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Unblock Your Content | Botify

Unblock Your Content | Botify

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Discover the opportunities that search engines are not allowing you to seize with the Botify platform.

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Description of Botify 

Created in 2012, Botify has implemented innovative technology for the natural referencing of websites. It consists of connecting company websites with search engines.  The goal is to drive even more traffic and revenue from organic search. More concretely, it is a question of allowing websites to take full and effective advantage of all their performance in the SERPs. As such, Botify has already contributed to improving the natural referencing of several hundred well-known company websites. It’s used by over 500 brands, and is venture backed with $82 million in funding and offices around the world.  In addition, note that the platform has been rewarded with numerous prizes such as the French tech 120 in 2020 and the innovation prize in 2019. As you know, natural referencing is a set of techniques that you apply on your website in order to make it visible to search engines, but also and above all to a target audience.  Moreover, even if it is well done, the strong competition that exists on the internet means that it does not always produce the expected results.  Thus, to hope to stand out and benefit from the results that a good position in the SERPs can generate, it is often necessary to use certain tools or tool platforms. Botify is one of them and it is probably for this reason that I invite you to discover it in this article.

Who is the Botify platform for and why is it important?  

If you ask yourself such a question, know that the Botify tool is intended for website owners, webmasters, SEO agencies, teams responsible for managing online content. The solution offered by the platform adapts to different types of websites, namely: e-commerce sites, travel sites, publishers, classifieds sites, etc.   Because, it is a solution that is designed to integrate and adapt to the different digital strategies you want to implement on your website. 

How does Botify work? 

Botify is built on a full funnel methodology and a unified data model that ensures a broader view of the website.  It then relies on a machine learning algorithm with the aim of prescribing actions that could have a great positive impact on the visibility of the website. It also makes it easy to automate time-consuming SEO processes.

What are the functionalities of Botify 

In terms of functionalities, it must be said that Botify is broken down into three main components, namely: 
  • Analysis: This component of the platform uses a multitude of measures to present you with a detailed map of the data that you can find on your web page; 
  • Intelligence: The intelligence component of the tool allows you to identify, thanks to a machine learning system, what you need to focus on to drastically improve the performance of your website in the SERPs; 
  • Activation: Once the analysis and the highlighting of the actions to be carried out to put your website back afloat, Botify offers these users a space allowing with all the autonomy necessary for the realization of the recommended priority actions. Some actions can even be implemented automatically.
Apart from these groups of functionalities which summarize the multiple functions of the tool, Botify has a service allowing you to evolve the functionalities of the platform according to your needs. This may concern, for example, the solicitation of Botify experts for advice, training and interpretation of data.  Furthermore, it is useful to specify that the platform has a learning space allowing everyone to obtain clarifications on the operation of the platform.  You guessed it, Botify has a resource section that includes white papers, webinars and case studies on a fairly interesting set of topics.  These resources explain in detail how to take advantage of the platform. 

How much does the Botify tool cost? 

Botify offers a three-pronged subscription plan to meet your website needs. These plans range from the essential plan to the business plan to the pro plan. The essential plan is intended for simple websites that would like to have SEO data and some prescribed indications to develop better. The pro plan as far as it’s concerned is for organizations that rely heavily on organic search.  Finally, the enterprise plan is recommended for companies whose site is quite large with complex properties and which requires a need for assistance.  As you will see, the price of each plan is not directly listed on the platform, Botify gives you the opportunity to discuss prices and features around an initial contact.  Do not hesitate to contact them to find out how this platform can serve you.

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Botify is a French SEO platform created in 2012 by Stan Chauvin and Adrien Ménard. It was created with the aim of helping companies improve their SEO.  To do this, Botify sets up a mechanism for identifying keywords, allowing these companies to obtain a better ranking and to benefit from a solid referencing at the level of search platforms.  Botify has a dynamic and versatile team, made up of nearly 250 employees, spread over seven offices around the world, notably in France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, the United States and Singapore.  Botify’s performance has earned him almost 15 international nominations. It is used by more than 500 brands worldwide.

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