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Amazon Keywords | Sonar by Sellics

Amazon Keywords | Sonar by Sellics

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Find the right keywords for your ads on Amazon using the specific tool called Sonar.

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Did you know that if your listings quality score on Amazon exceeds 80, you can easily generate up to 92% more sales than your competitors? This is precisely what obliges you as an Amazon seller to optimize your product pages as much as possible. And to help you do this referencing effectively, the Sonar tool has been designed and initiated to be your guide. To understand how this tool works, I invite you to read this content.

What is Sonar ?

Sonar refers to the tool that offers keyword and phrase suggestions based on user searches on the Amazon platform. The tool is based on machine learning that allows it to suggest keywords for customers to narrow down or broaden their searches and for sellers to more easily target the most searched terms on Amazon to optimize their listings. The Sonar tool offers advice focused on search queries made daily by real Amazon users. This allows sellers especially to come up with the best ideas to describe their products to optimize their listings. Thus, the Sonar tool helps sellers optimize product listings to reach a more relevant audience and a large number of targeted audiences when they correctly place in their ads those keywords that their customers are actually looking for. To best describe, the tool features:
  • An overview of all projects: The tool presents a dashboard that gives you general access to all of your projects with essential quality metrics in a effective and highlights areas that require improvement and attention. And like most online tools, Sonar’s dashboard provides users with essential features like adding, sorting, or deleting columns for easy navigation;
  • Important metrics: Metrics are usually the subject of the use of online SEO tools. Precisely, Sonar does not make an exemption, it provides essential metrics to allow you to make better decisions;
  • Source code exploration: The Sonar tool explores the source code of your website to help you discover any malfunctions that may be taking place. Sonar’s smart component features like the Metrics Radiator in combination with the Dashboard allow you to effortlessly explore your source code to quickly reach areas that need attention;
  • User-friendliness: The tool has been designed to facilitate the interaction of people on the platform and the reading of data. It presents a fairly simple and self-explanatory interface, but if you have any doubts on a particular subject, the tool provides better documentation and several other means of advanced assistance. It is important to note that web-based user interfaces are accessible directly from your browser.

Keyword optimization

If you display your products on the Amazon platform, you need significant traffic to increase your turnover. For this, the Sonar tool has a database of over 180 million Amazon keywords to let you know exactly what your target audience is looking for on the Amazon platform. You can get a long list of keywords followed by important data like monthly search volume. So you can use keyword search volumes and other metrics to decide what to use to optimize your Amazon ads.


Index Checker In an effort to make it easy for sellers to rank their listings pages on Amazon, Sonar offers a free Keyword Index Checker. For that, you just need to put your product’s ASIN and the keyword you want to check, then you can immediately see if your products are indexed, but your main keywords are not indexed there. It is also important to note that the main keywords should not exceed a certain limit to avoid losing relevant organic traffic. For this you must immediately check their index before recommending an improvement in your keyword strategy.

Reverse ASIN Sonar’s

When you’re doing keyword research for a new product, Sonar helps you look at your competitors’ keywords and ranking positions so you can strengthen your keyword strategy -keys. For this, you just have to copy and paste the ASIN of the product in the search bar of ”Sonar reverse ASIN” and you will get a list of all the keywords on which the competitor’s product ranks .  You can also see if any Amazon campaigns are implemented with obtained keywords.

Keyword Research 

provides an estimated Amazon search volume result for all keywords because Amazon does not publish search volume results and their internal data in Sonar. This data is based on internal algorithms that leverage different Amazon data sources. Search volume allows you to identify the most used keywords by Amazon customers. Thus, you will have an ease in prioritizing them accordingly. The search volume scale goes from 1 to 5 bars. It represents the highest search volume.

Keyword results

If you are a seller on the Amazon platform, it should be noted that it is thanks to the keywords that you use that people will be able to discover your product. Otherwise, someone has to type in your keywords on Amazon or in search engines to discover your products on the Amazon platform. To help you improve the visibility of your products on the Amazon SERPs, the Sonar tool allows you to create a keyword list based on actual Amazon search queries.

Relevant Products

When you use a search term to find a product on Amazon, the tool displays the keyword in the term in your backend followed by the product description.  The idea is to help you gather similar terms to include in a few areas of your product description. In general, if you want your listings on Amazon to be seen quickly by buyers, Sonar can be a perfect solution that you can use to optimize them. 

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Sonar by Sellics belongs to Sellics. It is a company that was founded in 2014 and operates in the software development industry. She specializes in e-commerce and PPC. Among the various software developed by this company is Sonar. The latter is a free Amazon keyword research tool. It is precisely a PPC management and optimization software for sellers and for Amazon service providers. In this sense, it supports them in identifying all the relevant keywords for their businesses. Thus, Sonar by Sellics boosts the visibility of the Amazon product listing and in doing so contributes to improving your Amazon SEO.

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