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Keyword Research | Keyword Hero

Keyword Research | Keyword Hero

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KeywordHero is a tool powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows it to break down non-detailed keyword data in your Google analytics database for you.

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Content based on strategic and thoughtful keywords is more likely to meet the expectations of users as well as search engines.  To find these types of keywords, KeywordHero is a tool specially designed to give you more chances to succeed in your keyword strategies. The tool uses artificial intelligence to discover potentially promising keywords to optimize your pages. To know how this tool works, I invite you to read this description carefully.

How to configure Keyword Hero ?

The first step to using Keyword Hero is to register on the platform with your Google account, that of your analytics of course. You must complete your registration process on Keyword Hero by choosing a subscription plan or you can choose to use the free version of the tool which allows you to analyze 2,000 sessions per month. During your registration process on the platform, you may get confused with certain constraints such as:
  • You must have configured Google Analytics (GA);
  • You must have configured Google Search Console (GSC);
  • You must have administrator privileges for Google Search Console and Analytics accounts.
Then you just need to create a destination view in Google Analytics and then Keyword Hero will create a new property in your Google Analytics account. There are several reasons why many web marketers admire this tool:
  • It allows you to keep your data: Unlike the current solution of advertising on Google Adsense or being limited by three months of keyword data, Keyword Hero allows you to keep all your data on Google Analytics forever. This allows for interesting analysis of data over time;
  • It allows you to monitor changes in SERP position: With keyword data, you can now monitor your top performing organic terms as well as their position on SERPs;
  • Create relevant content: You may have a large number of visits to a specific article on your website, but the question remains whether you are getting these results from all the keywords you are targeting. It is therefore at this stage that we need Keyword Hero. With the ability to see which keywords work best for your site, you can adjust your content strategy for better SEO results.
As for the Keyword Hero pricing plan, the tool offers four subscription tiers:
  • Little Hero: Up to 10 URLs and 2000 free sessions;
  • Big Hero: Up to 250 URLs and 10,000 sessions for $9;
  • Giant Hero: Up to 500 URLs and 50,000 sessions for $49;
  • Ultimate Hero: Up to 2,500 URLs and 250,000 sessions for $149.
Obviously, the subscription level suitable for you will depend on the amount of traffic you get per month. However, the free plan does not include conversion tracking, which is essential for businesses that make a significant number of sales. For those just starting out, conversion tracking will likely be of lower priority than getting initial traffic to the website.

How does Keyword Hero work?

The Keyword Hero tool sets up a process broken down into three different steps to enter your website as a whole. At first, it tries to collect data from your Google Analytics account and Google search console. As you already know, Google Search Console is a freeware from Google that provides quite a plethora of useful data about your site such as mobile site performance, top performing pages, most popular keywords, etc. When Keyword Hero collects this information, it relies on its artificial intelligence and machine learning to examine and aggregate the data into one.  Then the tool analyzes search engines like Google and Bing along with data from all popular internet browsers to get the most accurate keyword data for your brand. Finally, the results are automatically uploaded to a separate area of ​​Google Analytics so as not to interfere with your current data.  You can then sort and examine the data in several ways. For example, with just a few clicks, you can generate a list of all the keywords you rank for on the first page of the SERPs.  Keyword Hero calls it the Quick Wins report because it shows the fastest ways to get high on the first page of search results. Now that you have an idea of ​​the most potential keywords for you, you can create new content or optimize existing content. From your Google Analytics database, Keyword Hero shows you the keywords that have the most potential for your marketing campaigns. What is even more advantageous with this tool is that it transforms your general data into specific data as quickly as possible. That is to say that the tool replaces generic information collected in Google analytics, such as information not provided, with real keywords. Since it breaks down the data for you, that means you have even more detail than you need for your SEO strategy. The tool provides very specific performance metrics for your organic keywords, allowing you to monitor their performance over time. So you can clearly see stats like sessions, conversion rates, revenue, and more for each broken down keyword. This is what makes Keyword Hero a perfect tool to boost or improve an SEO strategy. Undoubtedly, when you compose the data with Keyword Hero, you can get an accurate idea of ​​where each of your keywords ranks on search engine results pages. The performance of each keyword or its influence on the search results pages can also be viewed depending on the type of device you select. That is, you can measure the effectiveness of organic keywords on mobile, desktop, and tablet to gauge which strategies drive your readers’ engagement the most. This is important to know which of your advertising channels are driving the most organic traffic to your web pages. In general, Keyword Hero is a tool that accompanies your Google analytics to better break down the data so that it is more actionable.

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Keyword Hero is an SEO tool, specialized in organic keyword research. It allows web and e-commerce publishers to understand having the most relevant organic keywords for search engines. To do this, Keyword Hero identifies the keywords used by Internet users to access competing sites. It thus makes it possible to have the terms which it is necessary to carry out an optimization of the contents of the Web sites. This helps generate more traffic for their sites and eventually more revenue.  The tool generally works in three steps. First, it collects data. Then, it meticulously analyzes each of these data, before downloading.  Keyword Hero generates more than 240 million keywords daily, for nearly 40,000 companies.

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