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On-Page Audit | Detailed (Plugin)

On-Page Audit | Detailed (Plugin)

Short description : On-Page Audit

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Get in-depth SEO insights with just one click, with features you can’t find anywhere else. We also optimized your right-click menu.

Long Description : On-Page Audit

Extension SEO detaillee

Description Detailed SEO Extension

Top five organic results alone generate 67.6% of all clicks. This indicates that top-ranking sites accumulate the vast majority of organic traffic.  Websites should no longer be satisfied with appearing on the first page of Google, but should aim higher. Search engine optimization then emerges as a priority for websites to succeed online. The Detailed SEO Extension tool can help you analyze your web pages to identify possible SEO errors and check the most important aspects. Through this description, we discover Detailed SEO Extension and the different aspects of your page that it allows to examine.

What is Detailed SEO Extension?

Detailed SEO Extension is an extension that offers features such as displaying title structures, metadata length and content, and many other relevant information. As an SEO tool, it’s user-friendly and allows you to almost immediately see where the areas for improvement are on a webpage. With this extension, you don’t need great skill to access information on any web page you visit. For example, you can check elements such as:
  • If the title and description are suitable for SEO;
  • If the URL is correctly formatted;
  • Content, keyword data and duplicates.
In the past, you had to browse the code of a page before extracting this information, and in some cases, subscribe to a paid tool. But with Detailed SEO Extension, you get page insights in milliseconds, without needing to dive into a page’s source code. This extension is mainly intended for daily analysis and it provides a simple overview of the results. This tool is downloadable from the Chrome store and you just have to search for it or click here to add it as an extension Extension SEO detaillee telecherger sur chrome To use it, you just need to go to a site and enable Detailed SEO Extension in your extensions list.

What are the features of Detailed SEO Extension?

This free extension allows you to perform analyzes and see several aspects of your site.

The Quick View Tab

In this part of the tool, key things about your site are presented to you with a single click. When the tool identifies a problem, it represents it in red. But when there is no problem with the page in question, it is represented in green. Identification d un probleme The title : The tool checks if the title of your page has an optimal number of characters. The meta description : Just like the title, it checks the number of characters for your description text. This is a brief summary of the page that appears in search results to give visitors an idea of ​​the content. URL and meta-canonical URL : It checks if your URL is indexable as well as the canonical URL of the page. The latter makes it possible to fight against the duplication of content when there are several variants of the same page. Tags for meta-bots : The tool also displays a page’s meta-tags, i.e. pieces of code that provide robots with instructions on how to crawl or index the content of web pages. Keywords : This allows you to see the targeted keywords in a content. It can be very handy to see what terms your competitors are targeting for their successful content. The number of words : This obviously corresponds to the number of words that a page contains. It is also important for determining the length of the top-ranking pages in your industry. Language : this is the language in which the content of the page is written. Titles H : The tool shows the title levels for a page and displays for each level, the number that the page contains. Les titres H Sitemap.xml : This is the sitemap, a list of information about all resources on a page. Crawlers use this information to understand the structure of a site and the links between its resources. Robots.txt files: This is a file that tells robots what they should explore on a site and what parts they shouldn’t.

The Headings tab

This tab displays all the headings of a web page analyzed with the Detailed SEO Extension tool. If you want to be inspired by pages that excel in your field, the tool shows the structure of these pages and you will only have to create your page by reformulating their content. L onglet Headings

The Links tab

It shows all the links inserted in an article and on a page, whether outgoing or internal links. Longlet Links This can help you, for example, to see the number of links added to a page in order to optimize it. Indeed, it is preferable not to exceed a certain number (250) of links on a page. Otherwise, crawlers won’t be able to browse them all. What is interesting with Detailed SEO Extension, you can download the list of incomplete links or only those without any problem.

The Images Tab

This plugin tab displays the total number of images that are posted on a page.  L onglet Images You will also be able to see images that have no title and Alt text. You can also download a list containing all image URLs in a format. csv.

The Schema tab

The tool shows you through this tab the status of a page for Schema tags. L onglet Schema Schema markup tells Google precisely what your content is trying to convey on your web page. It converts your page information into structured data. Thus, the algorithm will be able to understand the information contained in the Web page as well as the relationships between the entities.

The Social Tab

This tab shows the social platforms on which the page you are analyzing is shared along with the accompanying description. L onglet Social

The Quick Links tab

This is one of the coolest features of the Detailed SEO Extension tool. From this tab, you can access other analytics platforms to automatically review the page under review. L onglet Quick Links In addition to being able to access tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and MOZ, the tool allows access to PageSpeed ​​in order to analyze the speed of the page you are visiting. It should be remembered that Detailed SEO Extension is an SEO tool that analyzes a web page and provides detailed information about it. You can use it as an on-page SEO tool and as a competitor analysis tool.

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Detailed is an SEO plugin designed for SEO professionals.  It makes it possible to obtain, thanks to its SEO audit tool, detailed information on the state of the referencing of a website.  Detailed shows you the limits of your content optimization strategy and suggests areas for improvement. In addition, this tool allows its users to know if someone has copied their content by identifying plagiarized pages on the internet. With this tool, you can also have a diagnosis of all the elements related to the technical aspect of your website for complete optimization. Detailed is inspired by the SEO Meta extension and has over 50,000 users.

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