis of textual content by focusing on elements such as:
  • Hn tags; 
  • The page URL; 
  • Outgoing links; 
  • The popularity of the page;
  • And several other technical data.
Let’s just say that the tool does a deep enough analysis of the page to provide advice for improvements in addition to the data. As for the pricing of the tool, you can do a full one-page analysis for free and get tips on how to improve it. But when it comes to exploring the full website to analyze data beyond an individual page, you should upgrade to the paid version. In this case, you will get even more interesting data about your specific pages like your homepage.

The specific functions of Outiref 

As we just mentioned, when you provide the URL of a web page, the tool performs an analysis and offers data such as:
  • An examination of the size of the title tag of the page;
  • A review of the length of the page description Meta tag;
  • A review of the Meta keywords tag works, this metric is the one most used by Google;
  • The study of the size of the URL of the page as well as its components;
  • A deep analysis of the page content with a focus on the main keywords.
The most impressive feature of this tool and probably the one that makes more people want Outiref is the popularity. This feature helps you understand how other sources pay attention to your content. If your content is more valuable in your industry, other bloggers are likely to quote you in their posts. You gain backlinks or popularity, which leads to quite a considerable page authority. In fact, you can see several other tools on the market today that offer some or all of Outiref’s features. Compared to other tools that offer the same functionality, Outiref gives you the possibility to perform popularity analysis for as many pages as you want even in its free version. Which would mean that if you don’t mind studying each page of your website individually, you can only use the free version of the tool. You can therefore identify the trust flow and the citation flow of each page of your website without any restrictions. In general, if you want to optimize your website for search engines, Outiref can be a perfect solution for you. The tool seems to be quite simple, but in reality, it covers the essentials in the right way to make a web page appear at the top of the search results pages.

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Company : Audit SEO

Outiref belongs to the Abondance company. The latter was created in 1996 by Olivier Andrieu, an independent SEO consultant. The company is based in France near Strasbourg and more precisely in Heiligenstein. The objective of the company is to support individuals with websites to better position themselves for search engines in order to better sell their services or products. The Outiref tool is actually an online SEO audit platform that assists you in optimizing your site’s web pages for search engines. To do this, simply enter the URL of the web page on its interface and in one click it presents you with a good SEO audit. Outiref also offers you many recommendations for a better SEO of your site. In this sense, the tool is aimed at all SEOs and all SEO and marketing specialists.

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