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Position Tracking | Site Analyzer

Position Tracking | Site Analyzer

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Site Analyzer is a website analysis platform that allows website owners to improve their visibility in search engines. The tool helps you analyze your entire website and reveals all your SEO results based on specific ranking criteria.

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Description Site Analyzer

The success of a brand largely depends on how well the website is optimized for organic search. This is why it is essential for any brand to optimize its website pages for search engines. And for this, Site Analyzer can be an effective solution, as it offers many features, each aimed at an important SEO task. To better understand how this tool works, I invite you to read this description.

What is Site Analyzer ?

Site Analyzer is an SEO tool that monitors the status of your website to help you troubleshoot technical issues like fixing broken links. Otherwise, the tool scans your website to indicate the points requiring improvement for good visibility. In addition to helping you rank well in search engines, it is also a strong point when it comes to taking on the competition. Being a multi feature SEO tool, it also offers review feature of your backlink profile. It can be used by many market experts like bloggers, content writers, webmasters, etc.  The idea is to help you drive organic traffic to your website to further increase rankings on search results pages. For more details, here are some of the functionalities offered by Site Analyzer:

Site Crawl module 

Dite Crawl is one of the most used functionalities of Site Analyzer. Here the tool works with a crawler that crawls your website and analyzes it deeply to spot SEO related issues like broken links, errors, slow page loading speed, duplicate content, etc When you start crawling your website, it may take some time for you to get a more complete report.

Page Analysis Module 

Similar to the website crawling feature, the page analysis module allows you to take a deep dive into your website’s individual pages. The feature addresses all aspects of specific page SEO such as:
  • Analysis of keywords and page ranking;
  • The design and accessibility of the page;
  • Etc.
All of these associated aspects are qualified by a performance score assigned by Site Analyzer to estimate the page’s ability to rank high.

-up module 

To follow the ranking of your website with Site Analyzer, you must create a new project, if you do not have one, by creating and adding the url of your domain, those of your potential competitors and the words -keys for which you want to track the ranking. Once the project is completed and executed, the tool displays a comprehensive report with important information. The report examines where each domain ranks on Google’s SERPs for each keyword you enter. If you are on a trial period, you have a basic subscription plan, you can only review the first 100 results, but if you have more advanced plans, you can have even more information. The tracking feature is very advanced to the point where you can see if improvements to your website are impacting its rankings. The feature allows you to identify your underperforming content than your ranking content. This way, you will know exactly where to start to optimize the worst performing pages of your website.

Backlinks Module 

The Backlinks feature specifically concerns backlinks that lead to your website. When you run a review, the tool displays a report with interesting backlink information like:
  • Anchor text; 
  • The influence of the domain; 
  • The influence of the page; 
  • The spam score;
  • links nofollows and ;
  • Etc.
The tool provides global domain authority and highlights issues with your website’s inbound links. It is important to take this aspect into account, because the quality of the links that refer to your website will make your authority in this area. Unfortunately, this feature does not allow you to disavow backlinks or remove them automatically.  In reality, you will have a backlinks report with useful information, but you will be limited if you want to do further analysis. That said, if you want a quick overview of your backlink status, this tool does the job.

Keyword Research

Finally, Site Analyzer offers this feature to help you get new keyword ideas for your content. Like most keyword research tools, you need to enter a seed keyword to access a list of keywords that can help you rank higher and faster on search results pages.

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Site Analyzer is an SEO platform created in 2015 by the Startup VSI Innovation. It is an all-in-one SEO optimization tool, which has various features. Site Analyzer is specialized in the SEO audit of websites. Indeed, it provides companies and marketers with tools that allow them to improve the performance of their sites.  These tools include:
  • the ranking tracking tool;
  • the keyword research tool;
  • the link analysis tool;
  • the web page verification tool.
The tools offered by the platform allow users to perform an analysis of the SEO factors of their sites. It also makes it possible to establish priorities in the tasks to be accomplished and to create detailed reports that can be easily exported. Site Analyzer currently has more than 400,000 users across nearly 72 countries around the world. It has premises in two countries, notably in France and the United States with a diversified and very active team.

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