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JSON-LD Schema Generator | Hallanalysis

JSON-LD Schema Generator | Hallanalysis

Short description : JSON-LD Schema Generator

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Want to know all about JSON-LD Schema Generator for SEO? This article gives you useful information about this tool.

Long Description : JSON-LD Schema Generator

JSON-LD Schema Builder for SEO

JSON-LD Schema Builder allows you to put schema structured markup to a page. It also helps you get the correct JSON-LD of any page on your site in no time. JSON-LD is a technique for encoding bound data using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). It also allows to transform a JSON into JSON-LD. The JSON-LD generator schema thus comes to generate the correct JSON-LD so that the JSON can be transformed. This article provides answers to the following questions:
  • JSON-LD: What is it?
  • How to use the JSON-LD generator?
  • Why choose JSON-LD? 

JSON-LD: What is it?

JSON-LD which stands for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data is a W3C standard website technique that allows, thanks to the JSON symbol, to implement structured markup. It is not only simple to use, but it has a categorized structure of name-value pairs and less prone to human error. 

Purpose of JSON-LD

First, its main purpose is to communicate through a language of linked or structured data, especially, information. Moreover, if you have a good number of documents archived in one of your files or even in a database, it is one of the ideal exits to give semantics to the raw JSON data.  Similarly, if your web pages are no longer editable, you just have to put your structured data in the header of your HTML page. Make the context readable by a human, if he is not an expert in HTML layout code.  

JSON-LD and Search Engines

In reality, computers struggle to properly define the meaning of structured markup from many different websites. They can’t figure out how a name or type is used in the structured markup on each page. Taking a full URL to make the typical description of a site’s name or homepage is too complex. This is where JSON-LDs come in. In order for the JSON-LD that you have written and described to be easily read and understood by search engines, you favor JSON-LD codes in “contextual shorthand”.  Today, major search engines and secondary search engines interpret JSON-LD in website pages. Here are some examples of search engines:
  • for the main engines, you have for example: Google, Bing and Yandex;
  • for the secondaries, you have: Addictomatic, BoardReader and TwiterSearch. 
First, if your pages have the right, high quality, concise content, combined with a few links and reviews on a specific query product, you can stand out. You will be ranked well.  Indeed, search engines will see well-formed structured data included in the web page. This way, they will show your pages in relevant searches, which will increase your conversion rate, as the number of clicks on your page increases.  Rich search results are essential and valuable for companies to perfect their SEO strategy. This will be possible, since the user already shows a good part of the relevant information on the website even before clicking on its link.  You can get a customer to click and satisfy their curiosity about your product put on your webpage by filling in more details as keywords. For example, as key details, you can put:
  • first, the product name;
  • then, a rough description of the product;
  • after, some opinions related to the product; 
  • the benefits that choosing your product gives users. 
In addition, you must also put the price of the product or service you provide. Finally, let them know if the products are limited and how soon they can be delivered. All of this work is done in JSON-LD. Note that JSON-LD is just one way of adding structured data to a page. Other JSON-LD partners like RDFa which allows machine-processable data to be embedded into web documents without altering the overall appearance of the content.

How to use the JSON-LD generator?

It is very easy to use the JSON-LD generator to generate the correct JSON-LD. Follow the next steps to make it happen.
  • Go to the JSON-LD generator.
  • From the left drop-down menu, choose the type of structured markup you want to produce.
  • Always on the left, fill in the form that came after your choice.
Once the form is completed, a code or JSON-LD is automatically generated to your right.
  • Then copy the newly generated JSON-LD
  • Paste your JSON-LD in the <Head> section of your HTML code
Thus, you can generate on each page of your site a JSON-LD with the JSON-LD schema generator for SEO.

Why choose JSON-LD? 

The goal of social media and search engine companies is to index structured data tags in web content. Thus, companies are called upon to include structured content in their website and on all its pages. This will allow fast indexing of all search engines and social media websites. This addition of structured data that search engines can quickly index will automatically give you advantages. First, the addition will allow the referencing of your website. That is, your SERPs will be totally improved. This means that your website is now indexed by search engines. The direct benefit of improving SERPs is the optimized ranking of your web pages. The improvement of the SERPs will cause the direct improvement of the click through rate or the CTR. The more your website will be well referenced, the more likely you will be that Internet users will become your visitors.  Moreover, adding structured data will increase your conversion rate. If there are more clicks, you will have more visitors and these visitors can become your customers. They can make purchases on your page.  In addition, by being well ranked on search engines and having a considerable click-through rate and conversion rate, you will have a very good return on investment.  So if you don’t get used to JSON-LD, you will have a hard time adapting to the changes that will be made. The JSON-LD Schema Generator for SEO is free and you can generate as much JSON-LD for your pages.

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Hallanalysis is an SEO platform developed by renowned SEO consultant Joe HALL. It was created in 2007 and its main purpose is to help marketing companies with an SEO problem to stand out better. Hallanalysis uses techniques for SEO auditing, rank tracking, and most importantly, enhanced SEO. It offers its clients a meta tag generator and a schema generator, two essential tools capable of identifying the real SEO problems of companies and improving them.  The tools offered by Hallanalysis are known for their daily help to digital professionals. The JSON-LD Generator, for example, is one of the best tools for adding schema structured markup to your site’s pages. 

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