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Open & Copy Links | Linkclump

Open & Copy Links | Linkclump

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Use Linkclump to copy, group or bookmark several links at the same time. 

Long Description : Open & Copy Links

Description of Linkclump 

Linkclump is an extension developed by Benjamin Black. It is accessible from the chrome web store and was last updated in 2020.  It is used by more than 300,000 users and almost all opinions are unanimous that it is a tool both good and useful.  Linkclump is an extension made available to users to allow them to perform several actions simultaneously with links. They can thus avoid repetition by applying the same action to several selected elements.  Here it is mainly about the links: Linkclump chrome store In general, when you are on a site and you want to display the content of a link or several links that are on this site, you are obliged to manually open each link. This same process can be observed when you want to save the links contained on the site in a file and use them later.  By doing this, you are always obliged to keep the tab of the first site open in order to come back to it if necessary.  But, this way is not always practical and can be tiring or even tedious when there are extensions such as Linkclump. 

Who is the Linkclump extension intended for and why use it? 

The Linkclump extension is intended for all internet users. In other words, it can be used by webmasters or by any Internet user.  It allows them to avoid the fatigue that can cause the repetition of the same action with regard to the use of links.   In reality, thanks to this extension, Internet users no longer need, for example, to open one by one the links of the web pages that interest them when they carry out a search at the level of the search engines.  They can actually open different URLs at the same time or copy them simultaneously for future use. 

What are the features of the Linkclump extension? 

As far as the functionalities of this extension are concerned, a tour of the chrome web store makes it possible to understand that it has the following characteristics: 
  • The position of choosing to open links in the form of new tabs, in a new window, to copy to the clipboard or save them to your favorites. You can configure several actions; 
  • Activation of the selection box using different mouse and key combinations that you set up yourself in the tool options; 
  • The ability to select only important links on the page. You can disable this option if you want to open all selected links;
  • Auto-scroll which allows the page to automatically scroll up/down to make it easier to select all links at once;
  • The possibility of choosing the links. You can use this feature to include/exclude links containing certain words, but also set up smart selection to select only important links or define a copy format for links; 
  • The ability to set a delay between opening/closing each tab; 
  • The operation of the extension on several operating systems namely: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Blocking links that have multiplied in the selection 
  • Give a specific color to the link selection box on the page. 
Anyway, it is important to clarify that the options change depending on the action you want to perform.  Fonctionnalites de l extension Linkclump In other words, the functionalities which are accessible for the opening of the links in a window are not all identical for the action consisting in opening the links in new tabs. 

How to use the Linkclump extension? 

If you want to use this extension, the first thing to do is to download it, install it and then activate it on the Chrome browser.  Once this step is done, click on the extension icon and choose the option to proceed with the first setting.  It will essentially be for you to configure the options of the actions you want to perform. After these settings have been made, take note of how the extension should be activated in the activation tab.  Now go to a site or search engine page where you want to take advantage of the features of the Linkclump extension. Press the key combinations you have set up for activating the tool while selecting the part of the site where the extension should apply. Une recherche d importance links sur google  You will then see a selection box drawn around the selected links.  This is proof that your action has been taken into account. You can therefore release the key combinations that activate the extension and check if the action has been carried out as you wish.  Take advantage now of the many features of the Linkclump extension to go faster when you use the internet. 

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Chrome Web Store is a Google Chrome browser platform created by Google in 2010. It is used by millions of people around the world since it offers thousands of extensions of various types.  Through Chrome Web Store, you can get additional apps, extensions, and new themes on your Google Chrome browser. This will help make your browser more personalized, intuitive and easy to use. Chrome Web Store is also a platform for tool creators. As long as they can create their extension and submit them to the platform. While some tools offered by the platform may be free, others require a fixed payment or subscription. 

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