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Delete Backlinks | Remove’em

Delete Backlinks | Remove’em

Short description : Delete Backlinks

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Depending on your needs, you can use our easy-to-manage and affordable Remove’em platform, or if you need a little extra help, we have a team of experts available who can handle your cleanup from start to finish !

Long Description : Delete Backlinks

Description of the Remove’em tool

Remove’em is an all-in-one tool that intervenes in the analysis of links and anchor texts as well as monitoring and removal of bad backlinks. Remove’em will be useful for example if you are hit by a manual penalty against unnatural links on your website. As you know, optimizing your site for SEO is a necessary task when you want to rank high in search engine results. In addition, a good SEO strategy also involves the implementation of netlinking techniques to attract traffic to your website. However, when implementing link acquisition strategies, you must be careful not to attract bad links to your website. When these links appear on your website, they it tomay exposesanctions .  These penalties are not easy to remove, but you can count on the Remove’em tool to get rid of them. It can notonly help you to eliminate the bad links which point towards your site but also, it can help you to strategies of prevention and protection against these adoptlinks. 

Who is the Remove’em tool for? 

As you can see, the Remove’em tool is for anyone interested in getting their site ranked higher in Google search results. With these features and easy access, it is a tool that will suit both those who own and manage their website alone and webmasters and other natural referencing professionals 

Why use the Remove’em tool ? 

The choice of Remove’em depends first on your needs in controlling the backlinks of your website. But in practice, here are other reasons why you might want to adopt remove’em: 
  • It is a complete link removal solution, including link discovery, link rating, contact tracing, awareness , tracking, disavowal training and third-party validation ;
  • It is possible to get link data from all major providers automatically or download it yourself from google webmaster tools exports or other sources ;
  • You haveamazing, industry-leading campaign tracking tools that allow you to measure everything ;
  • Makes it easier for you to manage and update your link disavow file; 
  • Allows you to send emails to save you more time and contact the linking site directly for removal;
  • The tool automatically checks your link status and updates every day and gives you fairly quick reports on the removal of bad backlinks.
  • Remove’em notesalso automatically links based on known quality metrics; duplicates link lists; finds contact information to save you weeks of work. It also records the dates, times and even the number of times you sent emails to your webmaster for the removal of “bad backlinks”

What are the features of the Remove’em tool?

Remove’em provides its users with several features to them optimize the removal of bad links in order to more effectively succeed in the link acquisition process. 
  • benchmarking text through functionality Anchor “r-score” : With this option, you will be able to evaluate all your backlinks in order to have an idea of ​​which ones are dangerous. Thisyou to sort a multitude of links 10 times faster. It primarily uses anchor text matching and comparison to determine which anchor text phrases are used the most and determines which phrases have been over-optimized. R-score also carriesout an automated analysis of your backlinks to allow you to determine their relevance ;
  • The ”Work-Flow” : The Workflow feature helps you sort your backlink list more easily rather than doing it manually with filters. This will allow you to take control of your own backlink profile. It walks you through the link analysis steps, determining which are good and bad at the domain level, making the whole process of analyzing and removing links much easier. You can even embed your own SMTP information to easily send emails.
  • The ability to disavow your export files : You can export your own disavow file exports for upload to your Google Search Console account. You also have the option of uploading spreadsheets to show Google the work you’ve done to lift a manual penalty.

How much do remove’em services cost? 

The platform offers several price offers for those who wish to use its features.  If you have a one-time project, you can pay for remove’em’s services by subscribing to a lifetime account valued at $249 or a monthly subscription of $99. If you are responsible for several sites on the other hand, you can subscribe to the agency subscription billed at 899 dollars per month.

How to use the remove’em platform?

It should be noted that the removal of links can be done manually (Self service) or rather be entrusted to the experts of the platform (Complete service). But first of all, you need to register. Here are the different stages of a link removal campaign:
  • Remove’em finds the backlinks to your site;
* You analyze your backlinks
  • You contact webmasters for their deletion
  • You export your results 
By opting for the “full service”:
  • You earn the right to have at your service the entire team of SEO strategists, seasoned specialists who will take control your account and will do all the work for you. They can also intervene at any stage of the process if you have already carried out a backlink analysis ;
  • You save time and money;
  • You will receive weekly email updates on the progress of the removal campaign and additional reports. You’ll even be helped with reconsideration requests and disallowance cases.
Take advantage of all these advantages by opting for the Remove’em tool.

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Remove’em is a company whose mission is to support webmasters and digital marketing professionals in their various tasks.  For this, it has developed the Remove’em tool of the same name as the company, which offers either self-service or full service. About the last service, this is a service run by a team of search marketing experts. Anyway, the tool is an all-in-one backlink analysis and monitoring platform that allows its customers to avoid certain penalties like Google penguin or unnatural links. Remove’en also allows you to:
  • correctly analyze the links;
  • examine anchor texts;
  • monitor and remove backlinks;
  • track campaigns;
  • educate webmasters;
  • etc

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